Saturday, 9 February 2013

Different "Me" - 3 days:)


here I would like to show you my fav' makeup styles the last week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday:)):

Oh I've received again some lovely products from NIVEA - the two new shower gels (Frangipani & Oil - Oh I looooooooooooove EVERYTHING:) with Frangipani!!!! - reminds me on each of my lovely summer holidays!, and Supreme Touch Cream shower gel):

I've also got a new NIVEA anti-transpirant stress protect deodorant - which is pretty good for my daily(try that they are daily:)) aerobic/cardio 30min. workouts:)

The NIVEA Frangipani & Oil care shower gel is a real refreshing and rich care shower gel with a revitalizing scent from the hawaiian frangipani flower! The golden oilpearls will suit dry skin too:)

The other one - NIVEA Supreme Touch Cream shower gel will care your skin with shea-macadamia oil and will give the skin the needed moisture also after you've dry it with your towel! The soft scent from white magnolia will inspire your soul.

Both will be available from February in a 250ml bottle (the usual NIVEA shower gel size:)) for ca. 2,89€.

The Anit-Transpirant Stress Protect will axle skin (underarm:)) with avocado-oil and zinc complex, which provides you a longterm protection (48h) agains body odor and will care for pleasant dry axle skin also if you have to handle with stressful situations! Perfect for us girls, as it has a feminin, flower fresh scent.

This deo will be available from February as a spray (150ml, ca. 3,59€), pump-spray (75ml, ca. 4,89€) and roll-on - which I've tested:) and I'm usually buying a roll-on - as I don't really like sprays for my daily care routine:) (50ml, ca. 3,59€)

My opinion of this anti-transpirant stress protect deo is, that it really last long - I would say it maybe don't last 48 h but as I'm not a person who really needs such treatments - as I'm not really have some much time a body odor/sweat under my axle - I would say it suits perfect for the daily care routine as well:) And the scent is more creamy, but with  fresh touch - if it's flower I can't recognize but it's not too strong and not too light  - a perfect "middle" scent.

My fav' shower gel from the two latest NIVEA ones - would be the one with frangipani oil (NIVEA Frangipani & Oil care), as I've said I love each product with this scent:) But the second one with shea-macadamia oil (NIVEA Supreme Touch Cream) is REALLY (and that's not a PR-Gag!) moisturizing and I'm of the opinion, that my skin is more soft and some of my skin uneveness on my legs (as I've sometimes some small red spots - I've a sensitive skin) where after first using - away! - So I would say, that's a great shower gel after you've been shaving your legs!

Another (non-beauty!) product news:

"Did you see or know that lovely (cereal-) breakfast products from Kellogg's - which are unfortunately ONLY available in the US! - Oh it would be soooo nice to try some of them out - as I'm in love with the classic Corn Flakes, Special K but also Krispies since I was a kid:(":

(Photo Credits: Kellogg's)

Hope you've like this post and wish you ALL:) a happy shiny saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay:)!



  1. I can't tell you how much your comment on my blog made my day, thank you so, so much Nika!!! What a sweet comment, and I'm glad you enjoy my blog and the quotes...that makes me so happy! Yes, I am loving living being back in NYC, used to live in London and I think you would enjoy both for day you will be there! :) Thank you again...your blog is truly lovely and full of happiness...always love stopping by! Yay!

  2. I love your layout it's so lovely xx

  3. Oh thank you soooo much - I've tried my best, but I'm always on search for some inspirations and tools how to make it better:)

    Wish you a nice evening:)!