Thursday, 28 February 2013

CATRICE - Ultimate Nail Lacquer News!


a long week ago, I've got from cosnova a lovely package with some of their latest Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer- and as I've been in a gigantic creative mood- I've tried out some nail designs - what are you thinking about my finished nail design result?

I've got 5 great shades:

28 You Better Think Pink ( a bright/neon pink shade)
04 Orange-Utan (a bright/neon orange shade)
11 Miss Piggy's BF (a great intensive green (pea) shade)
18 Bloody Mary To Go (a classic/retro red shade)
16 George Blueney (a shimmer/sparkle dark grey blue shade)

I think that the quality of this drugstore (low-cost) nails polishes is relatively high and the pigmentation is different - 'cause sometimes you'll need two coats of one Catrice nail polishes and sometimes it's a color where you just need one coat (I would make 1 coat at: 28, 11, 18 and two at: 16 and 4) but otherwise they are perfect for nail designs, CATRICE offers a wide range of different colors for less money BUT with a high quality! - I've been glad to try out some of their new shades!:)

Have you ever tried out some CATRICE nail polishes or other makeup products?

This post was sponsored (means, that I've got the chance to get some products to review them - I'll do in the future

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  1. these look lovely! great blog - I have followed :)