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the last week I've been trying out some Bioderma Sensibio products and the Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate.

(Photo Credit: NIKA -me:))

I've got some samples from BIODERMA and I've tryed them out from the first day:)!

Here are all (full size) products - which I've got as a sample version:

(Photo Credit: Bioderma)

1. BIODERMA Sensibio H2O:

The soft 3-in-1 cleansing toner is made for sensitive skin tones (also for red skin parts). If you've sometimes hot spots, facial erythrosis, rosacea or just sensitive skin - it's perfect made for you:)! It calms the irritated skin and makes your skin longterm tolerance  against redness, sensitive skin parts.

H2O is also a perfect Makeup remover (will clear your skin also from waterproof makeup!) and it can be use for the eye area too.

Without alcohol, tenside, preserving agents and fragrance.

But I'm sure that you'll love it as I do (I've got a full size bottle last year and used it up - so I was happy to try it out again:)) 


Will buy it again!


This cream will care your over-sensitive skin and it's also super suitable for combination skin:) If you've an allergy, irritaions or dermatitis it will help your skin to recovery. It calms and relax your skin promptly and it's also without fragrance and preserving agents.

It's called LIGHT but I would say, that it's a combination between rich (greasy and rich cream) and light  (hydrous/aqua and light cream) 'cause after I've apply this cream on my face, which is super easy, 'cause it's not greasy or hard to apply and it dry fast - that the next day or afternoon (depends, if you've apply it in the morning or evening:)) you've light but noticeable "cream feeling". Which isn't negative for someone, who has super-sensitive skin or any skin problems, it really hydrates/moisturize your facial skin and it's really nutrious!


For someone, who has sensitive skin and irritations always it's a really good cream, with highquality ingrediences and effect - but as I've only sensitiv skin without any irritations, redness (only 2-3 times per year) and usually a normal/t-zone skin , I would say it's not really needed for my face:)

3. BIODERMA Sensibio EYE:

This eye cream/treatment will suit perfectly for your sensitive eye area and also for irritable, itching eye zone. It works effectively against eye swelling, eye deep shades and first small wrinkles. Also fits for eye lid eczemas! 

The consistency of this eye cream - gel is fresh and "watery" and will moisturize and (promptly) cool and calm your eye area. The eye skin tolerance will raise up and it's again without preserving agents and any fragrance!


I'll definitely recommend this product - 'cause the most sensitive part at my face is the eye area - where I've the most time deep shades under the eye (always if I don't sleep enough - which is most of my time - hey I'm a workoholic:)) and I also always take care, after I've used the Makeup Remover that my eye gets enough moisture to avoid eye swelling or first small wrinkles:) (but I'm 19 - so I've time enough:))


This intensive moisturizing serum will suit each skin tone/type. It's also suitable for people, who has a therapy. The light, fluid-textured will immediately absorb into your skin and will cool and relax your facial skin part. 

It should be use 1-2 times per day, after you've cleansed you face. And you should always apply above your day-/night cream. You can also use the BIODERMA Hydrabio SERUM as a skin-cure for about 3 months.

Without preserving agents, light but comfortable scent.


This serum really moisturize my skin and I think that I'll use it in the future, maybe during the summer time, if the skin begin to dehydrate or just to protect the needed moisturize and the scent is also really comfortable. I always enjoy applying it on my face:)

What you've already tried out from the SENSIBIO or Hydrabio BIODERMA range/line????

If "NO" - here are some of their own website - worldwide:

Hope you've get some informations about this four products by BIODERMA and thank's for reading this post:)


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