Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Beauty-/Body Care news


today I'm writing as an olympic champion:) - But I wouldn't like to forget to show you the latest beauty-/body care treasures I've found on Artdeco, Bath & Body Works,  (but some of them are already a while on market - but I'll show you my fav' of them:)), Catrice (the nail polishes are just lovely pretty colorful!), Catherine (another lovely pastell toned nailpolishes with a vintage style packaging:)) - so they aren't all new products but really worth to look for!:

(Photo Credits: ARTDECO, Bath & Body Works, Catrice, Catherine)

And???? Did you found some new makeup-/body care secrets for yourself???? Hope that this was a little but pretty product - inspiration for yourself and wish you all nice last days of these week!



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  1. I'min love with my BBcream from Skin79 <3 I love it more than my NARS foundation, hahaha. And I recently bought the Naked 2, and I'm soooo in love <3.

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.