Wednesday, 6 February 2013

25 Facts About NIKA


it's finally February aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'll start with a non-typical "challange/tag" post called " 25 facts about myself" - things you probably don't believe about me or not though to be possible:)

1. I've never ever tried out cigarettes and DON'T want to try it out - it's just unhealthy for your skin, your VOICE (if you're singer/musician as I or someone who NEEDS the voice!:)) and and and and BUT I'm absolutely in peace with all of you, who are smokers - I just make this decision for myself and DON'T want to change this!

2. If I hear/smell/taste/see "Cherry"  - I JUST WANNA RUN AWAY - No Really, that's TRUE!:) I really love each type of fruit and vegetables BUT cherries - Oh my gosh - If you like me, or wanna meet me DON'T offer me cherries in all types (fruit, fruit juice, scented candles/sweets/makeup etc.) I JUST HATE THEM since I was a toodler!

3. What I really love is tomatoe juice - YES you hear it right:) a simple fresh made or packed tomatoe juice, it's just such a delicious vegetable juice, which tastes good and helps to live healthier! I just love everything with tomatoe - it's one of my fav' vegetables.

4. I'm a really huge Disney "Classic" movie fan - Classic means NOT a computer-animated fan  (there's only one computer animated movie from Disney which I like - Tinker Bell) my fav' alltime Disney movie is "101 Dalmatians" and "Eloise at Plaza Hotel & Eloise at Christmastime" - Oh I was soooo impressed, when I saw the Eloise portrait at the Plaza N.Y. in 2011!

5. Hate it or not but I really like the 80s - beauty, fashion, interior/art and music - for me it's one of the best music decade EVER!

6. My fav' cities on earth are (at the moment - you know with each holiday/travel experience/memorie you can earn another one too:)): London, New York City, Los Angeles and Menorca.

7. I was teased/bullied at school for almost 8 years (from 8 years to 15)! - That was maybe the most important time for me to get my strongness, believe into my own goals and fight for it, helps to assess foreign people at the first sight/meet and to be well prepared for the "Real" life:) - Today some memories aren't soooo bad as they seems to be and were - 'cause the memories won't rule my world ANYMORE!

8. I don't have any idols  - 'cause each of us is an individual person and all of us are special in their own ways - you just need sometimes someone as an inspiration. But the most difficult part of all is to create your own YOU with these inspiration and make them individual on yourself too!

9. I just fall in love with old/vintage styled dinners, hotels, stores, places and interiors of them - they are timeless and cute too:)

10. Who from you are a 90s child? - Do you've watched "Chicken and Cow", "Pepper Ann", "The Dinosaurs" or "My little Pony"? Oh dear it's a long time ago, but I was a huge fan of these four child soaps!

11. My fav' M&M are the crispy ones and I prefer the colors: red and green.

12. I was and I'm now a bit nail biter - BUT trust me I'm carrying my nails and want to have longer nails than before this summer 2013!

13. I'm a lefty - But believe me it's the same as if you are writing with your right hand:) (Oh just some pencils I wouldn't recommend - but if you want a blue hand after writing your welcome:))

14. My fav' season is spring (I was born in spring/easter - yes an easter bunny:)) and summer, I don't like autumn 'cause I really hate rain - just an tropic rain is lovely and relaxing but Winter isn't my fav' time too, 'cause it's just snowing after christmas and that's a pretty "S..t":)

15. I look on each food product I'm buying - where it was produced, where it grows (if it's a vegetable, fruit, flour....) and sometimes how many calories it has. But I'm NOT a really local buyer and also don't look after each calories, sometimes I can't leave it to buy my fav' cookies or treats:)

16. I also like to bake, started with a normal bundt cake when I was 16 and tried out more decorated, non-traditional and world-wide sweet treats - I could say that my baking skills are quiet good:)

17. But I don't can COOK. During the cooking lessons at school I've got always such a worse mark/note and since this time, nothing really changed, maybe one thing: I can prepare a salad and make some sandwiches but nothing really else - I hate cooking! But I could offer you a cake, cupcake, macaroon, pop tart.....:)

18. I like to watch beauty-/travel-/music- and lifestyle Youtube Channels - if you don't recognized I've also an Youtube channel, where I'm putting my covers and own written songs, 'cause I love to sing: NIKA80sLife - Subscribers will be welcome:)

19. Yeah I'm 19 and can't believe it, that in some months I'll be 20 - Oh how fast the life runs! I just was a normal teenager with problems each kind, now I'm a youth adult ('cause in the US you're with 21 an adult:))

20. I was grown up with a mixture of classic/pop/80s singer/s, hits like: Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Queen, Beach Boys, Beatles, Abba, MTV 80s .... - but my first fav' band when I was a really small girl was Kelly Family - my music style has definitely changed until yet - now I prefer since my teenage time: soul/r&b, pop (80s and the latest from now) and country-pop (like: Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood....)!

21. It's maybe my lucky number - I don't know, but I've seen this number the last year soooo often and the beginning of these year too - Who knows?:)

22. I really like to be by a microphone and sing in front a huge amount of people on stage - it's an overwhelming atmosphere and I just need this like air to life:)!

23. I sing everywhere - bathroom, before I go to bed - just everywhere - but I need to be positive otherwise if I'm in a negative mood - I just loose each feeling and creative spree to move forward and nothing will become better - so one point on my 2013 goal hopes/wishes list: STAY POSITIVE AND ALL PROBLEMS WILL TURN TO GOOD MIRACLES/RESULTS!

24. My mom got a dog for one of her  birthdays, when I was a small girl and so I grown up with maybe one of my biggest "friend" ever,  she was a red shimmery hair cocker spaniel and I miss her sometimes - that takes me to the desition, that after I'll went out of home - I'll buy myself a sweet and cute white Labrador puppy!

25. This blog allows me to meet such interesting people and places and bring me each day another inspirations of myself and the rest of the world, I hope that my blog will grow a bit more in the future BUT I'll thank you all (of my readers:)) and also non-subscribers for your daily help, to read my posts means a lot to me and to write me comments always warm up my blogger-heart:) I hope to meet you all maybe on a next blogger day/event and wish you and your blogs/channels a good and lucky success for these year too!

Hope, that these 25 facts have shown you a bit more about MYSELF:) and wish you a nice evening for today, but you'll hear more from me the next days!



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