Thursday, 28 February 2013

CATRICE - Ultimate Nail Lacquer News!


a long week ago, I've got from cosnova a lovely package with some of their latest Catrice Ultimate Nail Laquer- and as I've been in a gigantic creative mood- I've tried out some nail designs - what are you thinking about my finished nail design result?

I've got 5 great shades:

28 You Better Think Pink ( a bright/neon pink shade)
04 Orange-Utan (a bright/neon orange shade)
11 Miss Piggy's BF (a great intensive green (pea) shade)
18 Bloody Mary To Go (a classic/retro red shade)
16 George Blueney (a shimmer/sparkle dark grey blue shade)

I think that the quality of this drugstore (low-cost) nails polishes is relatively high and the pigmentation is different - 'cause sometimes you'll need two coats of one Catrice nail polishes and sometimes it's a color where you just need one coat (I would make 1 coat at: 28, 11, 18 and two at: 16 and 4) but otherwise they are perfect for nail designs, CATRICE offers a wide range of different colors for less money BUT with a high quality! - I've been glad to try out some of their new shades!:)

Have you ever tried out some CATRICE nail polishes or other makeup products?

This post was sponsored (means, that I've got the chance to get some products to review them - I'll do in the future

Favorite Parfums for each day:)


I've though that I could show you which taste I've if it's about parfumes, different scents and "day brightener":)

(Photo Credit: Anna Sui, Lolita Lempicka, Marc Jacobs, Elizabeth Arden, Benefit, Boss Women, DKNY, La Perla, No. 1711, Bambi, Swarovski - I don't own each of these pictures!)

From left to right:

Anna Sui Fairy Dance, Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy, Anna Sui Secret Wish (my FAV' of the three fav' Anna Sui Parfums - BUT all bottles are just gorgeous, don't you think?), Marc Jacobs DAISY Eau So Fresh

Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum (THAT's my ABSOLUTE fav' parfume/scent of all time!!!! Since I was 12 years old and got my first sample and after bought full parfume bottles of it! - This scent will be I'm sure! my fav' one also with 100 years:) Oh I think that this parfume is just my personal scent! - It's like an I.D. of myself - is this strange? Let me know if you've also such an obsession with a scent:))

4711 Acqua Colonia Lemon & Ginger, DKNY Women Summer, Elizabeth Arden Red Door (just the perfect scent for your candle light dinner with your love:)), Swarovski New Fragrance ("MAGIC" just like a clutch), Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers, Benefit Cosmetics Maybe Baby, La Perla In Rosa, Hugo Boss Orange Woman

For the whole summer time (yes I can't wait until the temperature will climb and I'll breath in the salty air:)) I've been totally in love with one of these summe scents:

(Photo Credit:Lacoste, Chloe, Kenzo, Valentino, Bvlgari, Laving, Escada, Burberry, Estee Lauder, Laura Biagotti, YSL, Elie Saab -  I don't own each of these pictures!)

Eau de Lacoste for Women, Love, Chloe, Kenzo Jungle, Valentino Valentina, Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Eau De Parfum, Lanving Marry Me Eau de Parum, Especially Escada, Burberry Body Rose Gold, Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Pink Coral, Lancome Miracle, Laura Biagotti Venezia, YSL Opium, Elie Saab Le Parfum YSL Parisienne Eau De Parfum 

And during autumn and winter time I also prefer such/these scents:

(Photo Credit: Estee Lauder, Diesel, Guerlain, Lancome, Lady Gaga/Coty, Burberry, YSL, Chloe - I don't own each of these pictures!)

Estee Lauder Youth-Dew, Diesel Fuel For Life, Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial, Lancome Tresor, Estee Lauder Sensious, Estee Lauder Sensious Noir, Lady Gaga Fame, Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette, YSL Cinema, Love Chloe

Yep:) That are all my fav' scents/parfums, hope that you've enjoyed and inspire yourself and would be happy about your comments!


XS Beauty Haul - Prague

Hi guys:),

my mom was last weekend in Prague and bought me some beauty stuff (which I immediately tried out:)) I call it "XS Beauty Haul - Prague" 'cause it's not really a big Haul (2 Lipsticks, 1 powder and one Sudocrem:)) but hey it's lovely to get such treasures sometimes:) - "Oh thank's Mummy:)!"

O.K let me start with the well known Sudocrem - it's a treatment for acne, redness and some kinds of eczema (but it's not really for that guys:)) - I'll use it for some big pimples (as they could break out like acne and that's not really fancy:)) and for some dry (red) parts - which are from time to time at my skin.

I've got also a Rimmel Moisture Renew in the shade 200 Latino (a great mixture between coral and pink/rose tone) - this lipstick is amazing, I've applied it on my lips maybe 3-5 times since I've got it - it contains 3 moisturizers (which makes the consistency like lipbalm - lipbutter) your lips are really smoother/softer and it also includes SPF 20, Vitamins A,C and E.

The other lipstick is from Dermacol. You'll maybe don't know this classic and highquality makeup/body care brand from Czech Republic - but as I'm a czech grown up in Austria but my whole family is also czech - I really know well their products and also used them for ages now but these two products I've got last week at first - and I just fall in love with the packaging of the Dermacol Lip Seducation Lipstick it's a kind of luxury and individual. You can't open it like other usual lipsticks, you must to push the bottom and it will open:) Oh I've the shade 09 and it has the scent of juicy lychee. I just like the packaging:)!

Last but not least I've also got the Compact Powder with Lace Relief it's in the shade 01 so it's the lightest one they have. As I've mentioned already here on my blogpage - that I've a really light/porcelain skin tone (and during the winter time it's extremely - summer I've a golden undertone:)) It stays long on your face - but I can only guarantee, if you're using it like I do - after applying my primer, foundation - otherwise I don't can say whether it will stays also if you only apply the powder.

I've been really overwhelmed after I've got that lovely beauty haul from mom and also other things like: tea, cookies (most of them from M&S/Marks & Spencer and also Mila - that's the only one sweet czech wafer I like to eat - other wafers I don't like, yeah I love different czech cookies and sweet treats BUT waffers not - ONLY Mila!:))

Oh I hope you've a great week and also will have a great and awesome weekend! - Thank's for reading:)


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

FOREVER UNIQUE - Pretty designer prom dresses

Hi guys:),

I've been just browsing at the FOREVER UNIQUE LUXURY LADIES FASHION to find some inspirations and some lovely pieces:) - Oh and fall in love with these prom dresses! - They are perfect and would really suit me too:):

 (Photo Credit: Forever Unique Luxury Ladies Fashion)

From left to right: Elouise - Coral £275.00, Alanis - £330.00

 (Photo Credit: Forever Unique Luxury Ladies Fashion)

 From left to right: Carmel - Coral £300.00, Snowdrop - £300.00 

  (Photo Credit: Forever Unique Luxury Ladies Fashion)

From left to right: Heather - Pink £220.00, Dolly - Pale Pink £275.00 

Would be great to show you someday such a dress on myself too:) For now, I'm wishing you a nice and great rest of this week:)!


Friday, 22 February 2013


Hi guys:),

I would like to show you the second part of my Yankee Candle Spring 2013 collection and some impressions about the new candles and different exciting new scents:)

(Photo Credits: Yankee Candle)

Oh how cute are these two Limited Edition Easter Yankee Candles in the scents - "Easter Bunny Cake " and "Chocolate Bunnies":) As I was born during the easter time (yes I'm an easter bunny - the doctor called me so, when I was born:)) it would be a great birthday gift or easter gift for myself!:

(Photo Credit: Yankee Candle)

These new "Pure Radiance" by Yankee Candle are now available in 6 new fragrances! - They comes in a clean, contemporary design that reflects her sense of style, captivating fragrances and you've both fragrancing options: candle and non-candle home fragrance!

It fits in any home decor, the ribbon wick provides a wide flame for a warm, inviting glow (candles), the flameless reed diffuser can be used anywhere and they are available in 6 scents:

White Sugar Flower, Stargaze, Seagrass, Guava, Mandarin and Promise

(Photo Credit: Yankee Candle)

But how they smell like?:

White Sugar Flower
An irresistibly rich and artful combination of powdered sugar, pink cream and vanilla.

Warm cedar, amber and musk create a fragrant glow against a clear night sky.

Treasure the calming notes of white tea and sandalwood misted with cool salt air.

A refreshing burst of sunny tropical guava with hints of citrus zest.

Sweet orange is spiced with a touch of cayenne for a uniquely stimulating experience.

Soft, dewy petals of white tuberose and gardenia offer a hopeful promise of things to come.

But back to my Yankee Candle Spring 2013 collection review (I've tried out the third scent "Turquoise Sky" yesterday in my bathroom, while I was takin' a bubble bath with my new bought NIVEA happy time (that's one my fav' showergels from NIVEA - and this one I really bought by myself - otherwise if it would be a PR-Sample I would mentioned it as I do by the other PR-Products/Freebies and Goodies!:))

(Photo Credit: NIKA - It's owned by myself!)

And I must say after I came back to the bathroom (even my bath was already:)) the bath smells after a beachwalk (and that wasn't the NIVEA showergel - as I've given it in after I "jumped" into the bathtub and filled some water again:)) "Turquoise Sky" isn't a really cold scent but it's definitively a fresh bath scent - it reminds me on my holiday in Spain and a bit of Coney Island - you maybe know how it smells like if you're going in the early morning or late afternoon through the sand and breath in the fresh air - if nobody is there and you're alone with the ocean?:) It makes me happy, that it's not a breezy/freezy/cold scent - as I REALLY HATE such scents and wouldn't buy it! 'Cause I'm a person, who needs rather warm/spicy/fruity/sweet scents and I really become fast cold (I mean I really sometimes freeze - and it's not important if you've turned the heath on 25degrees or not:))

So yeah, I would buy this scent again (but it will take me a long time after I'll finish this candle - as I'm using it ONLY in the bathroom during my Spa-hours:))

The last two scents that I've got were "A Child's Wish" and "Black Coconut":

(Photo Credit: Yankee Candle)

I know that I've given my opinion about this candle in my first part of Y.C. Spring 2013 collection but I must say, that both candles really NOT "Freaken" me out in a positive way:) "A Child's Wish is really a cold, fresh and clean scent! It reminds me on a fabric softener from the 90's (which isn't bad - a great childhood memorie:)) but to fresh for my scent-taste. So I would recommend this candle only to persons, who like fresh and clean scents.

The last "Black Coconut" - before I've put it out of the plastic packaging there was a lovely "Coco"scent like on tropical holidays - I love coconut:) but after I've turn on the candle the coconut scent was really soft (if you're like me , that if you're at home - you're most of your time in your room - you wouldn't smell it after a while (maybe 1 hour) only if you're in an other room and you'll change it you'll smell a soft scent - so I would change the ingrediences and put more coco-flavour in it!

The last one "Waikiki Melon" - has just a beautiful fruity melone scent - like if you were on an Hawaiian beach and eating some fresh cut honey melons:) I really enjoy smell this scent. And it definitely brings you in a better and positive mood!:) - Highly Recommended!

If you've not read the first part of my Yankee Candle Spring 2013 collection click HERE.

Would really like to know - whether you buy sometimes Yankee Candles or which scent is your most used/bought and which scent did you hate the most?

Hope to see you soon again:)


Whitney Port/Lauren Conrad/New Cal' Blonde Look


the last months I'm passioned about the Californian Blonde Makeup Look - as I'm quiet a light skin toned girl with blue/grey eyes and natural blonde hair (they aren't light blonde but in the summer they extremly are lighter than in the autumn and winter time:)) it's a simple result of makeup searching:)

And as I'm since 2011/2012 a highly Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad fan (collection of their both books - W.P. has made/written one book and L.C. more, but they are super lovely designed and highly informative! - for a girl as me:)) and also watched the whole episodes of "The Hills" - where I liked L.C., W.P. but also Audrina Patridge:) - I've thought to show you my personal "Star Makeup" Idea- Collages with different products (which I've been searching in the internet:)):

The first star makeup is the one inspired by Whitney Port (she has a typical cal' bronzed skin tone and light/natural blonde hair color) - I would call this look "Whitney's LA Treasure Look" as the sparkle around her eyes and cheeks and the coral/peach pearl shades are looking so bright in the LA sun:)

(Photo Credit: Urban Decay, Benefit, Chanel, Smashbox, They don't belong to me!)

For this look I would use the "Eye-Makeup Bible" - the awesome NAKED palette, for the ultimative eye finish - cake/gel eyeliner from SMASHBOX, perfect peachy shimmery cheeks you'll get with the georgia blush by Benefit Cosmetics and for the ultimative LA sun shining kissing mouth you'll need one lipstick in coral shade - I prefer the one from CHANEL (41 Canotier)

The second makeup is the one inspired by Lauren Conrad (she has blue/grey eyes also natural blonde hair with some light touches/shades in it - she's the typical natural cal' girl from the next door:)) Her look is a mixture between natural shades and finishes and classic/lady style - which will suit you perfectly if you're light or medium or even dark skin tones - as this look is really timeless and chic for an evening dinner with your love, best friend or an event too! - I would call this look "Lauren's Coral Peach Mix" as she has also a bronze cal' skin as Whitney Port but a bit lighter sometimes:)

(Photo Credits: Bobbi Brown, MAC - They don't belong to me!)

This look is super easy to do and you won't need too much things to make it true:) You should get one of the lovely and high pigmented Shimmer Bricks by Bobbi Brown (for this look I would use the shade: Nectar) but I'm sure that there are other similar Shimmer Bricks, which aren't too much "pricy" for your money bag, if you're a student or someone who hasn't enough money for such luxurious things:) - I know that and understand!:) At the end of this post I'll show you some "dupes" or just an alternative product to all of this products:) After you've got the brick just use it instead of eyeshadows! - the different shades are perfect to create a lovely and natural color explosion:) (don't worry the Nectar palette isn't too dark and too light - just a perfect mixture) that's quiet an advice if you're on a trip to somewhere - maybe LA:) 

and you don't wanna to keep all your lovely makeup products in your handbag:) After you've applied it on your eyes use an eyeliner in black - I would use the one by MAC Fluidline in the shade Blacktrack and create a nice cat eyeline - be careful to make it thin on the end and dark inside!:) For your cheek - use the Pot Rouge by Bobbi Brown in the shade Calypso Coral - which is a bright coral tone and put three or two small finger tips on your cheeks and rub it into - create a smooth fine line DON'T make dots like a "Horror Doll":) after you've used the Pot Rouge I would apply one light coat of the whole shades of the Shimmer Brick also on your cheek. Now you've finished your look and just need to make your lips:) - That's pretty easy too grab a Lip Color in the shade: Carnation by Bobbi Brown (a peachy light pink shade:)) and finish the complete look with a High Shimmer Lip Gloss by Bobbi Brown (in the shade: Bare Sparkle OR Citrus).

Huh - this makeup look instruction was longer as the first one - AND it's the most simple thing ever:) - I don't know why I'm writing such long sentences. That's my illness since I was in the primary school - I WRITE TOOOO LONG TEXTS!:)

So I've promised you to show you some "dupes" or just alternatives to the above mentioned high-end products - which doesn't means, that they are lower in quality because of the price! - Mistake number 1: To buy only high-end and expensive products to show your friends or to think by yourself that you've got something better - NO many makeup artists use different brands - highend and non known or non-brand products - 'cause they are looking after quality and not after the name!:)

Shimmer Brick Bobbi Brown -Milani Illuminating Face Powder 01 Amber Nectar, Shimmer Strips Physicians Formula

MAC Fluidline - Maybelline N.Y. Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H in Blackest Black 950

NAKED Palette -  MUA Underdressed Palette

Georgia Benefit Cosmetics Blush -  Milani Mineral Baked Blush shade: Luminoso or Coralina

Hope you've enjoyed this post and hope to see you soon here again:)

Bye and have all a nice afternoon!:)

Lipcolors for each time of your life!


today I would like to show you some of my most used and "wish-list" lipstick-products:) They are a mixture of high-end (as I'm one of the old-fashion 80s and 90s girls - who needs sometimes a special product to feel unique - while doing a shopping trip:)) and some highquality BUT drugstore/usual products:

1. Lovely/girly/country-california-young girl style lipsticks:

Photo Credits:
Estee Lauder - Pink Sand, Dior - Baby Rose , YSL - Pink Diamond, Revlon Matte - Pink Pout 002

2. Natural/nude/pure beauty:

Photo Credits:
 Barry M - LP154 Pale Nude , Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter - Creme Brulee, Clinique Chubby Stick - Heaping Hazelnut, Loreal Color Riche Made For Me - Nude 235

3. Impulsive/sexy/special moments/LOVE/individual beauty/classic:

Photo Credits:
Chanel -31 Cambon , MAC - Russian Red, Elizabeth Arden - Rouge , Max Factor - 715 ruby tuesday

 4. Creative/individual/crazy/funny/hit the eyes on you!:

Photo Credits:
MAC - Neon Orange, Benefit Cosmetics - 24K Sexy Gold Lipstick (review), GIVENCHY - 11 coral shine , NYX - Opal LSS551

So that's it!:) These lipsticks are highquality and super cute packaged - so I think they are a bit unique and awesome too:)

Which lipsticks did you already tried out or like/dislike????

Wish you all a great creative and lovely afternoon:)


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Kate Moss - The New Face of Kérastase


today I've received this ultimative news from Loreal Austria - Kérastase has got a new face: Kate Moss.

(Photo Credit: Kérastase)

Finally announced in Paris, 15.February 2013, that the british top model Kate Moss will be the "Face" of the international, luxury/high-end hair care brand Kérastase.

The worldwide popular model Kate Moss is well known for her style and glamour and she's also a style and fashion icon for many young people But also very important for the whole fashion and highend product industry. 

And it's also really exciting to work with her at this new campaign as it's her first (ever!:)) haircare "incentive"/product-representative job as a representation person for such a highend and highquality brand like Kérastase.

The austrian Kérastase Brand Director Christian Baumgartner is highly excited about the engagement and says: 

"We are all thankful, that we could win Kate Moss as the New Face of Kérastase!" - "That will allow us at the international highquality hair specialist brand grow forward to an international high-end /luxury brand!"

The new Kérastase Kate Moss campaign will allows to give the main topic - "Hairperfection" a new dimension and perspective. And that was also the final choice for the campagne shooting -  international hair-stylist Luigi Murenu. He knows well - how to show and bring out the personal and individual style of a woman and to bare/show her individual beauty!

The new Kérastase collection was carried out by the star-photographer Sølve Sundsbø and will be seen in Austria from June 2013.

For more information about the New Face of Kérastase: Kate Moss - please visit:

Kérastase: USA, UK, AT, DE, IT, FR, ESP

Here you can watch the new Kate Moss and Kérastase vid':

Hope you enjoy reading my posts and I promise I'll mix - the lifestyle, makeup and music posts a bit to create a variation:) For ideas or wish posts and other lovely words - please feel free and write me a short-/long or extra long comment:) I'm happy, that some of you really found a sympathy with my blog and me and that you just like it:) 

As I said I'm a normal (with a dash/hint of crazyness:)) , friendly and creative young girl (almost woman:)) who just follow her dreams and don't waist any free-time for non-productive things:) (But stay cool: I've also "Lazy-Monkey-Negative-Mood" days - where I wish there would be a magic land like Oz or something else and eat all day long Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream with Peanut Butter:))

Wish you all a lovely sunny day (at my location - there's a light sunny spring atmosphere:)) and see you soon!


Monday, 18 February 2013

If It's Grey - Babe, DON'T CARE!


you maybe recognized (REALLY?:)), that the weather is now just grey, you don't know whether it will rain, snow or just be foggy. I just HATE such times, but I've found some songs which could give you a better & positive mood again:)

(Photo Credit: PINTEREST)

1. "Home" or "Gone,gone,gone" by Phillip Phillips:

The songs/pieces from this awesome singer/musician are just perfect for a cup of tea, sitting on your fav' couch or bed and relaxing, thinking about better times:)

2. "Beautiful Disaster" or "Beating My Heart" Jon McLaughin

His songs are impulsive and a kind "TV-Soap"-Intros or they would suit perfectly for Movies (the song "Beautiful Disaster" was used in the movie "Georgia's Rule")

3. "Ho Hey" or "Stubborn Love" by The Lumineers:

(Photo Credit: The Lumineers)

I really enjoy listening to this folk-/pop-/country band - especially Stubborn Love makes more Energy in yourself, but Ho Hey turn up your mood too:)

4. "Memories of the Future" by The Pet Shop Boys:

(Photo Credit: The Pet Shop Boys)

"THIS SONG JUST IS PERFECT FOR MYSELF - IF I'M IN A NEGATIVE MOOD OR JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF!" - That's what I thought when I first listened to this AWESOME song! Oh it's a mixture of a perfect 80's classic song and also has a fresh sound in it - PERFECT for each of you - who likes the past and aren't afraid about the good/positive future!:)

Wish you a nice evening and see you soon:)




the last week I've been trying out some Bioderma Sensibio products and the Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate.

(Photo Credit: NIKA -me:))

I've got some samples from BIODERMA and I've tryed them out from the first day:)!

Here are all (full size) products - which I've got as a sample version:

(Photo Credit: Bioderma)

1. BIODERMA Sensibio H2O:

The soft 3-in-1 cleansing toner is made for sensitive skin tones (also for red skin parts). If you've sometimes hot spots, facial erythrosis, rosacea or just sensitive skin - it's perfect made for you:)! It calms the irritated skin and makes your skin longterm tolerance  against redness, sensitive skin parts.

H2O is also a perfect Makeup remover (will clear your skin also from waterproof makeup!) and it can be use for the eye area too.

Without alcohol, tenside, preserving agents and fragrance.

But I'm sure that you'll love it as I do (I've got a full size bottle last year and used it up - so I was happy to try it out again:)) 


Will buy it again!


This cream will care your over-sensitive skin and it's also super suitable for combination skin:) If you've an allergy, irritaions or dermatitis it will help your skin to recovery. It calms and relax your skin promptly and it's also without fragrance and preserving agents.

It's called LIGHT but I would say, that it's a combination between rich (greasy and rich cream) and light  (hydrous/aqua and light cream) 'cause after I've apply this cream on my face, which is super easy, 'cause it's not greasy or hard to apply and it dry fast - that the next day or afternoon (depends, if you've apply it in the morning or evening:)) you've light but noticeable "cream feeling". Which isn't negative for someone, who has super-sensitive skin or any skin problems, it really hydrates/moisturize your facial skin and it's really nutrious!


For someone, who has sensitive skin and irritations always it's a really good cream, with highquality ingrediences and effect - but as I've only sensitiv skin without any irritations, redness (only 2-3 times per year) and usually a normal/t-zone skin , I would say it's not really needed for my face:)

3. BIODERMA Sensibio EYE:

This eye cream/treatment will suit perfectly for your sensitive eye area and also for irritable, itching eye zone. It works effectively against eye swelling, eye deep shades and first small wrinkles. Also fits for eye lid eczemas! 

The consistency of this eye cream - gel is fresh and "watery" and will moisturize and (promptly) cool and calm your eye area. The eye skin tolerance will raise up and it's again without preserving agents and any fragrance!


I'll definitely recommend this product - 'cause the most sensitive part at my face is the eye area - where I've the most time deep shades under the eye (always if I don't sleep enough - which is most of my time - hey I'm a workoholic:)) and I also always take care, after I've used the Makeup Remover that my eye gets enough moisture to avoid eye swelling or first small wrinkles:) (but I'm 19 - so I've time enough:))


This intensive moisturizing serum will suit each skin tone/type. It's also suitable for people, who has a therapy. The light, fluid-textured will immediately absorb into your skin and will cool and relax your facial skin part. 

It should be use 1-2 times per day, after you've cleansed you face. And you should always apply above your day-/night cream. You can also use the BIODERMA Hydrabio SERUM as a skin-cure for about 3 months.

Without preserving agents, light but comfortable scent.


This serum really moisturize my skin and I think that I'll use it in the future, maybe during the summer time, if the skin begin to dehydrate or just to protect the needed moisturize and the scent is also really comfortable. I always enjoy applying it on my face:)

What you've already tried out from the SENSIBIO or Hydrabio BIODERMA range/line????

If "NO" - here are some of their own website - worldwide:

Hope you've get some informations about this four products by BIODERMA and thank's for reading this post:)



Hi guys:),

last week I've got from LUSH this individual styled and awesome designed:) perfume by Gorilla Parfumes, which you can buy in each LUSH store:):

 (Photo Credit: NIKA - me:)!)

There are almost 12 different scents/parfumes on the market now:

Lord Of Goathorn
Lavender Hill Mob
Sikkim Girls
Jasmine Revolution
Flowers Barrow

Voice of Reason
Devil's Nightcap
The Sun
The Bug

I've got the last one - "FURZE", which is a lovely sweet (BUT not too sweet - so just perfect for my scent choice:)) and a great spring/summer scent!

(Photo Credit: LUSH)

What Gorilla Parfumes/LUSH says about this non-typical scent:

"FURZE is a very british plant, and the prickly bush is also known as gorse. It even flowers in the winter."

"A furze bush near your homestead will protect from curses and hexes. A friendly looking shrub, its yellow flowers smile at you like little suns. Walking across windy moors where they grow in gleeful abundance, they seem to nod their golden heads in greeting, shining brightly even on the greyest of days."


"A bit like falling into a barrel of buttery, warm goodness and feeling quite content bobbing around in there ‘til someone arrives to fish you out smelling divine…Ah! Warm Vanilla like a honeyed Caramel snuggle and Coconut cuddles and kisses leaving you smelling mouthwatering and delicious…swoon!"

It's an handmade scent with the finest essential oils.

The Ingredients are:

DRF Alcohol, parfume, citrus aurantium amara flower oil/neroli oil, acacia decurrens extract, hydroxcitronellal, geraniol, farnesol, limonene, linalool


9 ml - 12,95€, 46 ml - 35,95€, 43 ml - 32,95€, 92 ml - 50,95€, 27 ml - 24,95€

What's my opinion about this special handmade organic parfume:

After I've got the packet from LUSH I was super excited about the packaging of the parfume - the  "paper roll-box" could be used after you've put out the lovely scent as a storage for your travel makeup-brushes or as a box for other treasures you've:)

FURZE is now one of my fav' during the next days, if the weather/temperature will climb - it would also suit perfectly during the summer time, as I smell a high amount of cocos/coconut scent, and it reminds me a bit of the LUSH "Curly Wurly" Shampoo - a fruity note with a bit of flower touch in it. So it's not too flowery, fresh or fruity - a great combination I think:)

I will try out "The Sun", "Voice of Reason" and "Flowers Barrow" - 'cause I just fell in love with the packaging and as it's handmade from essential oils - I just like it:)

Hope you've enjoyed this perfume news - post:)

Wish you all a nice, fresh and positive start into a new great and awesome week!


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Different Makeup - BUT that's just me:)

Hi guys,

the last days I've tried many styles - to change a bit of myself sometimes:) And here are some collages with my fav' styles at the moment - but CURLY hair are always my absolute must-have ('cause I'm a natural curly wurly babe:)) - pony tail is just to prefent a great hair style during the long day:):

My natural "Pink Country Girl" look:)
My "Bronze won't be enough" look:)
My "Vintage Babe" look:)
My "Crazy Girl" look:)

Hope, that you've "earn" some inspiration for yourself:) - Just remember, that I'm a natural girl, who needs sometimes to search for some new "I":)

I would like to thank YOU ALL! for reading my posts:) and subscribing:) - With positive thinking anything can happen!


YANKEE CANDLE SPRING 2013 - Review part 1

Hi guys:),

one and half week ago I've got the new Yankee Candle collection for this spring (2013:)):

From left to right:

WAIKIKI MELON (small classic jar - up to 25-40 hours)

"Aloha! Wake up to the sunny, sweet glow of exotic, juicy melons with a touch of sweet orange oil."

A Child's Wish (sampler - up to 15 hours)

"A warm breeze of soft flowers and fresh green fields captures the sweet innocence of childhood days playing in the backyard."

Turquoise Sky (medium classic jar - up to 65-90 hours)

"Calm, salty air with hints of sea grass and musk, float gently on ocean waves... off on an adventure beneath a bright blue sky."

Black Coconut (sampler - up to 15 hours)

"Sunset in paradise .... rich coconut, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility."

Paradise Spice (tumbler regular/up to 35-45hours  - but as my was broken - I've put the candle into my old candle holder from IKEA:))

"An exotic island treasure .... perfectly ripe banana and creamy vanilla, unexpectedly spiced with prized cinnamon and cloves."

I've burnt already almost of the Paradise Spice (just 1/4 of my candle is now there:)) - it's just the perfect fruity, creamy and cozy scent for your bedroom or livingroom - if you're a friend of fresh fruit with a light creamy and spicy scent:) It doesn't smell only like bananas, it's like fresh cut oranges with a banana and some spices covered with a light hint of vanilla - that's a perfect combination I think:)

A Child's Wish is also not too strong and not too fresh, but it's not really a warm breeze of soft flowers - it's definitely more like fresh green fields and a fresh spring/cold breeze, which will bring you memories of your childhood days during the spring/easter holidays - where you've played with your friends outside your house:) - I would recommend it for your livingroom or bathroom too - if you don't like too fresh scents!

Hope you've enjoyed the first part of my Y.C. Spring 2013 collection review and see you soon.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Part 5


you're (surely:)) wondering - why I'm writing about my last part of the MBFW 2013 so late? 'Cause I've had a problem with my laptop the last days (lots of dust in the ventilation & above the keyboard - I don't know really:)) but know I'm back and as I'm having some free days (no school, etc.:)) I just get really REALLY a great time to post about some news:). But let me just start with my last "Long" post - about the MBFW 2013 - the last part (guys I know this post is LONG:)):

Katya Leonovich:

(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

You see the colorful and high-designed brand new Maybelline N.Y. makeup treats? Oh I wish I could get them all at once:)

Her look is really dramatical but also high-pigmented - a great evening/date look!

Wes Gordon:
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

His designs are really (oh I'm using this word "really" often today:)) lovely and stylish - he's look is maybe one of my fav' at the MBFW 2013! The red lips and nude/smoky eye look is a perfect way how to get more luxurious/elegance touch on yourself!:)
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

And here is the Maybelline Jade N.Y. look of Wes Gordon:
The Maybelline Jade video of this awesome look:
Bibhu Mohapatra:
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

He's one of the fashion designers who let us girls look more mystic but also sparklin' too:)

(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

You see on the collage above - one of the lovely Maybelline Jade N.Y. guest Makeup Artists: Charlotte Tilbury (she's one of the latest Makeup Artists, I've been recently watching her makeup videos on her youtube channel and on her website!:))

Bibhu Mohapatra's MBFW 2013 designs (like these two dresses above:)) are really magical and wonderful too!

Here you'll see a step-by-step Maybelline N.Y. makeup tutorial - created by Charlotte Tilbury for Bibhu Mohapatra MBFW 2013 models:
And the vid' too:):

Michael Bastian:

(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

Rachel Zoe:
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

She's a wonderful designer with a great "mixed" taste of style and her collection at the MBFW 2013 was overwhelming too!

Rachel Zoe - Maybelline N.Y. Look (also created by one of the best Maybelline N.Y. Guest Makeup Artists Charlotte Tilbury!):

(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

A classic and fresh girl style with a huge portion of "vamp":)

Here you can see the vid' of this makeup tutorial and some informations about Rachel Zoe &  Maybelline N.Y.:

(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

It's the second of my fav' MBFW 2013 makeup inspiration powered by Maybelline N.Y.:) Oh at the collage above you'll see Sofia Sizzi (Guilietta designer)

The makeup look for the MBFW 2013 Guilietta show was created by GATO (Maybelline N.Y. Official Makeup Artist Spain):

(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

The look was created by GATO, who says, that it was created from the inspiration of a woman, which is working in the countryside - fresh but cool too:)

Here you can see the whole tutorial - HERE.

Oh guys - I've done it - I've shown you (I think so:)) the most IMPORTANT and INSPIRATION pic's of the last MBFW 2013 and wish to be there next year too (to make more pic's and make my own opinion of the whole thing AND of course to get more inspirations and lovely memories:))

BUT before I'll end up this really long post - here the latest commercial of the new Maybelline N.Y. Whisper lipsticks:

Oh guys, I wish I could try them out soon! They look soooo smooth and moisturizing and they are sooo lovely packaged!

Wish you a lovely weekend and see you soon!