Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Think positive and you'll reach what you've always dreamed and though!

Hi guys,

today I won't show or tell you something about beauty and other sparkling things (but it seems to be sparkeling too:)) - I'll tell you about a big chapter now in my own life - to think POSITIVE:

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

It's all you need to know - to think better about today and tomorrow and forget, if something went wrong or happened bad yesterday! Who would like to have a bad mood, to feel sad and alone and don't try to move forward 'cause for fear of lost your way, loose and don't reach anything you want! That's called - "To Live In Anxiety" and believe it or not - that's what I've been doing with myself the last years, since I was in my teen-time (maybe 'cause I was pick on at school, maybe 'cause I've been and I'm always a sensitive person - who knows?). But on 31.12.12 I've decided to turn my whole life 360 degrees and to forget saying "NO" and to say instead "YES" (as I've mentioned in my New Years Wishes & Hopes) and believe it or not it helps already a bit and will help the next time more and more - I've began to live, to enjoy each day and to live how I'll - which person I'll be and focus on my big goal and do and try REALLY each chance to MOVE FORWARD! 

I know, that some of you have got or has the same feelings I've got or have already a bit (it takes time and I know it can't be away only in some days - but I'm trying my best and I'm already on the bright side of life:)) and that you maybe don't believe it to happen - BUT WITHOUT TRYING IT OUT - YOU WON'T ANYTHING CHANGE and ANYTHING WON'T HAPPEN, IF YOU DON'T START!

So here I've found a lovely short clip on youtube - where a really young lady show you how to start (a really cute vid':)):

And for you - who are also such music lovers as I'm or just need something during the evening chill-out time, driving car etc. - here are three lovely songs - which will definitely (I hope so:)) raise your mood:

Chelsea Basham - I Make My Own Sunshine
OneRepublic - Feel Again
Chelsea Basham - Laugh It Off

I really believe, that only we can help ourself at the best way and resultation! It can be a help, if you talk with somebody (family, friends, soulmates....) but at the highest point - you should help yourself and find the right way how to built it up - the old grey and stinky wall and see the paradise behind it!!!!

Wish you all a nice and smooth evening and hope, that you'll visit me again soon! - Oh, thank you again, for your lovely comments I'm trying to do my best to show you really interesting reviews, products, topics which I'm interested in and hope you too and my biggest passion music - would be HAPPY for some  topic suggestion you would also see!



  1. Loved this post, just what I needed :) xx

  2. hahaha love the "daily affirmation" my friends and i watch it all the time. hi-larious.

    anywho, just found your blog. very cute!


  3. I love this post! It's so lovely and has really cheered me up haha, so thank you :)

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