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Hi guys,

It's been soooo long ago, when I went to one of the wonderful beach places on earth and this year - one of my goals is also to visit some more - more wonderful places on earth. So I decided to show you some warm embrassing places, my fav' alltime romantic summer music playlist and where I'll have someday my own beach cottage/small house + my fav' interior ideas (which are a kind of 80s remix:))

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1. Best beach pic's, places on earth - where your soul will earn more energy and the sun is shining more than elsewhere:):

Laguna Beach (maybe the most wonderful and magical place on earth just a few steps from the beach! - I love this place and wanna just take the next plane and fly to this harmony and wonderful beach treasure:)):

I've found on YOUTUBE such a lovely Laguna Beach short inspiration vid' - where you can see the magic, which I mean (it's not only known from the MTV soap "The Hills" where Lauren Conrad lives with her family before she moved to L.A. - it's more - it's just magical!):

Or just relax grap a cup of tea or your fav' beverage and watch the most emotional lovely sunset at the Laguna Beach - it's just magical:

For more information about Laguna Beach CA - please visit their own website called:

Hawaii Baby - Blue Hawaii - ALOHA :)  - It's just a 50s treasure with lots of sparklin' memories and mystic/magical places - I will visit it too in the future! This place is definitely one of my number 1 holiday trips!

I always must remember the "Almost Always True" song from Blue Hawaii sang by the famous King of Rock'n Roll - Elvis Presley:

The first thing I would do in Hawaii - I would drink one of their non-alcoholic cocktails/shakes and dance a Hula and after I would have done this - I would grap a surf board and learn some moves on the lovely waves their! For more informations about Hawaii - especially Waikiki/Ohahu (where I would fly too:)) please visit their website called: The Island of Ohahu - The Hear of Hawai'i

Port Andratx - the treasure of the Balears - maybe one of the most glamorous, sparklin' and magical places here in europe!

 This piece of Mallorca is well known for his glamorous touch and harbor/port - so it's called Port (Puerto) Andratx ( I would say - it looks like a mixture between little european Hollywood Hills and Orange County CA from some perspectives! - but that's only my opinion:)):

If you need more detailed informations about the whole area in and near Puerto Andratx - this vid' from Youtube should be worth to watch:

For more informations about Puerto Andratx - please visit their own website calles: ANDRATX Ajuntament

As I'm in love with pastell and pinkish shades - I would add some of them into my cottage too:) Rachel Ashwell's ideas are perfect for this plan!:)

Here are also my fav' underwater dog faces (which have been taken by the famous dog photographer Seth Castell) - Here you can see - how it works:

And did you know that NIVEA has created a new sun protection technologie - NIVEA Sun Protect & Refresh (it's simple to use, refreshing, transparent, waterproof and without greasing - 'cause it's a sun cream + apres formula with menthol:)):

It will be available in each drugstore and supermarket/grocery from march 2013 and the price will depends on the high of the LSF:

LSF 20, 200 ml will cost 15,49 EUR
LSF 30, 200 ml will cost 16,49 EUR
LSF 50, 200 ml will cost 17,49 EUR

4. And here's my alltime fav' romantic summr music list:

Dear John: Paperweight
Strangeways: Only A Fool
Ellie Goulding - Joy
Cinderella Story: Anywhere But Here, I'll be

Clueless - Alright
Joshua Radin - You Got What I Need
Early Winters - Count Me In
17 Again - On My Own, Danger Zone 
O.C. California - Just A Ride, California
Dawson's Creek - Theme Song
Kate Yanai - Summer dreaming

So that was all - I've to show and write you about the perfect summer holiday places, dream beach cottages and ideas/inspirations, some beauty news as well and my alltime fav' summer romantic songs:) I hope, that you've enjoyed this post and see you soon again:)


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