Friday, 4 January 2013

ProSeries Winter Therapy

Hi guys,

a new year - year 2013 - new changes and more more more Beauty-/Makeup-/personal Inspirations!

Let us begin with my latest shampoo and conditioner, which I've used during the cold winter days - "ProSeries Winter Therapy":

It makes my hair really smooth, shiny and moisturized - which I really need 'cause I'm sometimes really busy and sleep with wet hair (which isn't really healthy - I know:))

The second awesome thing is, that both have a really good prize condition and will last you longer than 2 months as both are 500ml bottles!!!! (As I've really long hair it last only one month:)) 

I've bought last summer the ProSeries Sun Protection conditioner and I was soooo in Love with the scent so I've been soo glad to try out the Winter Therapy line (both are L.E./Limited Editions!) - If you're interested check it out here:)

For more informations about ProSeries from Wella, please visit their website: DE

Hope you've got a great New Year's eve!

See you soon:)


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  1. I use ProSeries Repair conditioner and like it very much :)