Monday, 14 January 2013


Hi guys,

again - as I've decided to show you my first green smoothie "Creation":) and the recipe too (but I've let myself just inspirated by other great food blogger from around the world and by food magazines too:) and than I've just create my own green magic drink!) - Just look  - oh I'm sorry I know it's a bit thick but as I've not a great blender - I've tried my best and hey it's the first try:):

To create my/the same green smoothie - you'll need:
1 banana (slightly frozen for about 30 min.), 1 pear (soft), 1 cup of fresh squeezed or organic orange juice, 1-2 cups of fresh spinach or as I've not found any fresh one at our local grocery I've tried out a frozen one - not bad as I though:) and some water (if it's still too thick) and Voila your green smoothie is ready to drink! BUT - Don't forget to blend it - otherwise it's not a smoothie:)!

I always love the ready packed innocent pure fruit smoothies (especially the green ones with kiwi, but I also like the white/creme packed one with pineapple, coconut etc. - like healthy non-alcoholic Pina Colada drink:)) - What's your fav flavour and did you've tried out already to prepare your own smoothie - comments appreciated:)!

Oh I've forgotten (again:)) to show you my "Nails of the Week" - this week I've worn an 80's Vamp Nail Style:

Hope you've had a great start into another fresh week - for all of you, who haven't: 

"Don't forget the sun isn't always behind the mountain, it will shine soon again!"

See you soon!


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