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Hi guys,

I'm sorry, that I'm not writing each day some news for you and showing you some inspirations (living, fashion, beauty, traveling and and and and:)) but I'm really in doing some new things now and also using a lot of "I'm":) Anyway, I've received some days ago a lovely package with awesome makeup pieces from Max Factor:

And these are the things I've got:
Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow (shade: bronze/haze - Made in USA)
Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen (shade: 01 Pink Petal - Made in USA)
Max Factor Pastell Compact (shade: 1 Pastell - Made in Ireland)
Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish (shade: 26 Cappuccino  Made in France)

1. Max Factor Pastell Compact in the shade: 1 Pastell:
I've tried it out the same day and found out, that it's a really light color but for my porcelain/light skine tone it's also a shade darker, so I'm using it to create a little "dramatic" tone after using my fav foundation (Max Factor FACE FINITY 3 in 1 in Natural 50:)) or I've also used it as a "fake" tan/bronzer on my cheek bones:) It's a lovely texture and doesn't irritates my skin (as I've sometimes a bit sensitive skin), the packaging is also a bit "vintage", which I totally prefer - would be great if Max Factor would design their latest collection in a retro Max Factor design too (like the one, which Marilyn Monroe has used:)) - here you see some vintage Max Factor Products:

 2. Max Factor  Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow (shade: bronze/haze - Made in USA): 
It's a really creamy and soft applying on your inner eyelid and you can create a wonderful nude-bronze shade - perfect during the summer days and also during the cold time (it doesn't smudge!!!!) and the haze will be perfect for an eyeline (use it as an eyeliner) too or you just put it on the left side of each lid and smudge it to the inner corner:) It's a lovely tone and I would really recommend this product. What's maybe not soooo lovely, is that you've to be really careful with the applying - as the eyeshadow is really soft as I said, it could happen that it will break off.

Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow, Max Factor Pastell Compact and Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen - How it looks on my arm(hand:)):

3. Max Factor  Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen (shade: 01 Pink Petal - Made in USA):
I've made a great experience with this Lip Tint Pen - a great pigmentation and long lasting formula and it's really easy to apply on your lips (I just fell in love with it:)) and I think that I'll use such Tint Pen more in the future:) - Did you tried it out already - what's your experience (as I've heard, that sometimes such Tint Pens will dry out really soon)???? 

4. Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish (shade: 26 Cappuccino  Made in France):
 This nail polish, with a really good classic and matte (not glittery, ombre, special effects etc.:)) shade in 26 Cappuccino, is a great tone for your nails during work, school or just for a nice evening with your friends or date:) - It will suit perfect with a classic dress (would prefer in white but black seems to be well too:)) and also with your casual daily outfit - it's a nice shade, which I could wear a week long (which is really long for me - 'cause I love to change my nail color twice a week:)) - Oh and it dries in a short time and doesn't chip for a week!

Here you can see my first makeup idea "Natural Casual Girl" with the lovely and high quality Max Factor makeup products:

For more information about the whole product range by Max Factor - please visit their website:


So what did you think about these products - will you try it out too???? - Comments are always appreciated:) - Oh, thank's again for your lovely following:)

See you soon!


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