Friday, 4 January 2013

Kiss Active Square - 100 Nails Kit

Hi guys,

my second post of 2013 will be a product (nail-) review of my latest "fake" nails from Kiss - the Active Square Nails Kit:

I've bought this nail kit this week at our local drugstore, as my "fake" nails were all used off and my natural nails are after one year non-biting growing but too short to make some nail art on it:(

So here's the final result (after I've filed/formed it, put one coat of my alltime fav' Dior 219 beige nail polish and a gel-look finish top coat/sealer:)):

For more information about the different kind of nails from Kiss - please check out their website!

Oh and I've also bought a new tube of good old Neutrogena Norwegian Formula scented Hand Cream (they've also a non-parfumed version - but I don't like things which don't have a scent - I don't say it should be a strong scent, but without it's strange to put on - but that's only my opinion:))

Here is my whole hand cream and hand treatment collection (not too big - but it's enough for the next month until summer - I think so:)) & at the pic below you can see the texture of the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula scented Hand Cream:

Which hand creams & treatments you see on the pic:

1. Yves Rocher Limited Edition (small version) Moisturizing Hand Cream with Vanilla Lemon scent
2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula scented Hand Cream
3. Medical Care hand/ MCH Nail Regenerator Cream
4. essence 24h hand protection balm with Gingerbread scent

What are you using for your hands and which kind of "fake" nails do you prefer????

Wish you all a nice afternoon:)



  1. nice post!

  2. I love how detailed this is. It is good to see what they look like. Well done!

  3. Lovely post! I'm actually trying out some new hand lotion for the winter season. My hands get so dry around this time :(
    I'll definitely take your advice!

  4. Gorgeous header btw!
    Ive been a bit lazt lately and havent been keeping up my winter routine- safe to say hands are looking like it! haha

  5. I have been using the french tip style and rounding off the edges. It looks like a proper manicure I love it!