Saturday, 26 January 2013

A lovely bubble bath or bath time:)

Hi guys,

yesterday - the day before saturday (friday:)) I was taken a lovely bubble - creme shower bath with my latest creme shower gel ( I know but I'm using more often shower gels for a bath as bubble bath soaps:)):

It's the one from Florena - Creme Shower hibiscus with sesame milk. The whole bath (it's a normal size bathroom:)) smell so soft/creamy and with a hunt of flower. My skin feels soft and moisturized too and I can't wait until I've pick up the next bottle in a drugstore!

If you wanna get some information about the history of this natural cosmetic brand - klick here. For Germany or Austria you can visit their own Florena website.

But I've also tried out the Kneipp Warm Embrace Aroma Bath:

These aroma bath (oil!) is now my fav' too, 'cause it contains ginger (I LOVE GINGER:)) and other spicy things like cardamom, but also some natural moisturizer and pampering ingredients like honey or macadamia oil - really I would recommend it!

Visit Kneipp - International web site collection

Hope that my pampering-bath-spa post has broached some of you and see you soon.


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