Saturday, 26 January 2013

My repro 80s earring collection

Hi guys,

I'm back with my last post for today (as I'm working now for more than 3 hours on the posts:)) - so here I would like to show you  my little but always growing repro 80s earring collection (as you know - that I love the 80s:)) :

(The rainbow and pink one are from Claire's, the sparklin' one were a present from my mum:) and the rose one are also from mum - but I think that such one or the same are also available at h&m!)

I know, they are just for - but I said it's a little collection at the moment - but you don't wanna know how many earrings I own (but they aren't 80s inspirated like this four:)) 

I feel unique to wear vintage or repro accessoires and clothes/fashion pieces from the past - 'cause not really a big amount of us are wearing such things every day - so I really enjoy to read posts from 2ndhandcinderella:

(Photo Credits: 2nd Hand Cinderella)

'Cause she always has something - which I would also wear or which I also like:) And now she has a "second" hand on her side - Jacob. I hope both will make further such lovely and highly inspirative post in the future - I can't wait to read something new on their blog:)!

Oh I've forgotten to mention also my latest REALLY great and helpful advice for all of us:

(.....And that's TRUE!!!!)

Wish you all a nice weekend and a fresh good and successful start into the next week!



Hi guys,

It's been soooo long ago, when I went to one of the wonderful beach places on earth and this year - one of my goals is also to visit some more - more wonderful places on earth. So I decided to show you some warm embrassing places, my fav' alltime romantic summer music playlist and where I'll have someday my own beach cottage/small house + my fav' interior ideas (which are a kind of 80s remix:))

Oh thank's for following my blog and that you wanna be my follower (it's not enough to thank you guys - after I'll reach the 100 follower number - I'll definitely make a giveaway action:))

1. Best beach pic's, places on earth - where your soul will earn more energy and the sun is shining more than elsewhere:):

Laguna Beach (maybe the most wonderful and magical place on earth just a few steps from the beach! - I love this place and wanna just take the next plane and fly to this harmony and wonderful beach treasure:)):

I've found on YOUTUBE such a lovely Laguna Beach short inspiration vid' - where you can see the magic, which I mean (it's not only known from the MTV soap "The Hills" where Lauren Conrad lives with her family before she moved to L.A. - it's more - it's just magical!):

Or just relax grap a cup of tea or your fav' beverage and watch the most emotional lovely sunset at the Laguna Beach - it's just magical:

For more information about Laguna Beach CA - please visit their own website called:

Hawaii Baby - Blue Hawaii - ALOHA :)  - It's just a 50s treasure with lots of sparklin' memories and mystic/magical places - I will visit it too in the future! This place is definitely one of my number 1 holiday trips!

I always must remember the "Almost Always True" song from Blue Hawaii sang by the famous King of Rock'n Roll - Elvis Presley:

The first thing I would do in Hawaii - I would drink one of their non-alcoholic cocktails/shakes and dance a Hula and after I would have done this - I would grap a surf board and learn some moves on the lovely waves their! For more informations about Hawaii - especially Waikiki/Ohahu (where I would fly too:)) please visit their website called: The Island of Ohahu - The Hear of Hawai'i

Port Andratx - the treasure of the Balears - maybe one of the most glamorous, sparklin' and magical places here in europe!

 This piece of Mallorca is well known for his glamorous touch and harbor/port - so it's called Port (Puerto) Andratx ( I would say - it looks like a mixture between little european Hollywood Hills and Orange County CA from some perspectives! - but that's only my opinion:)):

If you need more detailed informations about the whole area in and near Puerto Andratx - this vid' from Youtube should be worth to watch:

For more informations about Puerto Andratx - please visit their own website calles: ANDRATX Ajuntament

As I'm in love with pastell and pinkish shades - I would add some of them into my cottage too:) Rachel Ashwell's ideas are perfect for this plan!:)

Here are also my fav' underwater dog faces (which have been taken by the famous dog photographer Seth Castell) - Here you can see - how it works:

And did you know that NIVEA has created a new sun protection technologie - NIVEA Sun Protect & Refresh (it's simple to use, refreshing, transparent, waterproof and without greasing - 'cause it's a sun cream + apres formula with menthol:)):

It will be available in each drugstore and supermarket/grocery from march 2013 and the price will depends on the high of the LSF:

LSF 20, 200 ml will cost 15,49 EUR
LSF 30, 200 ml will cost 16,49 EUR
LSF 50, 200 ml will cost 17,49 EUR

4. And here's my alltime fav' romantic summr music list:

Dear John: Paperweight
Strangeways: Only A Fool
Ellie Goulding - Joy
Cinderella Story: Anywhere But Here, I'll be

Clueless - Alright
Joshua Radin - You Got What I Need
Early Winters - Count Me In
17 Again - On My Own, Danger Zone 
O.C. California - Just A Ride, California
Dawson's Creek - Theme Song
Kate Yanai - Summer dreaming

So that was all - I've to show and write you about the perfect summer holiday places, dream beach cottages and ideas/inspirations, some beauty news as well and my alltime fav' summer romantic songs:) I hope, that you've enjoyed this post and see you soon again:)


A lovely bubble bath or bath time:)

Hi guys,

yesterday - the day before saturday (friday:)) I was taken a lovely bubble - creme shower bath with my latest creme shower gel ( I know but I'm using more often shower gels for a bath as bubble bath soaps:)):

It's the one from Florena - Creme Shower hibiscus with sesame milk. The whole bath (it's a normal size bathroom:)) smell so soft/creamy and with a hunt of flower. My skin feels soft and moisturized too and I can't wait until I've pick up the next bottle in a drugstore!

If you wanna get some information about the history of this natural cosmetic brand - klick here. For Germany or Austria you can visit their own Florena website.

But I've also tried out the Kneipp Warm Embrace Aroma Bath:

These aroma bath (oil!) is now my fav' too, 'cause it contains ginger (I LOVE GINGER:)) and other spicy things like cardamom, but also some natural moisturizer and pampering ingredients like honey or macadamia oil - really I would recommend it!

Visit Kneipp - International web site collection

Hope that my pampering-bath-spa post has broached some of you and see you soon.


Friday, 25 January 2013


Hi guys, 

again back with some lip care news for you - the new Labello Lip Butters:

I've been waiting soooo long for these cute and adorable lip butters (as I think, that the packaging is really cute:)) and I could only say that the Labello Lip Butter with raspberry scent and pinky tone is my fav' one! I really enjoy to care my lips and now more than else - 'cause your lips seems to be pretty (the pink lip butter makes your lips lovely rose/pink - a really nice tone:)!) and they will thank you with the needed moisture and health look!

Let me know turn to the facts and to the describtions of both Labello Lip Butters (which I've got from the lovely NIVEA team - HUGE THANKS:)):

Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose:

The rich formula of Labello Lip Butter with Hydra IQ, sheabutter and almond oil will boost your lips with an intensive and longterm moisture. The pampering formula with raspberry scent will care your lips and let them be soft and smooth with a light hint of pink tone.

Cera Microcristallina, Paraffinum Liquidum, Polyglyceryl-3, Diisostearate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Aqua, Glycerin, Glyceryl Glucoside, BHT, Aroma, CI 77891, CI 15850

Labello Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia Nut:

The rich formula of Labello Lip Butter with Hydra IQ, sheabutter and almond oil will boost your lips with an intensive and longterm moisture. The pampering formula with vanilla & macadamia nut scent will care your lips soft and smooth.

Cera Microcristallina, Paraffinum Liquidum, Polyglyceryl-3, diisostearate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Aqua, Glycerin, Glycerin Glucoside, BHT, Aroma, CI 77891, CI 77492

Maybe you're not from UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria or other european countries but from USA or Australia, Canada? - Just try to find out, whether there's an opinion to try them out too - 'cause in some countries the same Labello Lip Butters are sell at the main brand NIVEA:

Hope, that you've enjoyed this post and wish you a wonderful lip-fulicious-day:)


Thursday, 24 January 2013


Hi guys,

I'm sorry, that I'm not writing each day some news for you and showing you some inspirations (living, fashion, beauty, traveling and and and and:)) but I'm really in doing some new things now and also using a lot of "I'm":) Anyway, I've received some days ago a lovely package with awesome makeup pieces from Max Factor:

And these are the things I've got:
Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow (shade: bronze/haze - Made in USA)
Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen (shade: 01 Pink Petal - Made in USA)
Max Factor Pastell Compact (shade: 1 Pastell - Made in Ireland)
Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish (shade: 26 Cappuccino  Made in France)

1. Max Factor Pastell Compact in the shade: 1 Pastell:
I've tried it out the same day and found out, that it's a really light color but for my porcelain/light skine tone it's also a shade darker, so I'm using it to create a little "dramatic" tone after using my fav foundation (Max Factor FACE FINITY 3 in 1 in Natural 50:)) or I've also used it as a "fake" tan/bronzer on my cheek bones:) It's a lovely texture and doesn't irritates my skin (as I've sometimes a bit sensitive skin), the packaging is also a bit "vintage", which I totally prefer - would be great if Max Factor would design their latest collection in a retro Max Factor design too (like the one, which Marilyn Monroe has used:)) - here you see some vintage Max Factor Products:

 2. Max Factor  Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow (shade: bronze/haze - Made in USA): 
It's a really creamy and soft applying on your inner eyelid and you can create a wonderful nude-bronze shade - perfect during the summer days and also during the cold time (it doesn't smudge!!!!) and the haze will be perfect for an eyeline (use it as an eyeliner) too or you just put it on the left side of each lid and smudge it to the inner corner:) It's a lovely tone and I would really recommend this product. What's maybe not soooo lovely, is that you've to be really careful with the applying - as the eyeshadow is really soft as I said, it could happen that it will break off.

Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow, Max Factor Pastell Compact and Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen - How it looks on my arm(hand:)):

3. Max Factor  Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen (shade: 01 Pink Petal - Made in USA):
I've made a great experience with this Lip Tint Pen - a great pigmentation and long lasting formula and it's really easy to apply on your lips (I just fell in love with it:)) and I think that I'll use such Tint Pen more in the future:) - Did you tried it out already - what's your experience (as I've heard, that sometimes such Tint Pens will dry out really soon)???? 

4. Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish (shade: 26 Cappuccino  Made in France):
 This nail polish, with a really good classic and matte (not glittery, ombre, special effects etc.:)) shade in 26 Cappuccino, is a great tone for your nails during work, school or just for a nice evening with your friends or date:) - It will suit perfect with a classic dress (would prefer in white but black seems to be well too:)) and also with your casual daily outfit - it's a nice shade, which I could wear a week long (which is really long for me - 'cause I love to change my nail color twice a week:)) - Oh and it dries in a short time and doesn't chip for a week!

Here you can see my first makeup idea "Natural Casual Girl" with the lovely and high quality Max Factor makeup products:

For more information about the whole product range by Max Factor - please visit their website:


So what did you think about these products - will you try it out too???? - Comments are always appreciated:) - Oh, thank's again for your lovely following:)

See you soon!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

My first Blog Button!

Hi guys,

as you've maybe mentioned/seen, that I've put some of my fav' blogger - buttons on my page - I've also create my own (FIRST!) button/blog banner  - and I'm totally surprised about the design:):

I've made a screen-pic of my blogpage - If you're wondering, where you could find my new and first button:

(You'll find it on the left side and it's totally for free!:))

I would be really happy, if you are one of my daily readers or who like and enjoy reading my posts and like my style/thinking:)  - that you would give it a try and put my blog button on your blog site:)

It's really an easy way, how to get in touch with new bloggers and to create new friendships, inspirations and a lot of more:)

I've enjoyed to design it (for you!) in the same style as my twitter account:) - and hope, that someone of you, will maybe "grap" it:)

Wish you all a nice evening and a great new start in the next week!

See you soon - with more news and ideas:)!


Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hi guys,

I've been using RIMMEL LONDON lipstick for ages (as the quality and price is pretty good:)) and now I've bought a new shade for my RIMMEL lipstick collection. The Lasting Finish by Kate Moss  - 16, which is a pastell matt pinky-apricot shade ( I think so:)):

The packaging/design is really modern touched with a hint of high-end style  - like the MAC ones (as they are also black) and for me they are one of the best drugstore lipsticks!

I've worn it the same day, when I bought it:

But that's not all for this week - I've been shopping too and made a small but lovely SALES-treasure hunt:):

(Pink Sweater - H&M, T-Shirt - ZARA, red dress - MANGO, Skinny (Jeans-)leggins - H&M)

And my makeup idea for the last week - "Pink Babe" by myself:)

Oh - these are my latest fav' songs - did you know them all????:

(1. Backwoods Barbie - Dolly Parton, 2. Human Nature - David Garrett, 3. You Can Get It If You Really Want - Jimmy Cliff, 4. Last Night I Needed Somebody - Shirley Jones)

Hope, that your week was fine as mine and wish you all the best for the next!

See you soon,

Monday, 14 January 2013


Hi guys,

again - as I've decided to show you my first green smoothie "Creation":) and the recipe too (but I've let myself just inspirated by other great food blogger from around the world and by food magazines too:) and than I've just create my own green magic drink!) - Just look  - oh I'm sorry I know it's a bit thick but as I've not a great blender - I've tried my best and hey it's the first try:):

To create my/the same green smoothie - you'll need:
1 banana (slightly frozen for about 30 min.), 1 pear (soft), 1 cup of fresh squeezed or organic orange juice, 1-2 cups of fresh spinach or as I've not found any fresh one at our local grocery I've tried out a frozen one - not bad as I though:) and some water (if it's still too thick) and Voila your green smoothie is ready to drink! BUT - Don't forget to blend it - otherwise it's not a smoothie:)!

I always love the ready packed innocent pure fruit smoothies (especially the green ones with kiwi, but I also like the white/creme packed one with pineapple, coconut etc. - like healthy non-alcoholic Pina Colada drink:)) - What's your fav flavour and did you've tried out already to prepare your own smoothie - comments appreciated:)!

Oh I've forgotten (again:)) to show you my "Nails of the Week" - this week I've worn an 80's Vamp Nail Style:

Hope you've had a great start into another fresh week - for all of you, who haven't: 

"Don't forget the sun isn't always behind the mountain, it will shine soon again!"

See you soon!



Hi guys:),

today I would like to show you my latest and a bit spring-inspirated makeup idea - "Nude Pink Girly Look" - as I'm a big fan of natural and "pinkish-color" looks (I know the name is horrible:)) So here are the BEFORE (without makeup!) face:

I've used a mixture of drugstore makeup products and high-end or reather said not-the-priceless products (I love to combine high end and drugstore products from different brands - it's a great way how to find the perfect individual look for your skin tone - and I've a really light skin! - and it's sometimes pretty to wear more expensive makeup pieces:):

Rimmel London - MATCH PERFECTION Foundation in the shade 100 Ivory (but I would need the shade 010 Light Porcelain - as Ivory is one shade darker than my normal skin), Rimmel London - Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade 077 Asia, Rimmel London - STAY MATTE Pressed Powder in the shade Peach Glow (a good alternative to a bronzer or sun blush for light skin tones!), Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in the shade Pink Sand, MINERAL hygienics Sheer Perfection Mineral Finish in the shade Translucent, CATRICE Defining Blush in the shade 020 Peach Sorbet, Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Kit in the shade Perfectly Nude, bhcosmetics Deluxe Makeup Brush Set (I've used the Blush Brush, Foundation Brush and Eyeliner Brush:)), bhcosmetics 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Color Palette

After applying on the whole products ( I also like to say "coloring"wonder:)) - my finished "Nude Girly Look":

Hope you've enjoyed this post about my latest makeup idea and hope to see you soon here again:)


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Think positive and you'll reach what you've always dreamed and though!

Hi guys,

today I won't show or tell you something about beauty and other sparkling things (but it seems to be sparkeling too:)) - I'll tell you about a big chapter now in my own life - to think POSITIVE:

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

It's all you need to know - to think better about today and tomorrow and forget, if something went wrong or happened bad yesterday! Who would like to have a bad mood, to feel sad and alone and don't try to move forward 'cause for fear of lost your way, loose and don't reach anything you want! That's called - "To Live In Anxiety" and believe it or not - that's what I've been doing with myself the last years, since I was in my teen-time (maybe 'cause I was pick on at school, maybe 'cause I've been and I'm always a sensitive person - who knows?). But on 31.12.12 I've decided to turn my whole life 360 degrees and to forget saying "NO" and to say instead "YES" (as I've mentioned in my New Years Wishes & Hopes) and believe it or not it helps already a bit and will help the next time more and more - I've began to live, to enjoy each day and to live how I'll - which person I'll be and focus on my big goal and do and try REALLY each chance to MOVE FORWARD! 

I know, that some of you have got or has the same feelings I've got or have already a bit (it takes time and I know it can't be away only in some days - but I'm trying my best and I'm already on the bright side of life:)) and that you maybe don't believe it to happen - BUT WITHOUT TRYING IT OUT - YOU WON'T ANYTHING CHANGE and ANYTHING WON'T HAPPEN, IF YOU DON'T START!

So here I've found a lovely short clip on youtube - where a really young lady show you how to start (a really cute vid':)):

And for you - who are also such music lovers as I'm or just need something during the evening chill-out time, driving car etc. - here are three lovely songs - which will definitely (I hope so:)) raise your mood:

Chelsea Basham - I Make My Own Sunshine
OneRepublic - Feel Again
Chelsea Basham - Laugh It Off

I really believe, that only we can help ourself at the best way and resultation! It can be a help, if you talk with somebody (family, friends, soulmates....) but at the highest point - you should help yourself and find the right way how to built it up - the old grey and stinky wall and see the paradise behind it!!!!

Wish you all a nice and smooth evening and hope, that you'll visit me again soon! - Oh, thank you again, for your lovely comments I'm trying to do my best to show you really interesting reviews, products, topics which I'm interested in and hope you too and my biggest passion music - would be HAPPY for some  topic suggestion you would also see!


Friday, 4 January 2013

Kiss Active Square - 100 Nails Kit

Hi guys,

my second post of 2013 will be a product (nail-) review of my latest "fake" nails from Kiss - the Active Square Nails Kit:

I've bought this nail kit this week at our local drugstore, as my "fake" nails were all used off and my natural nails are after one year non-biting growing but too short to make some nail art on it:(

So here's the final result (after I've filed/formed it, put one coat of my alltime fav' Dior 219 beige nail polish and a gel-look finish top coat/sealer:)):

For more information about the different kind of nails from Kiss - please check out their website!

Oh and I've also bought a new tube of good old Neutrogena Norwegian Formula scented Hand Cream (they've also a non-parfumed version - but I don't like things which don't have a scent - I don't say it should be a strong scent, but without it's strange to put on - but that's only my opinion:))

Here is my whole hand cream and hand treatment collection (not too big - but it's enough for the next month until summer - I think so:)) & at the pic below you can see the texture of the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula scented Hand Cream:

Which hand creams & treatments you see on the pic:

1. Yves Rocher Limited Edition (small version) Moisturizing Hand Cream with Vanilla Lemon scent
2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula scented Hand Cream
3. Medical Care hand/ MCH Nail Regenerator Cream
4. essence 24h hand protection balm with Gingerbread scent

What are you using for your hands and which kind of "fake" nails do you prefer????

Wish you all a nice afternoon:)


ProSeries Winter Therapy

Hi guys,

a new year - year 2013 - new changes and more more more Beauty-/Makeup-/personal Inspirations!

Let us begin with my latest shampoo and conditioner, which I've used during the cold winter days - "ProSeries Winter Therapy":

It makes my hair really smooth, shiny and moisturized - which I really need 'cause I'm sometimes really busy and sleep with wet hair (which isn't really healthy - I know:))

The second awesome thing is, that both have a really good prize condition and will last you longer than 2 months as both are 500ml bottles!!!! (As I've really long hair it last only one month:)) 

I've bought last summer the ProSeries Sun Protection conditioner and I was soooo in Love with the scent so I've been soo glad to try out the Winter Therapy line (both are L.E./Limited Editions!) - If you're interested check it out here:)

For more informations about ProSeries from Wella, please visit their website: DE

Hope you've got a great New Year's eve!

See you soon:)