Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Year 2014 WISHES

Hi guys,

The year 2013 was the year - where I've started to earn my 1st own money in an hat boutique (and I've put a LOT of savings on side - as I've big plans!:)) I've enjoyed two wonderful weeks in Spain/Majorca durin' the summer months (where I've relaxed and explored some beautiful places:)).

Sometimes I think that maybe we are just stories. Like we may as well just be words on a page, because we’re only what we’ve done and what we are going to do.
(Jodi Lynn Anderson, Tiger Lily via Quote It Tumblr)

I've of course wrote an amount of different posts, product reviews and makeup ideas/looks on this lovely place called "NIKA's Inspirations & Co." and removed my music youtube channel NIKA80sLife to upload my (main) music videos on the (first called - blog channel) "The Beach Crush".
It wasn't the year of big traveling or even big changes in life/love at all - so THAT's my wish for the next year 2014! (ans as I've read a LOT of aries horoscopes for 2014 -  I'm in a pretty highly well mood about them:)!)

The time runs sooooo fast and we've already almost the end of 2013 - goodbye bad moods, hopes for 2013 and say HELLOOOOOO! to 2014 with a good and positive mind of peace and harmony and fresh head for escaping new places on earth, meet the love (of life:)) and becomin' finally the chance to do what I REALLY love and wanted to become since a small girl! 

- So that's what I'm and I'll lookin' forward in 2014 and would be pleased if you would tell me what's your meanings and think about the next year of your life?!:)


24th - Christmas Eve

Hi everyone:),

that's the 2nd post about our Christmas 2013 and as I've shown you in the 1st post (HERE) our christmas tree and my christmas decoration - here I would like to show you, what I've got and how our christmas table and further decoration looks like!:)

Christmas cookies and our advent wreath are traditional and handmade:)!:

Lovely christmas tree glass ornament (which lights in the darkness:)), christmas gobelin pillows on our sofa, christmas door wreath and ornament decoration on the mirror in our hall:):

Some further small/mini christmas tree ornaments hanging on a kind of tree in our livingroom, cute white ceramic "gift" and "house/church" figure with an electronic light inside (with battery) and some cute fir tree pieces with decoration and a cute bow:): 

Barbarazweig, a cute Christmas Stocking Ornament, one of the three christmas gobelin pillows with reindeers and ice crystal stars and some christmas holly berry leaves with silver christmas gift bows:):

Our festive decorated christmas dinner table (we are using the red dishes ONLY on the 24th of December!):

Each year we buy the same delicious and fruity Old-Bohemian apple walnut cake from Coppenrath-Wiese  great alternative to homemade cakes:):

My nephew Luca was sooooo surprised about the festive lighten up and lovely decorated christmas tree (by myself:)) as well as about the gifts/presents underneath the tree - for sure!:)

What I've got?:

I've not REALLY mentioned this year what I would like to get this christmas - as I'm happy about that what I've, what I've reached by myself to get and so I was surprised as a child too about my HUGE amount of gifts from my sis', brother-in-law, brother, mum and of course I've got from NIVEA (THANK YOU:)) and from Dr. Hauschka (THANK YOU TOO:)) a lovely christmas gift (reviews about the Dr. Hauschka products will come soon!) oh and I've bought myself a 15€ ITunes Card and got from my boss a lovely Douglas coupon!:)

From left to right:
Magix Video Easy HD / "Prinz Aberjaja" Book with original hand mark/sign of the author!:) / 15€ ITunes Card / A lovely moses. glass snow globe with a christmas tree, Santa and a cute owl too / Villeroy&Boch mug with a cute christmas tree / Bronnley's Herbarium Soap Set / a 3-pack of different scented bath shower gels / Douglas coupon / Silver coins / An orange "Destination London 2012" Road Cycling taxi Nr. 39

The snow globe is sooooo cute with the lovely Santa inside:) - Oh look there's a teddy in his bag!:):

A HUGE THANK YOU to NIVEA for this vintage/art-deco styled porcelain "Nivea Creme" tin, which I got as a special christmas gift/present for the cooperation with them for this year 2013!:) Oh the postcard with the christmas greeting is already on my table with the other christmas greeting cards:)!:

And last but not least my 24th "Santa Baby" christmas makeup:

Max Factor Translucent Pastell Powder, Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation, Max Factor Lipstick (shade: 715 ), Jane Iredale Lip Fixation Lipgloss (shade:Devotion), Black Eyeliner, Maybelline Jade The Rocket Mascara (shade: Very Black Waterproof)

I hope you've celebrated with your family, darlings and friends the last christmas days and especially the 24th (or 25th morning in the US/Canada:)) and enjoyed the festive mood, dinner with people who you love and you love them!:) and of course that you've spend a quality time with them:) Maybe you've been playing some games, watchin' TV like we did or are you planning some special New Years activities together? I hope you're all well and you would make the evening even more better - if you would listen to my cover of "O Holy Night"!:)

Bye & and have a great weekend!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

23th - The Day Before Christmas

Hi guys,

after long nights and a special and fantastic 24th and 25th December (and gorgeous presents from Santa:)!) I'm now "available":) to write about the last christmas days and show you my presents too!:)

Our  non-decorated/before decorated christmas tree 2013:

HUGE amount of vintage/retro glass christmas tree ornaments and top/heads - to decorate our X-Mas tree 2013:

After decorating the whole christmas tree:):

At night with cute and pretty colored lights:

Let's start us with the day before christmas/christmas eve! It was the 23th and I've decorated our fresh christmas tree and made pic's of my room, livingroom etc. which are decorated well with LOTS of X-Mas things:) And of course I've made/wear a kind of "Ice Skating" makeup look.

"Ice Skating" makeup look:

Max Factor Lipstick (shade: 715), Max Factor Whipped Creme Makeup, Max Factor Erace Cover-Up Stick/Concealer, Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara (shade: black), black Eyeliner and some translucent powder

Some of my currently fav' christmas tree glass vintage ornaments:

A cute labrador retriever puppy ornament, candy cane ornament, nostalgic glass ball ornament, lovely sleigh right girl with boy in a glass ball ornament, teddy with Santa hat on a toy horse (the oldest one of all almost 19 years old - got it as a toodler!:))

"Christmas Magic" corners in my whole bedroom/office:

Some vintage postcards, glass candy cane, real golden painted fir cones, Yankee Candle tarts and glass tub candle, a cute small elk, some lovely small christmas tree ornaments and a golden bell, old Marks & Spencer shortbread Christmas tree tin - which plays a christmas sound after you've turn the pod of the tree:), an old giant christmas tree metal ball with Santa, a tissue paper box with a norwegian winter/christmas knit design, lovely gobelin narrow carpet/table runner

I'm pretty amazed and happy about the result of our christmas tree and my decoration in the whole bedroom/office!:) And as I'm a really X-Mas fan and lover I've recorded for myself and for you too!:) 2 covers of my current fav' christmas songs - here we go with the 1st "My Grown Up Christmas List" (Original performed by Kelly Clarkson):

Wish you all a nice evening!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Verpoorten Egg Liqueur/Advocaat/Eggnog*

Hi everyone,

the last time I've been bakin' a LOT of christmas goodies and sweet tooth treats:) and I though to show you two special recipes (really simple - I promise you!:)) with using the a bit stronger but sweet and delicious egg liqueur (not really the same thing like Eggnog but similar:)) from Verpoorten - which I was lucky to get as a review product!:)

Here my Verpoorten Goodie/Special Review Gift*:) - Thank you team Verpoorten!:) for giving me the chance to try out your egg liqueur for my baking treats!:):

Durin' I was baking I've learned, that this egg liqueur/kind of eggnog by Verpoorten is really smooth, has a great "middle"-thickness and a really light pastel yellow shade!:)

Product packaging/design review:

Verpoorten's egg liqueur has a classic, bold gold sign and lux' finish glass bottle - which is a great present durin' the winter/christmas time for your family too!:) (If you're over 18 in Europe or 21 or older in other countries like the US! Or if you're using it as I'm using it for baking - where the alcohol "blow out"/disappear  and just the aroma/scent still stands!)

1. My "Snow Balls" recipe:

You'll need:
2-3 cups of crushed/grinded almonds (without the peel!), 1 tsp. of vanilla, 2-3 tsp. of powdered sugar, 3-4 tsp. of Verpoorten's egg liqueur, 1/2 cup of crushed/grinded ladyfinger/sponge finger, 1/2 cup of coconut oil (melted) and 1 tsp. of cinnamon. 1/2 bowl crushed coconut for garnish and dark bitter chocolate with a hint of peppermint oil*

How to:
1. Put the peeled and grinded almonds, vanilla, powdered sugar, Verpoorten's egg liqueur, crushed ladyfinger and cinnamon in a bowl. 2. Add the melted coconut oil and blend it well with the almond/ladyfinger mixture until you get a smooth consistency. 3. Put it into the fridge for about 10-15 min. to get a middle thickness and hardness and create small "Snow Balls" and dip it into the grinded coconut and garnish it with the dark peppermint scented chocolate. Your own "Snow Balls" are ready to be eaten!:)

2. My personal creation of "Baked Apple Wonder Tarts":

What you'll need for your "Baked Apple Wonder Tarts" (full amount 12):

1 package of pre-made organic handmade swirl dough (Strudelteig in German:)), 1-2 tsp. of vanilla sugar (not necessary - just if you would like to have it extra sweet:)), 1-2 cups of raisins, 1-2 peeled sweet sour red fresh/autumn apples, 1/2 cup grinded coconut, cinnamon or other winter spices (like Hot Apple Cider), 1-2 tsp. of Verpoorten egg liqueur and 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice! For topping prepare a bowl with 1/2 milk and 2 tsp. of Verpoorten egg liqueur.

How to:
1. Put into your 6 or 12 muffin pan the prepared handmade swirl dough and put it aside. 2. Preheat your oven on middle heat and put into a bowl your fresh cut apples, raisins, (sugar), cinnamon (or like I've used Herbaria's Hot Apple Cider spice), fresh squeezed orange juice, Verpoortens egg liqueur and coconut. 3. Blend it well and put it in 1-2 tsp. into each muffin swirl dough "tart". 4. Put it into the oven and remove it after 15-20 min. after the tarts got a little "golden tan" and you see, that the dough is ready to be served. 5. Apply a small amount of powedered sugar to create a lovely "snowy" texture!:)

I'm absolutely amazed about my 1st kind a like "Apple Strudel" tarts and wish you a great night!

Skiny Miss Lacy's X-MAS Panties*

Hi guys:),

as Christmas is comin' nearer each day (WOW! It's the 17th December today - the time runs soooo fast:)) I've a further Christmas present/gift idea for us ladies:)!

(Photo Credit:

Skiny  and the lovely team of M2 was soooo friendly and has sent me the X-Mas Special 2-Pack of Miss Lacy Panties (red, black):) Which have a really cute heart shaped packaging! (Price: 19.95€)

The red one is the one, which I prefer to wear - as I pretty much like red underwear and of course red is my fav' for dresses, shirts and pants as well:)!

My red Miss Lacy's pants:):

The black one isn't really my choice - but it's good to have a panty of black in your dresser - you don't evene know, whether you'll need it some day:) (for an special event where you're wearing a nice black cocktail dress or another chic fashion piece:))

My black Miss Lacy's pants:

How you find my two new Skiny X-Mas Miss Lacy Pants?:)

I wish you a great further pre-christmas week (and hope you've bought each of your christmas presents until yet or wrote to Santa your personal christmas wishes:)!)

Here's the perfect christmas song for this post:) - "Feels Like Christmas" by Cyndi Lauper:


Thursday, 12 December 2013


Hi guys,

it's finally here - the last 12 days before christmas and now maybe some of you don't really know - what to buy or what to wish for yourself this christmas 2013! Well I've found the perfect present ideas for each girl and lady - so let started with Thomas Sabo's charms and jewelry!:)

(Photo Credits: Thomas Sabo)

Sabo has a great selection of different golden/silver/rose gold and bright jewelry and of course accessoires like: Watches and Scents! I just love the chic and individuality of each Thomas Sabo piece!

Lovely Charms:
(Photo Credits: Thomas Sabo)

The new Thomas Sabo Karma Beads are brilliant and lovely too!:):

How did you find the new collection by Thomas Sabo? Are you a T.S. lover too?:) As I LOVE the whole collection and I'm wearing my charm bracelet with love always:)!


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

M.F.'s Excess Volume Mascara*

Hi guys!:)

I've been fully in Christmas/Pre-Holiday stress - there's sooooo much to do! (Christmas present packing, home decoration, working, baking, inspiring myself for new posts and makeup ideas and singing, working, doing something for myself e.g. taking a bath and listening to christmas music, working .....)

(Photo Credits: Max Factor DE - I don't own it!)

That's a great time to show you the new Max Factor "Excess Volume Mascara" - which has two thick brushes - 1st for makin' the "EXTREME" volume effect and the 2nd brush is for gettin' the thick and huge amount of blackness or black browness!:)

Product Switch/Review:

Commercial vid':

It's great and easy peasy to apply and it LASTS ALL DAY LONG guys! Really, I've been puttin' it on at about 6 a.m. and it lasts on stays on its place until I came home at 6:30 p.m.!

But as I'm not really a mascara kid' I've not seen any special effects or other unusual better things than other mascaras don't have. SORRY guys - but I'm really more satisfied with my eye lines and eyeshadows and as my eye brows are naturally long and a bit curl/wavy (I really don't know how to spell it out in a corrective way:)) I've never felt/cared sooo much about mascaras and there special eye effects!:)

My result:

You see, that it's not snotty/clumpy or oily at all! It gives you the needed volume and a "fill" natural eye brow look!:)

"Christmas Evening" Makeup Look:

That's the perfect makeup look for the 24th or 25th or even pre-christmas shopping! As it has a vintage twist with a glamour touch in it!:)

I hope you've enjoyed my Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara Review a bit funny and wish you all a great week!


Sunday, 8 December 2013

8th December 13 OTTD

Hi everyone,

this sunday was a bit "high-productive" as I've baked some christmas cookies, listened to some christmas songs and of course I've been for a walk with my mum (to spare some time with her too:)!) 

and prepared my natural curly hair (used the latest hairspray product  - review soon!:)), the outfit and makeup for creating some special memory  pic's of myself and of course called it "8th December 13 OTTD" - which is a great basic outfit for the next christmas days and for a special evening with your friends, darling or for the New Year parade!:)

From top to bottom:):
Coat ZARA / Shirt* Tchibo / Skirt C&A / Tights H&M / Boots Buffalo (*PR-SAMPLE)

How you found the cute X-MAS reindeer brooch?:

And there's my makeup/look for this whole OTTD:):

I just LOVE these cute Christmas Tree Bell earrings (from Claire's):

I've been wearing this cute fake fur pompon hat (from Esprit) for a while (since last year) now:):

I've been collecting inspirations from sooooo many other fashion/lifestyle bloggers and of course from different songs like e.g.:

"My Favorite Things" by Tony Bennett

I wish you a wonderful Sunday evening and have a great start into a new week!