Monday, 31 December 2012

My natural "Last December Day" makeup:)

Hi guys,

before I'll post about my New Years eve makeup/hair style and what snacks and drinks we usually have (some ideas for you too:)) and and and and I'll show you my "Last December Day" makeup/style:):

I've been drinking the last days soooo much tea - oh maybe 3 or 5 tea bag packages (hahahaha:)) and my fav' tea at the moment is the one from Twinings - Black Tea flavoured with Vanilla:

It's such a delicious and cozy tea - I've usually combinated with some (skimmed) milk and 1-2 tsb. of good old canadian maple syrup (instead of sugar or honey - I don't drink usually sweeted teas 'cause I'm of the opinion, that a tea will always loose the typical characteristic:))  - a perfect winter/autumn cozy drink or a good alternative to a hot creamy chai latte:)!

And I've also made some "Pic's of my mouth":):
A kind of art - what do you think???? -  No I only joke:)

The last week was sooooooooooooooooo special for me:) 'Cause I've got handwritten notes from "Hard Not To Cry" (The Baseballs!!!!!) AND AN ORIGINAL AUTOGRAM CARD from the B. guys:)! Oh I love to hear their songs:)!

Hope that you've a great time:) See you soon!


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