Sunday, 30 December 2012

Join the Daxon Blogger Community and you'll be surprised:)

Hi guys,

today I've found out (when I was just browsing on some of my fav' blogs:)) - that Daxon, has launched a new blogger network - which is called "Daxon VIP Fashion Bloggers".

How you can participate too (important are these three steps from their own website):

1. Add the Daxon Blogger network badge to your sidebar by grabbing the code below
2. Write a post about this opportunity. Be sure to include this link
3. Then, let us know you have completed these steps by emailing us

You'll receive as a blogger-member from Daxon a  £50* voucher from Amazon or Threadless just for joining!

I've done it after I've heard about this special chance - oh and the voucher from Amazon sounds good - 'cause I would by an IPAD bag for myself:) - Give it a try and don't waist your time:)

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