Sunday, 23 December 2012

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells - Pre-Christmas time away:)

Hi guys,

I'm soooooooooooooooo sorry, that I've not write more during the last weeks of pre-christmas time - but I was soooo busy with our christmas shopping, home decoration and of course I'm a student so - lots and tons of work, and I was also testing the Black / Gold 3-in-1 NAIL ART Pen from npw, which you can buy for 7.95 pounds at Topshop or npw:

I really enjoy using the gold pen 'cause it's a perfect way how to create special designs and figures on your nails during christmas and winter holidays:) The black one will be reviewed in the next time too ('cause if've not tested it yet - but I'll do it the next time:)) The stones are gorgeous too, but for my holiday nail design I've just used the golden pen:)

Oh during this stressful time (before Christmas:)) I'm hearing lots of christmas and holiday songs:) and I've four christmas fav's this year:

(Photo Credits: Elvis Presley, Wham!, David Tobin, Albert Hammond)

1. Elvis Presley - The Wonderful World Of Christmas  (since I was a little girl he's my fav' and "Father" of christmas songs!:)
3. David Tobin - Dreaming of Snow (a great singer/writer and composer!) check out his site
4. Albert Hammond - Under The Christmas Tree (it's a perfect christmas song for all of you - who like the 80s like I do:))

During this cold time (without any snow:() I'm drinking more than usually tea (as I'm a tea junkie - you see it's a huge amount!!!!) and I've just tried out some of the new Pickwick teas from the christmas/fall range:

 (Photo Credits: Pickwick - I don't own each of them!)

I've already tried out the Pickwick Sweet Apple, Spiced Orange, Chocolate Mint and Smooth Chai and my fav' one at the moment is Smooth Chai (I've the last two teabags now:() as I'm a lover of Chai tea latte during the cold days I've drunk a lot of them the last days and of course the Sweet Apple one is a fabulous christmas flavour, it reminds me on fresh baked apples for christmas:) The Spiced Orange is spicy too but not really a "Wow I will drink more of them!" for me:) and the Chocolate Mint one is also not sooo minty for me, it doesn't taste like After Eight or like Bendick's Mint Crisps - which I really like:) It's more like chocolate and that's not really my fav flavour for tea:) But otherwise the teas are really yummy and I'll try the rest of them in the next time:) It's a illness - like if someone can't wait to buy the latest mobilephone or lipstick in all new colours - I'm freakin' out at the tea board at the supermarket or grocery if there's a new fruit/black or spicy tea:) It's strange I know - but tea is healthy:)

Now I would like to show you my - Christmas Snowy "Santa Baby" - Outfit and Makeup/Look, which I'm wearing a lot during this cold days - the last time, when I was for a new Coke at our local small grocery, it looks like, if I would be the niece from Santa:):

And I'm decorating our whole home (now you see my bedroom and living room decoration - next pic's will follow the next days:)):

My lovely christmas nails:):

Baking, drinking hot homemade good quality chocolate with a cute Santa Clause made from marzipan/almond paste - love it:) and enjoy my new snowflake-cup from Starbucks:) My advent calendar, which I've got when I was maybe 13:) And packing some gifts:)

Hope you'll visit me on my blog in the next days too and maybe you would like to follow me:) I'm happy about each comment you'll leave and I thank you sooooooooooo much for your support and reading my blog:) It really means a lot to me!:) I hope you all will have a great christmas time and a peaceful and lovely christmas eve:) I wish you all the best and hope, that you'll find under the christmas tree your very special wish and that your wish will come true:) But remember, to get gifts isn't the only thing, it's a special moment, if you are sitting together with your most important persons at the table and eat the festive meal and to talk together about past stories or watch TV with them or just enjoy the christmas time and see the sparkle eyes from your younger siblings, nieces/nephews (as I'll as my 8 months old nephew will celebrate this year his VERY first christmas!!!! - how amazing is that:)) or yourself at your christmas tree:) I can't wait until tomorrow:) it's too long to wait to see the shiny tree with the surprise under it but as I say it means a lot more as only presents:)

See you soon and Merry Christmas!



  1. I wish the post were easier to read. they sound lovely. cute pictures :)