Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dresdner Stollen and Lebkuchen (Gingerbread:))

Hi guys:),

I'm totally in a christmas mood and oh now you can see and smell different sweets, treats and our granny's or you too are baking in your kitchen your fav christmas cookies and other special family secret sweet treasure:) I'm glad to get the chance to taste the original "Dresdner Christstollen" - which was founded in 1825!

What Dresdner Backhaus says about their christmas speciality:

"From our foundation in 1825 my family has been using the best ingredients to create an aromatic and delicious Stollen dough. Each loaf is lovingly formed by hand in the process of becoming one of our traditional Christmas Stollen: our guarantee for outstanding Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen quality."

This special and old traditional finest Dresdner Christmas-Stollen has won the Golden Price 2012 and also the Golden Price 2011 and 2010!

The optimum storage temperature is 12°C (53°F) and 70% humidity. For perfect enjoyment, you should leave your Stollen at room temperature an hour before cutting it from the middle. To prevent the halves from drying out, please rejoin the cut surfaces and store them in our special foil wrapping.

What's the History/Story behind the famous and well-known Dresdner Stollen:

The tradition of baking Christmas stollen in Dresden goes back to 1474. At that time the various kinds of bread, cakes and pastries were supposed to reflect religious motifs. The stollen as such was nothing but the symbolization of the Christ Child wrapped in diapers. At this time the use of butter for the production of pastry was forbidden during the period of fasting. As Christmas was preceded by the long Advent fasting, only oil could be used to bake stollen. Therefore the Electoral Prince Ernst and his brother, Duke Albrecht, applied to the Pope for an abrogation of the butter prohibition. The reasons both rulers forwarded can be seen in the reply of the Pope. This says:

"You explained to us that in your domains and lands oil trees do not grow, so that you dispose of far too little oil, which furthermore is of low quality, bad odor and has to be acquired at a high price, unless you use some other oil similar to rape oil, which does not correspond to human nature, is unhealthy and cuases many kinds of diseases with the inhabitants of your domains. Therefore we acknowledge your plea and allow - in papal power, with this letter - your wives, sons, daughters and all your true servants to use butter instead of oil, freely and in large quantities, without fear of major punishment." Later all Saxons were allowed to put butter into Stollen.

Here you see my Dresdner Stollen in the luxury and vintage wood box:

And TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - here you see the yummy christmas treat:

The color, scent and the fresh ingrediences - taste was amazing, I've offered it also to my mum, brother and we cannot await to taste the next slice - the whole stollen was eating between two days!!!! It's awesome - how such a old traditional and full/rich with fruits (raisins and orange peels....) and butter can taste like heaven:) Yeah but you shouldn't eat too much, as it's as I've said rich, but it's christmas time, so don't be shy and let your mood fly:)

The Dresdner Backhaus /Baking house also make other different types of stollen (like fruit stollen, almond nut stollen, and and and just have a look)

I really like it and it wasn't too sweet (but we also didn't needed the extra sachet of sugar, as the coat was perfectly sweeted:)) It's a wonderful gift for your nearest and important friends, family and members:) 

For all gingerbread/Lebkuchen friends - I've tried out a new type/brand of the traditional chocolate Lebkuchen/gingerbread - Elisenlebkuchen:
This lovely  "Elisenlebkuchen" - Set of 5 pieces was baked and made by Feyler and has a rich spicy and chocolate flavour, it's the perfect christmas sweet for all tea and hot chocolate drinker and of course it's a perfect treat for your next christmas evening with friends or you'll just eat it by yourself:)

I really enjoyed this "Elisenlebkuchen" as I really like such types of old classic german gingerbread and I'm grown up with such treats during the pre-christmas and christmas season:) 

Hope you've had a great week and wish you a comfortable and non-stressful beginning of the weekend:) (I know tomorrow is friday, but it's not far away the good old saturday and sunday - where you can check your christmas-list and do your last shopping tours or just stay at home have some cup of hot chocolate and watch holiday/christmas movies or decorating your lovely homey:))

See you soon! 


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