Saturday, 24 November 2012

On Set - "Die Frau in Mir"

Hi guys,

as I've said in the post about "The Twilight Saga - essence/rossmann event in Hamburg", that I've been doing a lot this week, here's my second trip, which was in Vienna, on set of the new movie "Die Frau in Mir" by Stefanie Veith, Christian Pötschke (screenplay) and Michael Rowitz (producer), where I've took part as an Extra:):

(All pic's are from the great PULS4 team - they aren't made by myself - but that's really me!!!!:))

You can see me on the first pic with the leading/main actor - Max von Pufendorf and on the second pic you see me with another Extra cast:)

It was a great experience (I've learned a lot, what it means to be on a set -that it really takes a long time to make a perfect shot/scene and have seen lot of interesting people!) and it was located in a nice modern club called - Albertina Passage.

My biggest passion is (and will stay!!!!) music - singing, but I like to see other creative parts of this huge artist/performer business:) It doesn't matter, whether you like more music, acting, drawing or dancing or other things like this, 'cause all form a part of a big family - all creative work, have roots in one part!!!!

So it was great to take part and I'm glad for this awesome chance  - maybe you'll like to watch this new austrian/german movie next year on tv - I'll be there:)

Wish you a nice weekend and let me know, whether you also have such nice week behind you:)


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  1. beautiful picture *_* your blog is so lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!