Saturday, 3 November 2012

OLAZ/OLAY Beauty Fluid

Hi guys,

I've been using since last week a new facial care product, it's a cream, which is fluid - so it's called "Beauty Fluid" and here you can see, how it looks like:

Since the first moment I've seen the design of the bottle, I was really amazed about this beauty treat, because it has a really "royality-luxury-style" design with a modern touch. I really prefer such designs, maybe because I'm a girl, who has more than one cream in the bathroom, and it really save your room for more beauty-/body care products:)

Who can use the new Beauty fluid by Olaz/Olay Essentials?

Answer: I've been using the beauty fluid for normal/dry and combination skin (as I've sometimes a really combination skin/t-zone) but you can also buy the other Olaz/Olay Essentials Beauty fluid for sensitive skin (which I will buy next, because sometimes I don't really have a t-zone and it would be great to have such one at home:))

Why is it the right daily facial care for your skin?

Answer: Because it's the perfect moisturizer, which also makes your skin soft, has a light non-greasy formula, which fast dry and it's a perfect primer before you'll do your daily makeup routine:) But unfortunately it's not made for your eye-area, so be gentle with the application:)

Beauty-Tipp by Olaz/Olay Essentials:

"A nice, soft and young skin begins with the right facial care routine: Wash your face with Olaz/Olay Essentials daily facial wash and apply one of our daily Olaz/Olay Essentials Beauty fluids or Double - Action day creams."

As I've mentioned, I've been really enjoying to try out this new Beauty Fluid by Olaz/Olay and would be great, if you could write me, whether you've tried it out already or would like to buy it now and which one did you would prefer:) I've a really really sensitive skin, so it doesn't take a long time before my next redness, t-zone or dry skin part will come:), maybe it's because my skin is really light/fairy, I don't know, but I would recommend this product, it's worth each penny:)

If you've further questions or need more informations (that's the same I know:)), please visit the Olaz/Olay website of your country:


Hope, that you've enjoyed this post about the new Beauty Fluid by Olaz/Olay and see you later:)


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  1. Thanks a lot! I've just bought it and it's great!