Saturday, 17 November 2012

My week in Prague (my second home:))

Hi guys,

sorry, that I've not write the last days more posts, but I was preparing all my pic's for my blog and of course school things and other plans are in my head at the moment:) So here are some pic's from my trip to Prague (where a huge part of my fam live:)) and some christmas inspirations as well:):


As you can see on the "Christmas Tree - Ornament Decoration" pic-collage, I've found a lot of different designs in one of my fav shopping center in prague:) (Novy Smichov) And on the other collage - with me, wearing a red lipstick from the Rimmel Kate Moss collection - Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in the shade 09 (a really berry red tone and perfect for fairy/porcelain/light skin tones!!!!)

I've bouth also the new Match Perfection Foundation by Rimmel in the shade 100 ivory and the  Stay Matte Powder by Rimmel in the shade 003 Peach Glow, which has a nice and long lasting "Matte-Cover" and some little sparkles:) I really like the Stay Matte powder and will definitely buy it again, and the Match Perfection Foundation is a good alternative, if you are a student or haven't enough money left to buy a MAC or other High-End foundation, but I would also recommend the Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation, as this one is my fav at the moment:)

This week I've also bought a new "Sprinkle-Twinkle" rock/skirt:) and I've found a new (for me new:)) nail polish brand (also bought in prague!) - which is called Flormar and I've bought a lovely and highly rare 3d-illuminating nail polish "golden sprinkle" tone 394. I'll post in the next days a pic, where I'm wearing this amazing nail polish:) After I went back, I've also bought a limited edition hand cream from essence, which has a lovely scent of gingerbread chai latte - a perfect christmas and winter season hand treatment:)

I've also tried out the new essentials makeup-remover wet cloths for sensitive skin from Olaz/Olay and I'm wearing the last days often the Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick as I've mentioned below:) One facial care product has also find a new place at my bathroom and I would recommend it, if you've also an oily and sometimes tired skin - the Clean&Clear morning burst facial cleanser. It totally smells like grapefruit and other citrus fruits and your skin feels after you've used, totally refreshed and I think that there's also a bit of mint extract in it, because it's the same feeling after you've washed it off, as you were wearing the Burt's and Bees original lipbalm on your lips - a hint of freshness and mint:)

I hope that you've enjoyed reading this post about my time in prague and other inspirations and wish you a nice weekend:)

See you soon!




  1. What a beautiful blog!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award.. check out my blog to read what it's all about:

  2. Very lovely blog! Prague looks amazing too, I would love to go there!

    I'm your new follower :)))

    Stacey xx