Saturday, 3 November 2012


Hi guys,

I've told you, that I'll post a lot in the next days, but I was always on the road:) - And I've really enjoyed to travel, so it was really exciting to be a guest as a blogger (who loves LUSH and other organic products for the daily facial care:)) at the LUSH event in vienna for their new product "Fun":

Before I went to LUSH - I've drunk the new "Pumpkin Latte" at Starbucks.

You've maybe heard about the "4 in 1 multipurpose beauty care "Fun-thing":) Fun is good for your daily facial skin routine, for your daily body wash, you can use it as a shampoo for all hair types or just for FUN (if you've children, it's a kind of "Play-Doh" - a funny toy with organic ingrediences and oils, which give FUN the needed scent and it also contains glycerine, which will make your skin softer, than you'll mean:))

Here you can see some pic's at the LUSH event in vienna, which I've made there:

It was a really funny evening, and I was so happy to see some bloggers with blogs, which I've already read in the past:) That was really cool and awesome:) Look at our Lush Fun Art - we've made this evening:

Which I've made by myself???? - The blue bubble star, Yellow star with green and red decor (on the pic's it seems to be orange BUT fun only excist in red, blue, green, yellow and pink so it's red:)), red/green christmas ornament, christmas berry (I'm sooo excited about the next christmas holidays:)!!!), christmas cookie and the known and really important pink ribbon symbol! It was really funny and a great experience for my beauty-/fashion-/and and and and blogger life:)

Are you interested in receiving further information about FUN by LUSH- please visit your local LUSH store or visit LUSH via internet:


Here I've found on youtube a "FUN-ny" video, where you can see, that each child would be happy to play with FUN:):

Hope that you guys have enjoyed this short but "full-pictury" post and wish you all the best.


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