Monday, 12 November 2012

JOHN FRIEDA, evolve, Artdeco and Yves Rocher

Hi guys:),

today I would like to show you some of my latest beauty care items and some makeup news from Artdeco:

First of all the two shampoo/conditioner and hair styling ranges from JOHN FRIEDA:

1. sheer BLONDE (shampoo, conditioner and hairspray)
2. FRIZZ-EASE (shampoo, conditioner and curl spray)

I was totally amazed about the sheer BLONDE range, as the shampoo and conditioner will gives your natural blonde hair (as I've natural dark blonde hair:)) and dyed hair a  refreshness, care and fast blonde effect! It doesn't makes your hair really light or two-three blonde tones lighter but it keeps your natural or dyed blonde tone, and that's worth to try it out, or not????

The other range, which is the JF FRIZZ-EASE for curly hair types (as you know I've curls and waves baby:)) I know already for a while, as I've tried out the conditioner and the Dream Curls styling spray (which I would definitely recommend to all of you, who has curly wavy hair and wanna become a nice all day long holding treasure:)) The shampoo as well as the conditioner are also really good for the curl and wavy texture and helps to make your daily hair care and hair styling routine easier to keep:)

All 6 products are really awesome to have, but I would change after one use the other one, to get a change in your weekly hair care routine, otherwise I'm happy that such a brand exist, who makes hair care products for all hair types and hair colors!

The other products are from evolve and as you can see, I've got two samples, to try out two of their organic facial cleasing products:

1. evolve organic beauty Multipeptide Double Cream
2. evolve organic beauty Gentle Cleasing Melt

The first product, which I've used was the evolve organic beauty Multipeptide Double Cream, which should be for normal/dry skin types and should gives you the needed hydration, smoothness and also a firmness as it's a anti-aging moisturizer/beauty product. And that's the point, I'm 19, I don't really need such products like anti-aging, because my skin is in the best time and I only need some care but without anti-aging extracts:), after I've tried it on my facial skin it starts to get red and I wasn't really amazed about the smell, it really doesn't work on my skin so I've removed it promptly from my facial skin and applied my normal moisturizer - and all redness and uncomfy skin-feeling was away.

But I wouldn't say that the qualitay isn't good of this moisturizer, but it's for people, who are older as I'm and so they need another special skin care routine and maybe it works better on older skin types, but for me it also doesn't smell nice. So I wouldn't recommend it for young people as I'm, but maybe for older ones, it would suit better:)

The evolve organic Gentle Cleasing Melt is perfectly made for normal and dry skin but also for sensitive skin types, contains natural sugar, which cleanse your face from makeup and impurities. It will leave it fresh, clean and hydrated. It was a great option to try out a new organic facial beauty care product, which doesn't contains any soaps and which is also good for sensitive skin parts (as I've sometimes during the winter seasons some very sensitive facial skin parts:)) And the scent was also sooo "YUMMY", as it smells like fresh vanilla with a hint of baby powder I think - it's the perfect gift for the next holiday bath pampering time:)

 (Photo Credit: evolve)

This two evolve products for your daily hand care routine would be perfect for this season, as it gives your hands the needed moisture, are fragranced with exotic Japanese Yuzu and protects your skin against free radicals with Goji berry. Aloe Vera nourishes your hands and calms irritations (for more information click).

(Photo Credits. ARTDECO)

The third is a makeup news from ARTDECO - the brandnew autumn season Dita Von Teese Collection

 All Dita Von Teese blushes by ARTDECO are in pink-rose tones and the eyeshadows are from brown-/beige-/white to black-/dark blue tones - so you see, that the range is really wide!

For light/fairy skin tones, it's the perfect way, how to find the perfect makeup/foundation for your skin tone, as she (DVT) is also wearing light/fairy/porcelain foundation tones, you'll find a range in her collection:)

The lipstick/lipgloss as well as the nail polish range contains a huge amount of red tones, which is also a brand mark for her, and don't forget the Gel-Eyeliner in black, to re-create the perfect "Cateye-Lady" or "Pin-Up-Queen" for your next cinema or night trip:)

The last days the weather is really bad (it rains, blow or it gets REALLY cold!) so I've decided to go for some new spicy-cozy-christmas scented showergels, bodylotions, peelings and other body care pamperings and found these five brand new limited christmas seasonal body wash and care products at our local Yves Rocher store:)

What I've bought:

1. Pomme Delice Shower Gel (400 ml, ca. 4,95€) - scent: like christmas baked apples
2. Mauves Christallisees Shower Gel (300ml, ca. 1,95€) - scent: floral, sweet and a hint of rose and almond
3. Citron Vanille Shower Gel (300ml, ca. 1,95€) - scent: fresh, sweet, feminine with orange-/lemon oil and vanilla-absolute
4. Pomme Delice Body Peeling (100ml, ca. 4,95€) - scent: like christmas baked apples and sugar
5. Citron Vanille moisturizing hand cream (75ml, ca. 1,95€, I've got it as a gift 50ml!) 

It's a really nice feeling, during your bath all scents are soo cozy and especially the Pomme Delice Shower Gel (which is my fav inclusive the body peeling:)) makes you feel, as you would sit in Santas bathroom:)

I'm a huge fan of christmas scents and other limited edition body care products, so it was already time to try something new out, I can't wait until christmas, it's sooo exciting:)

If you would like have more information about these products or about the brand - YVES ROCHER check out your own YR country site:

I hope that you've enjoyed my "Monday-beauty/makeup and body care news" post and wish you a nice evening.



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