Saturday, 24 November 2012

essence/rossmann blogger event - Hamburg

Hi guys:),

sorry, but I was until wednesday overbooked:) And after I went back at home, I worked on my pic's, school and and and:) So you see, that I've not enough time to write more posts this week:)

But anyway, here you can see some pic's from my first essence & rossmann drugstore blogger event in Hamburg, where we (all bloggers:)) were invited to see the last part of The Twilight Saga (pre-premiere) and got a lot of goodies (also the latest essence Twilight-Collection:)):

(This pic's, which you can see here in the collage aren't made by myself - they are from google!)

And as you can see, in the fourth collage, there's a pic from the amazing ultra tasty Starbucks Cranberry & Orange Muffin - yummy yummy yummy:) Of course, I've got also a Chai Tea Latte, but you know, I'm a really "Starbucks-oholic":)

The shop-window by Kiehl's is really strange - Doc. skeleton says "Hi":), but I've found also a nice fashion inspiration - lot's of nice dresses and cute warm leather buffalo - shoes for the winter time:)

And as I'm now in a huge Christmas-prep time and mood, I was amazed about the "Hamburger-Christmas Market- Preparation":) The cute Santa made of Lego stones - oh I can't wait the Night Before Christmas:)

It was an interesting experience to talk with other people, who made such blogs as I do, but a huge part make also other blogs and youtube channels:) The whole group was huge - more than 150 people!!!! and as I said it was a big fun and I'm glad, that I've got the chance to take part:)

Here you can see my makeup-look and "The Twilight Saga"-essence/rossmann blogger event look:

I've tried out (on the same day!!!!) on of the essence my skin soft facial cleansing gel out, and I must say, it's not really a "Wow"-effect, but it smells really fresh and your skin is really soft and deep cleaned after you've used it, but as I said, I've been using now also a Clean&Clear morning burst facial cleansing gel, and that's a bit fresher:) But the liquid and texture is pretty the same and both has a very good quality:

I must say, that I'm not really a big fan of The Twilight Saga, but I've read all books (which are for my taste better than the movies - 'cause, if you read a book, you can create your own "Twilight"-World with your own fantasy:))  After the end, I've found out, that the soundtrack isn't really bad - no there are a lot of good songs (that's typical for me - I'm always on the hunt for new songs:)) especially "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. So I've decided to try it out and sing it on my too:

The next day (after I arrived:)) I've also tried out the essence pigments and mixed two own colors - a great idea for creative people:)):

How to get these "Twilight - dark blue magic" shadow:

1. First of all you'll need an essence pigment in the shade: 01 Jacob's Protection

2. The second pigment you'll need is: 17 dory in love

3. The third pigment you'll need is: 05 star dust

4. And last but not least, you'll mix all pigments together with your essence colour arts multi tasker

And voila - you're own pigment/eye shadow is finish, you can buy your next essence colour arts mixing jars and start again, other different awesome colour shades:) Don't forget to use your essence colour arts eye base, to get the needed pigment - fixation:)

Hope that you've enjoyed this post and hope that you'll follow me in the future:) Wish you all a nice weekend and a great pre-christmas time:)


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  1. Hey,
    it´s nice to see you again in the virtuell life of Blogs ;)
    I hope you had a good journey home, even though it took nine hours.

    In Hamburg, I thought you were a fashion blogger, but i like your Posts about Beauty.

    I wish you a nice weekend.

    Beautylige Grüße,