Sunday, 25 November 2012

Autumn Bucket List part4 (the last one:))

Hi guys,

I've started to attend the "Autumn Bucket List" by Marie almost one month ago and now I would like to show you my last point from all - my fav autumn outfit, but as I've not made a pic of myself the last days - I'll show you a collage with my fav pieces from Topshop:

(All pic's are from Topshop - they don't are mine!!!!)

As you can see, I've been affected by the pre-christmas time, as you know - I love the "Most wonderful time of the year"-and as you can go now on your local christmas market drink your fav' alcohol or non-alcohol (which I prefer:)) punch or hot cider and spend your time with your friends and family, prepare your gifts for them and wait to get your own christmas wishes from our old friend Santa under your christmas tree, yea I really can't wait, that the last month of the year will start and we can open each day our advent calendar and wait for the maybe most important day of the year:)

O.K. that was maybe too much of "Christmas-Feeling-Explosion", but I'm really the kid, which believes a long long time (I think I was 11 years old!!!!) on Santa Clause, and who knows:) Last days, I've leaf through our family albums and found some nice pic's of myself, where I was maybe 2-3 years old and surprised about what Santa has gave me:

I'm glad, that I've had such a happy childhood with lots of love and learned how to share and prepare treasures for other people who I love and of course I've grown up with old christmas classics from Elvis like - If Everyday Was Like Christmas:

Oh this year is also really special, as my youngest nephew was born this year and now he will celebrate his first christmas - oh so lovely:) (yes I'm 19 and I'm an aunt since I was born:)) - don't ask me why - I've 3 brothers and 2 sisters and they are all older as I'm:))

My childhood christmas memory is and will be forever:) to watch early in the morning the animation movie: "Annabelle's Wish", eat some traditional family christmas cookies (which I'm proud to have learned and get the recipes from my mum:)), wait until night for the lovely sparkle christmas tree (which my sister and mum has decorated when I was a little girl:) and later I've done the job:)), eat with my brother, sister, mum and later brother-in-law our christmas eve meal together and of course to be nervous - what magic items and gifts are under the christmas tree - what has Santa brought:))

Oh but I love each christmas movies, especially the older ones (80's, 90's....) but also the latest from 2012.

For those - who  don't know them all - here some trailers:

 Oh I know, that this is a huge trailer-list, but maybe you'll have time and take a look - what you'll watch this christmas season:)

What are your childhood-christmas memories and what present you'll give/make your nearest loves this year????

For those, who don't know, what Santa should leave under the fabulous decorated christmas tree - here some ideas (Note: All pictures are from their own websites - they don't belong to me!) :

(Photo Credits: Bobbi Brown)
(Photo Credits: Bobbi Brown)

Maybe one of the latest and Limited Editon makeup highlights by Bobbi Brown

 (Photo Credits: DIOR)

Or what about the new Dior Collection GRAND BAL Noel/Christmas 2012
(Photo Credits: DIOR) 

Or one of their foundations/compact powder makeup's - Dior has each tone for everyone of us:)
(Photo Credits: DIOR)

Or what about some eyeshadows or blushes for your individual makeup collection in lovely pastel colours:)

(Photo Credits: ARTDECO)

The latest Artdeco collection Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage is a bit cheaper option to Dior, but the quality is brilliant and the colours are awesome!!!!
(Photo Credits: The Body Shop)

The Body Shop has also create such high coloured and brilliant sparkle eyeshadows, lipsticks in individual tones and shades - just take a look:)
(Photo Credits: The Body Shop) 

You can find at your local The Body Shop store also a Limited Christmas/Winter Trend Edition Makeup Collection
(Photo Credits: Catrice)

The new Limited Edition SPECTACULART by Catrice has also a lovely tone variation and sparkle treasures:)
(Photo Credits: Catrice) 

And Siberian Call by Catrice too, will bring your wild but feminine site at the best light:)

I hope that I could gave you some makeup ideas for your christmas wish list:) and would be as I said really interesting to know, what are your fav christmas childhood memories and movies too:)

Wish you a nice start in a new week and see you soon:)



  1. I love Bobbi brown so much! Could you please consider following each other?

  2. So many pretty colours.

  3. Some great suggestions for movies in this post! I'm certainly going to watch some of them!

  4. Those Topshop pieces in your collage are perfect! x

  5. Awesome post - Im a total Make-Up junkie lol