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I don't know whether you are buying this candles, or whether you know the candle brand, or whether you're looking for some Yankee Candle candles for the next christmas season. BUT I'm absolutely in LOOOOVE with the high and rich scent/flavour of each candle - so I've decided to describe you a bit more these amazing brand and awesome candles:

YANKEE Candle (they self said: "the world best loved candle") is nearly 44 years (since 1969) on the american market and for more than 10 years also on the european market. Lots of people in my age and their families, they see YANKEE Candle as a tradition for special festive moments like christmas, halloween or the beginning of autumn. The old-fashioned style packaging and natural 100% fruit-/flower-oils and spices make each YANKEE Candle soo special and maybe that's the success - secret for the brand:)

The story behind YANKEE CANDLE:
"Nearly four decades ago, 17 year old Mike Kittredge made a candle as a Christmas present for his Mum. When a neighbour asked to buy it, Yankee Candle was born. Soon thereafter, the first Yankee Candle store was opened offering customers attractively packaged scented candles with true to life fragrances. These products' attributes and the very best customer service have been the foundation of the company. Today Yankee Candle is America's leading brand of premium quality fragrance candles for home fragrance and decor."

I'm proud to get support from the Yankee Candle distributor in Austria for this post and that they've send me the material (sheets, catalogues....) to write you a bit further informations about each product - which they offer and about 3 candles, which I've reviewed for you.

But I've also a private story, which I would like to tell you - in a short form:):

When I was five years old, I went with my mum on a small town christmas market, and I was soo amazed about the different candles and scents, they were all so beautiful (o.k. for a five year old girl, it's always a magic moment to see something nice:)). But the point of the whole story is, that on this day, my mum bought me a "Christmas cookie" tart - a YANKEE CANDLE tart!!!!

And 11 years later, when I was 17 I've found out (when I was buying some candles for the holidays), that it was a Yankee Candle, because after searching and searching I've bought some Yankee Candle tarts and a Y.C. "Winter wonderland" glass tin (which also scents amazing - but it's a fresher scent!!!!) - that was awesome, to found out, that all the years I've searched for a similar scent as my first tart, when I was five (and I've remembered all the years the scent of this tart!!!!) and to find out that it was from this brand - Yankee Candle:)

If you're now meaning/thinking, that I'll make only a nice commercial post for this brand, I must say NO, I'll only show you my fav candle brand, which remember me on my childhood:) and of course, I would like to show you my fav Yankee Candles of october 2012 (and by the way, if you've seen my last posts, then you've recognized that there was a Yankee Candle tart too - so you see I really enjoy their scents:)):

My reviewed Yankee Candles of october 2012 are:

1. Yankee Candle Cranberry Ice (a new christmas scent 2012):
it's a refreshing tart and sweet scent, like a cool, stimulating rush of frosty red fruits bursting with a tangy sweetness.

2. Yankee Candle Camomile Tea (a new autumn scent 2012):
The wonderfully soothing aroma of camomile and honey stepped with tea leaves and a touch of citrus zest, as well as a bit of honey flavou.

Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels:
The fresh scent of clean towels warm from the dryer with notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily. It's a very fresh scent, so maybe it's better for your bathroom, or for warmer days - not for a winter evening, would be too cold - but the scent is lovely:)

My fav Yankee Candle of october 2012 is:
Yankee Candle Camomile Tea, because it's a nice and cozy scent for the actual autumn days, when the leaves are fallin' and the wheather is playing crazy (you maybe know that, if you live in england, ireland, france, germany, austria or czech:)) And it's similar to a real cup of camomila Tea with a bit of honey flavour, I definetly would try it out, as I can't drink a real Camomila Tea (because after I'll drink it - I would become a bad stomach ache:() but as a candle it's AWESOME:)


Spring: Beach Wood, Coastal Waters, Beach Flowers, True Rose, White Gardenia
Summer: Pink Dragon Fruit, Sicilian Lemon, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Wild Passion Fruit, Fruit Fusion
Autumn: Honey & Spice, Blissful Autumn, Red Velvet, Camomile Tea
Christmas: Apple & Pine Needle, Sugared Apple, Cranberry Ice, Snow In Love

Here on this pic above you see, that Yankee Candle also offers nice accessoires for your Yankee Candle glass tins, for all kind of holidays, and all types of taste:) I really like the right above with roses for an old fashioned/shabby chic british bedroom or also the bird one and of course the one with daffodil (my fav spring flower - it always reminds me on my birthday - yea I'm a spring bunny:)). For christmas and the "Most wonderful time" I would like to have the white one with reindeers - a chic and classic style, and of course the glass one with bells:) 

If you've decided to buy a Yankee Candle piece for yourself, your family as a gift, or friends (or you just wanna have a further information or individual look:)) - Please visit your  nearest Yankee Candle store or Online at:
Czech Republic         

I hope that you've enjoyed my YANKEE CANDLE candle review and post:) And wish you a nice "Weekend-Start":) 



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