Monday, 8 October 2012


Hi guys,

I'm soooo sorry, that I've not put news on my blog the last days, but I was fully busy (:-)) and as I'm not a friend of doing something half/not really perfect, I've decided to write today some "new" news:)

1. I've tried out a huge amount of different teas from the brand SONNENTOR, which is an organic Austrian brand (they've REALLY a huge tea selection!!!!):

(All pic's are made by myself:))

Please don't think that these are all from my huge SONNENTOR tea selection, but these eight teas are in my "Fav-" list (I'll go from top of left to bottom right):

1.Sonnentor "Basis deiner Seele"/"Basic of your soul"
2.Sonnentor "Weißer Kraftschöpfer"/"White Energizer"
3.Sonnentor "Erfrischungstee"/"Refreshing tea"
4.Sonnentor "Energie ist überall"/"Energy is everywhere"
5.Sonnentor "Zaubertrunk Bio-Bengelchen"/"Magical potion -Bengelchen"
6.Sonnentor "Ingwer Energie"/"Ginger Energy"
7.Sonnentor "Chai Schwarzteekuss"/"Chai black tea kiss"
8.Sonnentor "Dankeschön Kräuterteemischung"/"Thank you - herbal tea mix"

I really love all types of Chai teas (so also all from SONNENTOR - they've three types: "Chai black tea kiss", "Chai Rooibosfeuer"/"Chai rooibos fire" and "Chai Gewürztraum"/"Chai spicy dream") and of course I'm really in love with all black teas and fruit teas (BUT: I wouldn't drink any cherry teas - as I hate cherries in any type, no matter if it's a beverage, food, beauty-/makeup product which has the same scent!!!!)

 Here you can see the different really cute packaging from all teas I've tested and reviewed:

(All pic's are from their own website - SONNENTOR - they aren't owned by myself!!!!)

All tea bag packs normally cost 3,29€, tea pyramids 4,99€ and loose tea 3,99€. You'll find SONNENTOR teas in all special SONNENTOR stores:

Krems, Linz-Urfahr, Sprögnitz, St.Pölten, Zwettl, Zwettl Hollerbusch, Vienna-Landstrasse,  Wr. Neustadt, Salzburg, Graz, Wels and Wien-Wollzeile



And of course you can order your SONNENTOR teas, beverages, spreads, spices and more in the special online shop (which is for the whole europe available and of course for other countries - but then you need to  ask via mail: - how much does it will cost for you:))

I've also got a sample of their body care serie, which I'll review in the next time:) and of course also some spices (oh yeah I've already tried out the "Chai Küsschen"/"Chai Kiss" spice for hot beverages/baking, and would really recomment it for all of you, who also like a warm chai tea with extra spice or for the coming christmas baking time:))

The teas are really high quality (they don't taste like a tea bag from the next supermarket:)) and I've also a nice feeling, to drink an organic tea with a really tasty flavour:) I'll definitive buy some of their christmas teas and of course also again the chai-serie!

Hope you've enjoyed this post and see you,


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