Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Shoes - When I'm walking in my shoes I would sing soo much a blues:)


oh I've forgotten to show you my latest shoe-"LOVE":)  - my dark black (o.k. black is dark, but no matter:)) wedges (this are wedges or????- because I really don't know:)):

(This pic's are owned by myself, because as you see these are my legs - two legs:))

And believe it or not they were soo cheap (only 40€ or so:)) so well done, I said to myself:)

Me - like a busy "Coolness-Lady":

(All pic's are owned by myself - because that's me:))

O.K. I don't really look great there - but that's life, you don't have only sunny days in your life:)

"And last but not least" - My personal slogan of this week:

"Keep always your goals on top number 1, don't waste your time with negative stuff and try to be happy, pretty and proud of all new things you can try out - your goals will arrive in front of you really soon - "WOW""

Hope you've a good time too as I do and wish you only the most positive spirit and peace.




  1. Your blog is adorable :) Following now! Check out mine?

    1. Hi AngieB:),

      I'm so happy, that you like my blog - I've also checked out yours and now I'm following you too:)

      P.S.: I also like to search for some fashion items at bigger thrift stores and your post about "Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas" is really cute:)