Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Hi guys,

today was a really good day (sun was shining, it wasn't too cold for autumn and I was a bit shopping:)) and of course I would like to show you, which are my october fav's:

(All pic's are owned by myself:))

Yes, yes, yes, yes I'm soooo happy to get the last one (in our nearest h&m store:)) Lana Del Rey pink sweater/pullover:) Oh the first time I've seen him, I said "I need to get this awesome pinky sweater" :-)

So and of course I'm a big Yankee Candle fan since few months and so I've decided to make a "Yanke Candle candle review" in the next days this week (hope you'll be interested:)) but today I've found a small piece of the yummy Y.C. Kitchen Spice tart from last year (my mum has got this one last christmas:)) and so our whole entry room smells now like a cozy autumn and really spicy space:)

Oh and don't forget to know, that I'm such a tea junkie, I don't know how that could be, but this is now my second Twinings tea bag pack since only two weeks!!!! Oh I know it's not sooo healthy but no matter I know what I do:)

And yeah on the third pic you see a part of my bed and my lovely pinky treasure piece under it - my huge makeup-case!!!!

My daily facial care routine:

(All pic's are owned by myself:))

1. The body shop facial soap with vitamine E
2. Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit daily moisturizer
3. Clinique moisture surge extended thirst surge 100% fragrance free
4. Clinique all about eyes reduces circles, puffs creme-gel

Attention: This is only for my daily morning routine:) And my skin-type is sometimes really sensitive (so I really look on each of my new products - what's inside!) but also has a oily T-Zone:( so I really need something, which moisturize a bit my facial skin, don't be too agressive and will matt my oily skin parts.

And I also change each second or third day the moisturizer (two/three days Neutrogena the other two/three days Clinique) so you really need to buy each 2 months all two products again) (which keeps your money:))

Another product review - NIVEA Hydro Care moisture-shampoo & conditioner:

 (This pic is owned by my own:))

NIVEA Hydro Care

Both of this two new hair care products from NIVEA, will make your needed moisture in your hair better without overload it and make it oily. The shampoo as well as the conditioner contains aloe vera, water lily extracts and liquid keratin, they are made for children and adult hair.

 As our hair contains 95% keratin, which makes our hair more moisture and saves/protects it from salt water, (blow-/hair dryer) heating, to avoid a dry and fragile hair structure.

NIVEA Hydro Care moisturizing care shampoo
This light and clear care shampoo will clean your hair gently and gives them a lightly portion of aloe vera, waterlily-extract and liquid keratin. (250ml - ca. 3,69€)

NIVEA Hydro Care moisturizing care conditioner
This soft/gently hair care conditioner with aloe vera, waterlily extract and liquid keratin, will gives your hair the needed moisture and makes your hair easier to comb. (200ml - 3,69€)

My experience/opinion about these two new haircare products from NIVEA:
I've used the Hydro Care shampoo twice, and must say that it really helps to keep your hair moisture and brings your hair to shine (but as I've no problems with dryness or something else  - I don't really need such products, but for the summer time it's really worth to try out!!!!)
And the Hydro Care conditioner also care your hair but it's richer, then I thought (it DOESN'T make your hair oily!!!!) , I would personally recommend it for dry hair or colored hair types. My fav is the shampoo!

This brand new NIVEA haircare products will be available in all drugstores and supermarkets
from october 2012.

If you need more information - please visit your NIVEA website:

AT -
DE -
UK -
MX -

CZ -

I hope that you've enjoyed my post and see you soon (hope so:)).

Wish you all a funny nice autumn afternoon and peace:)



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