Monday, 29 October 2012

My own week fav's and how I laugh:)

Hi guys:),

this is a short post about my week fav's (magazine, food/snack, free time, DIY) and some pic's how I start to laugh (REALLY:)):

1. DIY - I've recycled two small boxes (from my last parfume order by myparfumes:)) and have create two small storages for my next jewellery hunt or small parfume samples:)

2. Donald & Mickey - last Saturday I've watched some Disneyland videos on youtube and found two videos where a disney artist shows - how to draw your first Mickey and Donald and so I've took my pencil and began - Voila:)

3. My fav "snacky" this week are tangerines, believe it or not but I've eaten so much since the last week - more than 1,5kg! (But it's a super "Killer" against cold and other illness bacteries:))

4. Vogue - what should I say more, I'm really reading this magazine since last year and have also old ones from the late 80s! How cool is that?:)

Yeah.... You maybe know, that sometimes it happen, that you don't know what to do, just laugh:)

Wish you a nice day and autumn week (hope that the snow won't come until the end of November! - it's autumn we don't need snow now:))


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