Monday, 29 October 2012

LAVERA Organic Care for your hair and your whole body:)

Hi :)

I've tested the last few days a new organic shampoo and hair mask (which I use ONLY, if I've a really "Bad-Hair day":):

1. Lavera Basis Sensitiv Shampoo (Regeneration Shampoo for damaged, stressed and dry hair):

This shampoo from Lavera, contains extracts from aloe vera & lime blossom and pro-vitamine B5, which will protect and care your hair structure and will also protect your hair against frizz. It's a very gentle shampoo with a very soft, clean and fresh scent (NOT to clean scent, just the right amount of cleaness:)) and my hair really got the needed hydration/moisture and they were really soft, after I've used this shampoo three times:)  

Facit: A really gentle (it doesn't burn in your eyes!) and high-moisturize shampoo, which is worth to buy!

2. Lavera Rose Milk Repairing Care Treatment/Mask (for dry and stressed hair):

This hair mask from Lavera, which contains rose milk, macadamia- and avocadooil, will protect and care your dry and stressed hair during the autumn and winter days:) The special care formula will protect your hair against frizz and will give them the needed moisture and will give your hair the needed brightness, health and strongness with a nice fresh charming scent of roses. 

Facit: As my hair structure isn't too dry, it will last me for ages to use this mask (as I'm using it only during the autumn days, if my hair are really dry:)) but the formula is really rich and the scent is really "Rosy", it could really be a nice beauty hair care secret for all of you, who has dry (from hair dyeing/coloring) and stressed hair:)

The second two body care items from Lavera I've tested, where the Lavera Baby & Child Neutral (Body-)Care Oil and the Lavera Baby & Child Neutral (Body-and Face-)Care Cream. And YES I'm using sometimes also body-/facial-/hair care products for babies or child, because my skin is sometimes really sensitive (on my hands or face), normally during the autumn/winter, and so I'm trying always new creams and oils out, which I use for my hands, feet and my whole body:)

1. Lavera Baby & Child Neutral Care Oil:

This baby/child oil contains ONLY organic oils from: soja, olive, sunflower, evening primrose and vitamine E which I really prefer:) It's a soft oil base, which you can apply on each part of your body - you can use it as a normal body oil after your daily bath-/shower routine. It really helps, if you've dry knees, feet or elbows and gives your skin the needed moisture, softness and I also think it makes the whole skin elasticity better! The different oils have different characters - e.g.: Evening primrose will feed your skin and supports the own skin regeneration, Olive Oil will give your skin a protect sheet/coat and make your skin soft.

If you're a mummy, you can use this baby/child oil also as a massage oil, before/after your daily baby/child bathtime:)

Facit: This oil is really light and it fast dry on your skin, so you'll not have a long time an oily coat:) and it really works, your dry skin parts will be away after one apply!

2. Lavera Baby & Child Neutral Care Cream:

This baby/child All-In-One (Body-/Facial-)Care Cream will gives your sensitive and dry skin the needed moisture and intensive care. It contains extracts and oils from evening primrose, sheabutter, olive, sunflower, vitamine E & C.... and has a fast dry and easy spread formula. Lavera Baby & Child Neutral Care Cream is made without any pigments, preservatives, fragrance to avoid skin irritations on each newborn and child young skin and your sensitive skin.

Facit: It's a really thick and rich cream, which is really fast drying and doesn't contains a scent, but it makes the skin on your feet soooo soft, your feet will look like they were new:) It's also a very good protection for your knee and elbow part, to avoid a dry skin:)

For more information - please visit the official LAVERA website! Or on English, France :)

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and see you soon:)



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