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I'm back with some beauty and makeup products - GIVENCHY NOEL 2012:

(Photo Credits: Givenchy)

Le Prisme Enchante Enchanted Roses 
Poudre Lumiere Embellissante Visage & Joues Must-Have Edition 

Nicolas Degennes’ christmas gift: Four colour squares, for a dream and perfect teint, which will be perfect all day long - from early morning to late evening. How to use the Poudre Lumiere Embellissante facial powder: put the powder PRISME ENCHANTÉ like you think it's enough on your face and decollete. You can also use the powder PRISME ENCHANTE as a blush, the pink and rose tones will give your cheeks the needed glowness and healthy look in the cold winter days. The lightest nuance could be used, to accent your cheekbones, bridge or other part in your face:)

Price: 65,90€

 L’argent celeste & l’or celeste
Poudre Libres Ètoilées Corps Ètincelant - Limited Edition

This christmas season GIVENCHY presents you the famous powder L'OR CELESTE in a brand new version/edition, inspired by the surface of the moon - L'ARGENT CELESTE. A hint of glitter stars, perfect for a princess and for a romantic candle light dinner evening.  The golden tones as the sun or silver shining tones like the moon: the different shining, shimmering pearly particles in this two powders with a light texture formula, will perfectly catch the light and all looks:) 

The powders L'ARGENT CELESTE and L'OR CELESTE will also give your face and decollete a magical brightness, but for a extra special look you can also put the powder very easy with your finger tips on your eyelids - for a golden or silver shimmer and mystic look.

Tipp from Nicolas Degennes: "For a perfect and long lasting make-up: put one of the two powders on your well moisturized facial skin."

Price: 61,00€

Rouge Interdit - Rouge interdit shine - gelee d'interdit Limited Edition

Don't forget your lips, they're your own story teller:) GIVENCHY has created two new lipsticks/rouges (ROUGE INTERDIT/ROUGE INTERDIT SHINE) and a silver shining lipgloss - GELEE D'INTERDIT. One of these two lipsticks has a beige tone and the other one is a beige-rose tone, which will be a perfect couple with the GELEE D'INTERDIT. 

Rouge Interdit Enchanted Beige Nr. 58 - Price: 28,50€
Rouge Interdit Shine Enchanted Pinkish Beige Nr. 30 - Price: 28,50€
Gelee d'interdit Enchanted Silver Nr. 19 - Price: 26,50€

Vernis Please! - Limited Edition
Beautiful hands and nails - are the dream of each of us:) The new lovely pearly shimmer grey nail polish from GIVENCHY. The top secret is, that after your nails were dry, the Vernis Please! will conjure you a matt finish:)

Vernis Please! Enchanted Mat Grey Nr. 182 - Price: 17,50€

BUT the christmas magic will continue, with another special gifts from GIVENCHY:

Eclat Matissime Nr. 4 Mat Beige - Price: 45,90€
Noir Couture Nr. 1 Black Satin - Price: 30,50€
Prisme Yeux Quatuor Nr. 75 Blue Collection - Price: 48,90€

Another Tipp from Nicolas Degennes:
"Use Eclat Matissime Nr. 4 as a primer, before you'll use the powder Le Prisme Enchante. With the Noir Couture Nr. 1 Black Satin mascara and the Prisme Yeux Quatuor Nr. 75 Blue Collection, you'll get the perfect Smoky-Eyes!"

All products will be available from october 2012 in your nearest high-end perfumery or Marionnaud!!!!

Hope that you've enjoyed this post and would be really happy about your comments - don't be shy to ask me, if you've a question:)



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