Tuesday, 16 October 2012

BENEFIT, LUSH, Christmas in Vegas &......


I'll continue with my second news for today - new makeup(-kits) from Benefit:

how to look the best at everything light

deliciously nude lip & cheek kit

feelin' dandy
perk me up lip & cheek kit

perk up artist
custom complexion correctors

peek-a-bright eyes
eye illuminating kit

sexy little stowaways
bestsellers for jetsetters

she's so jetset
living the luxe makeup kit

high  flying glosses
lip gloss gift set

(Photo Credits: Benefit)

You'll find all new Benefit makeup products at your nearest Benefit store, Online-Shop, Sephora or your nearest high-end perfumery:

United Kingdom - Benefit, Boots, House of Fraser, Debenhams
Ireland - Boots
Czech Republic - Sephora
Italy - Sephora
Austria - Douglas
China - Benefit
France - Sephora, Benefit

LUSH - NEW holiday gifts for christmas 2012

(Photo Credits: LUSH AT)

Snow Fairy Showergel
7,50€ (100g) & 13,95€ (250g) & 21,95€ (500g)
Father Christmas (bath bomb)
Angels Delight Soap 
5,65€ (100g) & 11,30€ (200g)
Magic Wand 
Let The Good Times Roll
11,95€ (100g) & 23,90€ (200g)
Melting Snowman
Sandy Santa
Santa's Sack

Of course you'll find lots of packages and gift kits like:

All the Best 39,95€, Twas The Night Before Christmas 89,95€, Jolly Hollydays 46,95€, From The North Pole 49,95€

For more information visit your nearest LUSH Store or online:

Christmas in Vegas - Would be so AWWWWWWWWWWWESOME:)

For me it wasn't only a "Poker-Play-City" , YES you can play there until you loose everything or win - you need only LUCK:) but you can also be a tourist without playing there, instead of putting your money into the playmachines you can make a big shopping trip and of course you can try to make soooo many interesting pic's from this really HUGE city - that you will wonder, when you come home - how much you've seen:)

I wish I could drive to L.V. this year, but you know - that will last a bit longer:) But who knows, maybe I'll be there early then I though:) But for the first I've made this collage with my fav christmas attractions there and decoration (yeah you can let your fantasy grow bigger and use this pic for your home decoration ideas:))

Oh, maybe you don't know, that on my Channel, you'll find my own written "My Las Vegas Christmas Song" and other christmas covers - oh well, I'm really a "Christmas Lover":)

My christmas love begans, when I was a child and never ends (and WILL NEVER ends:)), it's the magic behind this season, all come together, when you are walking outside, you see how the nature is changing fast, and the huge amount of different sweets and treats, the music, which makes our home really cozy and "Welcome home"!

Yeah, I think that the music brings all people together, and during the christmas time you can feel it a bit more than in other seasons. As I'm a lover of decoration and all glitter/sparkle/vintage glittery stuff - that's the perfect time to get Crazy:) We've maybe 6 or 7 boxes full of christmas decoration/lighting and tree ornaments. Oh tree ornaments are also one of our traditions at home, each year I'm searching with my mum, to find another vintage/vintage-look-like glass ornaments for our christmas tree but we buy max. 3 each year, and one day all these ornaments will be mine:)

What's your family christmas traditions or where  you would like to be on christmas and which movies you love to watch during this magical season???? Write me some comments and I trust you to answer all of it:) 

One question:
"Would you like to have a post about my fav christmas movies, a christmas breakfast/afternoon or cookie tutorial?" - Leave your answers:)

Hope that you like this post and wish you all the best and peace:)



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