Monday, 29 October 2012


Hi guys:),

I'll promise that it's the last post for today, but it's really important to tell you something about the AFRO COFFEE tea and coffee brand and to show you my three selected teas from their wide tea range:

My three tea flavours are:

1. Malindi (rooibos tea with strawberry leafes, pear pieces and currant)
Casablanca (green sencha tea and peppermint leaves)
Cairo (rooibos tea with green "Chun-Mee" tea mate and honeybush, carob bean, apple pieces,nana-mint)

The favorite is Malindi, as I like really fruity teas and this one is amazing, you can really taste the rich flavour of fresh pears and strawberries:) I'll buy it again, as my tin is nearly empty:(

2. Casablanca is a really good detox and fresh tea, as the ultimate beverage after a hard gym/yoga hour or after a long work day:) A really good peppermint flavour - I prefer this tea after a meal too:)

3. Cairo is one of the teas, which I would  also prefer, but I don't know the taste isn't my fav one after I've tested it:) But the quality is also really good.

All three teas are really high quality, as the dried tea and other natural dried fruits and herbals are really fresh and good storaged in the metall tins, which have a great air blocking system (the cap really fits good and it's hard to open the tins with only one hand!).

AFRO COFFEE'S brand and company philosophy and begin:

"It beguns with a dream, a dream to show the whole world africa from another point. A self-confident and ambitious continent! That was the hour of birth of AFRO COFFEE, to offer african tea and coffee as an independent high quality branded product. The design of each coffee and tea tin from Afro Coffee is inspired by the different african townships.2004 was the first AFRO COFFEE shop opened in Cape Town. 2007 follows the AFRO COFFEE store in Salzburg (Austria) - the first outside of Africa! Now you can also find the highly fine teas and coffees in the gastronomy or at a catering bar:)"

So which teas I would buy again and which one I would like to try:

1. Malindi  - it's my fav now:)
2. Dakar (honeybush-rooibos tea mix with orange peel/zest, carrot flakes, citrus aroma and calendula blossom)
3. Pemba (honeybush-rooibos tea mix with dried banana-, mango-, melon-, pineapple-, orange peel/zest, lemon pieces and sunflower flower)

I was for three months in Salzburg and I've visited the AFRO COFFEE cafe, it's a really special location and the ceiling lamps are made from recycled plastic things, which are manufactured in Africa - another Fairtrade product:) A really special tipp, for your next austrian trip, but I would like to visit also the first AFRO COFFEE in Cape Town - that would be awesome:)

For more information - please visit AFRO COFFEE.

I hope that you've enjoyed this post to and I'll see you soon:)



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