Monday, 29 October 2012


Hi guys:),

I'll promise that it's the last post for today, but it's really important to tell you something about the AFRO COFFEE tea and coffee brand and to show you my three selected teas from their wide tea range:

My three tea flavours are:

1. Malindi (rooibos tea with strawberry leafes, pear pieces and currant)
Casablanca (green sencha tea and peppermint leaves)
Cairo (rooibos tea with green "Chun-Mee" tea mate and honeybush, carob bean, apple pieces,nana-mint)

The favorite is Malindi, as I like really fruity teas and this one is amazing, you can really taste the rich flavour of fresh pears and strawberries:) I'll buy it again, as my tin is nearly empty:(

2. Casablanca is a really good detox and fresh tea, as the ultimate beverage after a hard gym/yoga hour or after a long work day:) A really good peppermint flavour - I prefer this tea after a meal too:)

3. Cairo is one of the teas, which I would  also prefer, but I don't know the taste isn't my fav one after I've tested it:) But the quality is also really good.

All three teas are really high quality, as the dried tea and other natural dried fruits and herbals are really fresh and good storaged in the metall tins, which have a great air blocking system (the cap really fits good and it's hard to open the tins with only one hand!).

AFRO COFFEE'S brand and company philosophy and begin:

"It beguns with a dream, a dream to show the whole world africa from another point. A self-confident and ambitious continent! That was the hour of birth of AFRO COFFEE, to offer african tea and coffee as an independent high quality branded product. The design of each coffee and tea tin from Afro Coffee is inspired by the different african townships.2004 was the first AFRO COFFEE shop opened in Cape Town. 2007 follows the AFRO COFFEE store in Salzburg (Austria) - the first outside of Africa! Now you can also find the highly fine teas and coffees in the gastronomy or at a catering bar:)"

So which teas I would buy again and which one I would like to try:

1. Malindi  - it's my fav now:)
2. Dakar (honeybush-rooibos tea mix with orange peel/zest, carrot flakes, citrus aroma and calendula blossom)
3. Pemba (honeybush-rooibos tea mix with dried banana-, mango-, melon-, pineapple-, orange peel/zest, lemon pieces and sunflower flower)

I was for three months in Salzburg and I've visited the AFRO COFFEE cafe, it's a really special location and the ceiling lamps are made from recycled plastic things, which are manufactured in Africa - another Fairtrade product:) A really special tipp, for your next austrian trip, but I would like to visit also the first AFRO COFFEE in Cape Town - that would be awesome:)

For more information - please visit AFRO COFFEE.

I hope that you've enjoyed this post to and I'll see you soon:)


My own week fav's and how I laugh:)

Hi guys:),

this is a short post about my week fav's (magazine, food/snack, free time, DIY) and some pic's how I start to laugh (REALLY:)):

1. DIY - I've recycled two small boxes (from my last parfume order by myparfumes:)) and have create two small storages for my next jewellery hunt or small parfume samples:)

2. Donald & Mickey - last Saturday I've watched some Disneyland videos on youtube and found two videos where a disney artist shows - how to draw your first Mickey and Donald and so I've took my pencil and began - Voila:)

3. My fav "snacky" this week are tangerines, believe it or not but I've eaten so much since the last week - more than 1,5kg! (But it's a super "Killer" against cold and other illness bacteries:))

4. Vogue - what should I say more, I'm really reading this magazine since last year and have also old ones from the late 80s! How cool is that?:)

Yeah.... You maybe know, that sometimes it happen, that you don't know what to do, just laugh:)

Wish you a nice day and autumn week (hope that the snow won't come until the end of November! - it's autumn we don't need snow now:))



Hi guys:),

I'm back with two new product lines from Max Factor:

1. MAX FACTOR - Glossfinity "Glossy nails for up to 7 days" Nail Polish:

As you can see on the pic-collage, I've three new shades (from the new Max Factor nail polish serie Glossfinity)  in my nail polish collection now:) 

Longlastin colors and a "Glossy-finish" this new nail polishes by Max Factor, will give your nails a light elegant and trim touch! The high pigmentation and glossy finish are the brand mark of Max Factor's Glossfinity nail polishes. The patented "High Gloss" technology allows an easy application and long lasting nail color with "anti-chipping" formula - for a 7 day long quarantee.

1. Max Factor Glossfinity shade 25 desert sand, which is a light but warm beige/pink beige tone - a perfect tone for each inidividual french manicure and of course a colour for this autumn/christmas season, which will suit perfectly to a white evening dress for your next evening trip or a cozy cinema trip:)

2. Max Factor Glossfinity shade 185 ruby fruit - the trend colour of this autumn season 2012, this shade shouldn't be absent in your nail collection! I really enjoy to wear such dark red-/brown tones, because such shades gives a light/fair/porcelain skin tone the needed brightness:) - For darker skin tones, I would prefer a lighter version but that's only my personal opinion:)

3. Max Factor Glossfinity shade 30 sugar pink, a really cute color - I'm thinking on a manicure/nail art tutorial, which I'll show you the next days (November 2012), but you can also use this color as a base coat:)

I'm wearing now my Max Factor Glossfinity in the shade 185 ruby fruit, since Saturday and it really last (only one finger begins to chip - but that's the thumb, which I use to open bottles and other stuff so that's o.k.:)) and the pigments are really brilliant - Well done, Max Factor:)

2. Max Factor FACEFINITY All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation with SPF 20 in the shade Natural 50:

This foundation is now one of my fav's!!!! (I also like the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation, Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15 , Diorskin Nude and Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15) The Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation - 3 in 1 means, that you've a primer, concealer and foundation in only one product!!!! Which is perfect for your daily work-/school-/holidaytrip makeup:) I really enjoy to apply this new foundation each day on my facial skin and it soo effective - I've often really dark eye circles but the coverage with the Max Factor FaceFinity is awesome. It's like a magic trick, where all your skin irritations and dark circles under the eyes will be disappeared!

Here I've made a collage with my face - without and with Max Factor's FaceFinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation:

You see that it really covers the circles under my eyes and also little redness and skin irritations:) I would really recommend this product, because there you can see, that a drugstore makeup as Max Factor, which cost less money, can have the same quality and effect and maybe it could be better than other high-end products:) It's a really beauty-/makup advice from my heart to all school/student girls, which maybe don't have enough money to buy a high-end brand, but really want to get a high quality and efficient makeup/foundation.

Max Factor is one of the biggest drugstore brands, which also Marilyn Monroe has used!!!

You can buy the Max Factor Glossfinity nail polishes and the Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation in your local drugstore and supermarket. For more information - please visit Max Factor:


Hope that you've enjoyed this post and wish you a nice  "Octobery" day:)


LAVERA Organic Care for your hair and your whole body:)

Hi :)

I've tested the last few days a new organic shampoo and hair mask (which I use ONLY, if I've a really "Bad-Hair day":):

1. Lavera Basis Sensitiv Shampoo (Regeneration Shampoo for damaged, stressed and dry hair):

This shampoo from Lavera, contains extracts from aloe vera & lime blossom and pro-vitamine B5, which will protect and care your hair structure and will also protect your hair against frizz. It's a very gentle shampoo with a very soft, clean and fresh scent (NOT to clean scent, just the right amount of cleaness:)) and my hair really got the needed hydration/moisture and they were really soft, after I've used this shampoo three times:)  

Facit: A really gentle (it doesn't burn in your eyes!) and high-moisturize shampoo, which is worth to buy!

2. Lavera Rose Milk Repairing Care Treatment/Mask (for dry and stressed hair):

This hair mask from Lavera, which contains rose milk, macadamia- and avocadooil, will protect and care your dry and stressed hair during the autumn and winter days:) The special care formula will protect your hair against frizz and will give them the needed moisture and will give your hair the needed brightness, health and strongness with a nice fresh charming scent of roses. 

Facit: As my hair structure isn't too dry, it will last me for ages to use this mask (as I'm using it only during the autumn days, if my hair are really dry:)) but the formula is really rich and the scent is really "Rosy", it could really be a nice beauty hair care secret for all of you, who has dry (from hair dyeing/coloring) and stressed hair:)

The second two body care items from Lavera I've tested, where the Lavera Baby & Child Neutral (Body-)Care Oil and the Lavera Baby & Child Neutral (Body-and Face-)Care Cream. And YES I'm using sometimes also body-/facial-/hair care products for babies or child, because my skin is sometimes really sensitive (on my hands or face), normally during the autumn/winter, and so I'm trying always new creams and oils out, which I use for my hands, feet and my whole body:)

1. Lavera Baby & Child Neutral Care Oil:

This baby/child oil contains ONLY organic oils from: soja, olive, sunflower, evening primrose and vitamine E which I really prefer:) It's a soft oil base, which you can apply on each part of your body - you can use it as a normal body oil after your daily bath-/shower routine. It really helps, if you've dry knees, feet or elbows and gives your skin the needed moisture, softness and I also think it makes the whole skin elasticity better! The different oils have different characters - e.g.: Evening primrose will feed your skin and supports the own skin regeneration, Olive Oil will give your skin a protect sheet/coat and make your skin soft.

If you're a mummy, you can use this baby/child oil also as a massage oil, before/after your daily baby/child bathtime:)

Facit: This oil is really light and it fast dry on your skin, so you'll not have a long time an oily coat:) and it really works, your dry skin parts will be away after one apply!

2. Lavera Baby & Child Neutral Care Cream:

This baby/child All-In-One (Body-/Facial-)Care Cream will gives your sensitive and dry skin the needed moisture and intensive care. It contains extracts and oils from evening primrose, sheabutter, olive, sunflower, vitamine E & C.... and has a fast dry and easy spread formula. Lavera Baby & Child Neutral Care Cream is made without any pigments, preservatives, fragrance to avoid skin irritations on each newborn and child young skin and your sensitive skin.

Facit: It's a really thick and rich cream, which is really fast drying and doesn't contains a scent, but it makes the skin on your feet soooo soft, your feet will look like they were new:) It's also a very good protection for your knee and elbow part, to avoid a dry skin:)

For more information - please visit the official LAVERA website! Or on English, France :)

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and see you soon:)



Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Autumn Bucket List

Hi guys:),

I'm back and I'll write the next days more posts, than ever before:) And I'm looking forward to meet some exciting people and and and....

But first, I would like to talk about this cozy season, I'm really thinking, that autumn is one of the "coziest" seasons. Because if the leaves are fallen down to the earth in each color and  the cold weather starts. I'm drinking a warm cup of Chai Latte or hot chocolate (peppermint-/pumpkin spice-/my special chocolate mix:)) and watching some of my fav soaps or movies on tv. One of my traditions during the "Halloween Season" is watching "Hocus Pocus" with a peanutbutter sandwich and cup of Chai and some M&M's and fresh apples, fruits - REALLY:)

Oh I also really love to go out for a walk in our nearest park or forest and to hear each "Crunch-Sound" under my feet, which came from the autumn leafs:) I know that sounds crazy, but it shows me always: "The Autumn is here!"

Autumn poem:
When the trees their summer splendor,
Change to raiment red and gold,
When the summer moon turns mellow,
And the nights are getting cold;
When the squirrels hide their acorns,
And the woodchucks disappear;
Then we know that it is autumn,
Loveliest season of the year.
(Author: Charlotte L. Riser)

Two days ago, when I was reading some of my fav blogs, I've found out on sprinkleofglitter's site, that her "blogger-friend" Marie (Blog: picklebeanbooks) wants to envolve other bloggers to this special autumn challenge - I would called this "Blogger-Autumn Bucket List Sharing Challenge":): 
(This pic is from Marie - I don't own this pic!!!!)

 What you need to know:

Each of the written words (picture:)) in white are the list of challenge items. She wants to see pictures from everyone's fav Fall drink, meal, outfit, activity, make up (Autumn inspired looks/products) and your fav autumn decor/decoration.

From Marie's blog - Hot to get involved:

1. Whenever you do one of the six things on the list, blog about it with a photo and a little explanation as to why it's your favorite. Share the recipe or info about the item.
2. Use the picture above and link it back it to this original post.
3. Let me know in the comments that you're participating and send me your post URL each time you complete an item. I'll link it in this post and we'll all be linked together!
4. You can do it all in one blog post or whenever you cross each thing off your list. Your blog will be linked with each item you complete!
5. Pink the picture above so others can join in on the link up as well.

NOT a blogger? It's ok!
You can post your pics in the GABI FB page, your youtube channel or twitter account! Simple as that!

NOTE: All pic's need to be completed by November 30th!!!!


My first two points on my "Autumn List Challenge" are "Drink" & "Activity". As I've mentioned above, I really like to walk through a "Crunchy-Leave" way and so I've made (this monday!!!!) some pic's at our local park, see the lovely ducks and the nice way to walk:):

(All pic's are made by myself!!!!)

And if I'm not drinking tea (what I'm doing ALWAYS:)) I usually drink water, but now I've found out (during I was watching some youtube videos) that an alcohol-free "Apple Cider" will be the perfect magic cup for a cold autumn evening. Here you'll see my first "own-cooked" Apple Cider (and I promise you - I haven't got any helping hands:)):


What you'll need:
4 red sweet and not too soft apples (I prefer the red ones, which are not too sweet but a good combination of sweet and sour:)), 3 tablespoons of agave syrup or honey or you'll add 1/2 cup of brown sugar (I've used agave syrup), Spices - each 1 teaspoon (cinnamon, cloves, dried ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla powder), 1-2 cup of water, small cooking pot (but not too small - note that you've 4 normal sized apples:)), 1 spoon or fork (to mash the apples after they are super soft), a sieve to filter the done apple cider, 1 jar to storage your apple cider at your fridge

How to make the apple cider:
1.Wash your bought apples and peel them, after you've done this step go to the next one.
2.Before you'll cut all four apples into smaller pieces, you've to cut the apple core out.
3.Put all apple pieces into your small cooking pot and add all spices and the agave syrup/honey or brown sugar.
4.Add water and let the apple mixture cook for maybe 15 minutes.
5.It shouldn't really boil, let them only simmer and stir them with your spoon.
6.After your apples are soft, you can use a fork or a masher to mash the apples and filter your cider through the sieve (I would use a plastic ones, because your apples, could loose more vitamins by using a normal metal ones!)
7.Now you can fill it in your prepared jar and let it completely cool out, serve or you can storage the apple cider in your fridge and warm-up next day.
8.The taste, is really "warm and comfy" for my - a perfect autumn drink!!!!

Hope you've enjoyed my post about the "Autumn-List Challenge" and I'll see you soon:)



Sunday, 21 October 2012


Hi guys,

now I wanna show you three different creams (for your body, hands, feet and face:)) from NIVEA:

(All pic's are owned by myself!)

First of all - the worldwide known classic NIVEA Creme. This is maybe the first and oldest cream, which was founded more than 100 years ago, to protect & care your whole body and the scent wasn't changed until yet.

It's a cream, which you can use for your daily facial, hand care routine or special moisturizer for your knees, elbows and feets. It contains the skin-friendly Eucerit and it's made without any preservatives/preserving agents.

Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cera Microcristallina, Glycerin, Lanolin Alcohol (Eucerit), Paraffin, Panthenol, Decyl Oleate, Octyldodecanol, Aluminium Stearates, Citric Acid, Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Stearate, Parfum, Limonene, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellat, Linalool, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate, Cinnamyl Alcohol

You can buy it as a tube (100ml) or as a metall tin (30ml, 75ml, 150ml, 250ml, 400ml)

From october 2012, you'll find a L.E. (Limited Edition) of this classic NIVEA Cream as a tin with your horoscope symbol in your nearest drugstore (boots, dm, ....) and of course in some supermarkets:)

Price: 150 ml ca. 3,49€ and 75 ml ca. 2,49€

P.S.: On the picture you see that this tin has the "Twin" horoscope symbol,but I'm an Aries (born 16.4.1993)

NIVEA Repair & Care  - ATRIX Intensive Care/Protection Cream

2. NIVEA Repair & Care Body Creme:

This body cream will give your whole body the needed moisture and also protects and calm your soft stressed skin parts - 48 hours long! We all know that the skin moisture should be between 15 and 20 percent, if the moisture will be under 15 percent, your skin will be dry and the needed lipids will be absent. 

In the autumn (which is already here:)) and during the cold months our skin needs a douple protection and moisture care, and this NIVEA Repair & Care body creme will correct your moisture skin level, with Dexphantenol and hydra IQ formula. 

The quick dry NIVEA Repair & Care body cream will also relax your soul and body with the soft scent of: bergamot and mandarin in combination with sandal-wood, musk and vanilla.

Aqua, Glycerin, Urea, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Dicaprylyl Ether, Glyceryl Glucoside, Sodium Lactate, Dimethicone, PEG-40 Stearate, Panthenol, Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Xanathan Gum, Lactic Acid, Tlac, Phenoxethanol, Methylparaben, Linalool, Benzyl Alcohol, Parfum.

I really prefer light and water-base body creams and lotion, if I'm having a dry skin time and for my hands I'm using all day long a waterbase-handcream, so I would really recommend this cream, as it's really skin friendly and has a really good protection:)

You can buy:
NIVEA Repair & Care Body Creme (300ml) Price: ca. 5,49€
NIVEA Repair & Care Body Lotion (200ml, 400ml)
Price: ca. 3,99€ (200ml) and ca. 5,49€ (400ml)
NIVEA Repair & Care Hand Balsam (50ml) Price: ca. 3,99€

All three products will be available from november 2012 in your nearest drugstore and supermarket!

3. Atrix Intensive Protection Cream for hands:

This rich cream will gives your skin a long term protection against the daily stress and strains parts with  natural chamomile extract. Which also gives your skin the natural moisture balance and will care your strong stressed/claimed hands.

I would really recommend the Atrix Intensive Protection Cream during the autumn and winter days, to care your hands and make it soft and smooth. This cream is also free from pigments/dyestuffs, which is also really skin friendly. The cream is really rich, but has a waterbase formula, so your hands wan't be greasy, because it fast dry:) A good quality for a not high-end product!!!! Oh, and the scent is like fresh towels:)

You'll find this cream as a tube (100ml) or tin (150ml) in your nearest drugstore or supermarket.
Price: tin (150ml) ca. 2,59€ and tube (100ml) ca. 1,80€

For more informations - please visit your national NIVEA homepage:

NIVEA Worldwide:
ATRIX Worldwide:

Thursday, 18 October 2012



I'm promise you, the next days, I'll write a bit more:) but as I was today soooooooo busy, I've forgotten to write you a new facial care(makeup) product - NIVEA BB CREAM:

(All pic's are owned by myself:))

You'll find these two highly new BB Creams from NIVEA in each drugstore and supermarket in your near, in the shades/tones: light or medium/dark. As I'm having a really natural light skin (fairy, porcelain), I'm using the light one - which is also one and half shade darker then my own facial tone, so I'm using a really small amount.

And the medium/dark one as a blush or cheek tone (put three or four really small dots on your cheeks and mix it together with your foundation - voila:)).

It's really a nice feeling, after you've apply it on your face, but I wouldn't use it as a foundation (if you've a combination/oily skin),  because this cream  won't last all day long, after only one application.

It gives a really natural healthy look, which can be also used as a concealer under the eyes:) But as I said, it should be used as a normal daily facial care routine, when your looks a bit fail and you're going out for some freetime activities, or a family visit trip....

What says NIVEA:

"The new NIVEA BB Cream will gives you the perfect combination between a moisturizing, care and skin correcting elements. Each skin tone will get the needed moisture and will be protected from the outside. These BB Creams will also cover acne and other skin impurities."


refine your facial skin
covers acne and other skin impurities, redness, fine wrinkles
brights up your face and gives your natural skin tone the needed strongness
gives a light and fast moisture
protects your facial skin against an early skin aging with LSF 10

NIVEA BB Cream will be available from october 2012 and will cost ca. 9,99€ (50ml)

I'll recommend it for all students, who needs a really fast and quick facial care and makeup routine and also for the freetime - natural look, it's a really highquality moisturizer, only the tone is for my skin too dark - but I also know, that more people has a bit darker skin tone as I do, so it's normal, that the light one couldn't be in a porcelain or fairy tone made, because that would buy only a really small group:)


Hope that you've enjoyed this post about the new NIVEA BB Cream and see you soon.



Wednesday, 17 October 2012



I'm back with a new makeup tutorial - "Pink Temptation", which is inspired by the Lana del Rey H&M collection:

What you'll need:

A black liquid or cake eyeliner
A pink or rose blush (for your lovely cheeks:)) & a liquid pink blush tone (like the SMASHBOX one)

A beige glitter eyeshadow, light glowy eyeshadow, pink sparkle eyeshadow
A light foundation (I'm using the LAVERA Trend Sensitive Natural Liquid Foundation)

Your favorite moisturizer (I always mix the Foundation with a really small amount of Nivea moisturizer to get a lighter finish)

And of course don't forget your lips, the perfect finish will be a light rose or pink tone, which is maybe also a lipbalm - to protect your lips all day long:)

And voila - your "Pink Temptation" is born!!!!

Hope you've enjoyed this post and see you soon.



Tuesday, 16 October 2012

BENEFIT, LUSH, Christmas in Vegas &......


I'll continue with my second news for today - new makeup(-kits) from Benefit:

how to look the best at everything light

deliciously nude lip & cheek kit

feelin' dandy
perk me up lip & cheek kit

perk up artist
custom complexion correctors

peek-a-bright eyes
eye illuminating kit

sexy little stowaways
bestsellers for jetsetters

she's so jetset
living the luxe makeup kit

high  flying glosses
lip gloss gift set

(Photo Credits: Benefit)

You'll find all new Benefit makeup products at your nearest Benefit store, Online-Shop, Sephora or your nearest high-end perfumery:

United Kingdom - Benefit, Boots, House of Fraser, Debenhams
Ireland - Boots
Czech Republic - Sephora
Italy - Sephora
Austria - Douglas
China - Benefit
France - Sephora, Benefit

LUSH - NEW holiday gifts for christmas 2012

(Photo Credits: LUSH AT)

Snow Fairy Showergel
7,50€ (100g) & 13,95€ (250g) & 21,95€ (500g)
Father Christmas (bath bomb)
Angels Delight Soap 
5,65€ (100g) & 11,30€ (200g)
Magic Wand 
Let The Good Times Roll
11,95€ (100g) & 23,90€ (200g)
Melting Snowman
Sandy Santa
Santa's Sack

Of course you'll find lots of packages and gift kits like:

All the Best 39,95€, Twas The Night Before Christmas 89,95€, Jolly Hollydays 46,95€, From The North Pole 49,95€

For more information visit your nearest LUSH Store or online:

Christmas in Vegas - Would be so AWWWWWWWWWWWESOME:)

For me it wasn't only a "Poker-Play-City" , YES you can play there until you loose everything or win - you need only LUCK:) but you can also be a tourist without playing there, instead of putting your money into the playmachines you can make a big shopping trip and of course you can try to make soooo many interesting pic's from this really HUGE city - that you will wonder, when you come home - how much you've seen:)

I wish I could drive to L.V. this year, but you know - that will last a bit longer:) But who knows, maybe I'll be there early then I though:) But for the first I've made this collage with my fav christmas attractions there and decoration (yeah you can let your fantasy grow bigger and use this pic for your home decoration ideas:))

Oh, maybe you don't know, that on my Channel, you'll find my own written "My Las Vegas Christmas Song" and other christmas covers - oh well, I'm really a "Christmas Lover":)

My christmas love begans, when I was a child and never ends (and WILL NEVER ends:)), it's the magic behind this season, all come together, when you are walking outside, you see how the nature is changing fast, and the huge amount of different sweets and treats, the music, which makes our home really cozy and "Welcome home"!

Yeah, I think that the music brings all people together, and during the christmas time you can feel it a bit more than in other seasons. As I'm a lover of decoration and all glitter/sparkle/vintage glittery stuff - that's the perfect time to get Crazy:) We've maybe 6 or 7 boxes full of christmas decoration/lighting and tree ornaments. Oh tree ornaments are also one of our traditions at home, each year I'm searching with my mum, to find another vintage/vintage-look-like glass ornaments for our christmas tree but we buy max. 3 each year, and one day all these ornaments will be mine:)

What's your family christmas traditions or where  you would like to be on christmas and which movies you love to watch during this magical season???? Write me some comments and I trust you to answer all of it:) 

One question:
"Would you like to have a post about my fav christmas movies, a christmas breakfast/afternoon or cookie tutorial?" - Leave your answers:)

Hope that you like this post and wish you all the best and peace:)





I'm back with some beauty and makeup products - GIVENCHY NOEL 2012:

(Photo Credits: Givenchy)

Le Prisme Enchante Enchanted Roses 
Poudre Lumiere Embellissante Visage & Joues Must-Have Edition 

Nicolas Degennes’ christmas gift: Four colour squares, for a dream and perfect teint, which will be perfect all day long - from early morning to late evening. How to use the Poudre Lumiere Embellissante facial powder: put the powder PRISME ENCHANTÉ like you think it's enough on your face and decollete. You can also use the powder PRISME ENCHANTE as a blush, the pink and rose tones will give your cheeks the needed glowness and healthy look in the cold winter days. The lightest nuance could be used, to accent your cheekbones, bridge or other part in your face:)

Price: 65,90€

 L’argent celeste & l’or celeste
Poudre Libres Ètoilées Corps Ètincelant - Limited Edition

This christmas season GIVENCHY presents you the famous powder L'OR CELESTE in a brand new version/edition, inspired by the surface of the moon - L'ARGENT CELESTE. A hint of glitter stars, perfect for a princess and for a romantic candle light dinner evening.  The golden tones as the sun or silver shining tones like the moon: the different shining, shimmering pearly particles in this two powders with a light texture formula, will perfectly catch the light and all looks:) 

The powders L'ARGENT CELESTE and L'OR CELESTE will also give your face and decollete a magical brightness, but for a extra special look you can also put the powder very easy with your finger tips on your eyelids - for a golden or silver shimmer and mystic look.

Tipp from Nicolas Degennes: "For a perfect and long lasting make-up: put one of the two powders on your well moisturized facial skin."

Price: 61,00€

Rouge Interdit - Rouge interdit shine - gelee d'interdit Limited Edition

Don't forget your lips, they're your own story teller:) GIVENCHY has created two new lipsticks/rouges (ROUGE INTERDIT/ROUGE INTERDIT SHINE) and a silver shining lipgloss - GELEE D'INTERDIT. One of these two lipsticks has a beige tone and the other one is a beige-rose tone, which will be a perfect couple with the GELEE D'INTERDIT. 

Rouge Interdit Enchanted Beige Nr. 58 - Price: 28,50€
Rouge Interdit Shine Enchanted Pinkish Beige Nr. 30 - Price: 28,50€
Gelee d'interdit Enchanted Silver Nr. 19 - Price: 26,50€

Vernis Please! - Limited Edition
Beautiful hands and nails - are the dream of each of us:) The new lovely pearly shimmer grey nail polish from GIVENCHY. The top secret is, that after your nails were dry, the Vernis Please! will conjure you a matt finish:)

Vernis Please! Enchanted Mat Grey Nr. 182 - Price: 17,50€

BUT the christmas magic will continue, with another special gifts from GIVENCHY:

Eclat Matissime Nr. 4 Mat Beige - Price: 45,90€
Noir Couture Nr. 1 Black Satin - Price: 30,50€
Prisme Yeux Quatuor Nr. 75 Blue Collection - Price: 48,90€

Another Tipp from Nicolas Degennes:
"Use Eclat Matissime Nr. 4 as a primer, before you'll use the powder Le Prisme Enchante. With the Noir Couture Nr. 1 Black Satin mascara and the Prisme Yeux Quatuor Nr. 75 Blue Collection, you'll get the perfect Smoky-Eyes!"

All products will be available from october 2012 in your nearest high-end perfumery or Marionnaud!!!!

Hope that you've enjoyed this post and would be really happy about your comments - don't be shy to ask me, if you've a question:)