Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hi guys,

I'm back with new news:-) Firstly I wanna show you today a product (which I'm proud to test and make a review:-)), it's the STEAMCREAM Simple Quality Skincare:

(These pic's are owned by my own:-))


STEAMCREAM is packaged in the most minimal, environmentally responsible and yet functional packaging we could find. Made from aluminium, each thin is decorated with eye-catching and constantly changing graphic art images.

Each desing is run as a limited edition print, giving STEAMCREAM an ever-fresh and chinging image. Once sold out it provides a uniquely collectible piece of art - Individual art for individual people!

High quality ingredients. Simple packaging. No compromises. Effective, honest & affordable skincare - a one multi-purpose cream that can be used on face, body and hands. Ease to take to the gym, to work or when travelling - keep it at home, the car or your bag!

No gimmicks, no fals promises - it hydrates and softens providing maximum goodness for your skin - Effects/Benefits:

high quality, effective, natural ingredients promote an optimum skin condition
noticable softens, hydrates and nourishes all skin types
light and easily absorbed
freshly hand-made in England

STEAMCREAM uses only the freshest, traceable, natural and vegan ingredients including:

Oatmeal infusion (anti-inflammatory that helps soothe/moisturize the skin)
Orange Flower Water (improves elasticity)
Almond Oil (high levels of vitamine E - keep the skin plump)
Lavender Oil (from Provence - antiseptic components - heal/reduce inflamed and sore skin)
Organic Jojoba Oil (produce an easily-absorbed cream - excellent moisturizer/skin softener)
Cocoa Butter (seals in and softens the skin's surface)
Steamcream (topped off with a fragrance created from a natural blend of pure essential oils selected for their toning, soothing and healing qualities)

My personal impression/product review:

I'm really excited about the high quality of this cream (REALLY!!!!) it's my first organic face/body care product, which was produced in the UK and I'm really proud of getting the chance to make this review of such an amazing orange blossom-lavender-fresh scented facial/hand cream and wanna say thank's again STEAMCREAM for this lovely tin (I've received the Limited Edition "LILA" STEAMCREAM Tin)!!!!

It's totally worth to buy and as I've said/mentioned in the past on my blog -  I'm always looking for good looking/designed and healthy/organic beauty and care products - I'll do that also in the future (to show you more:-)) I've sometimes really dry parts on my hands and must say that after only one using my hands feel really soft and well-cared:-) and also my face has sometimes some "little" skin problems like impureness /small blackheads/oily parts (T-Zone) - after I've used the STEAMCREAM for three days (day/night), my facial skin feels more fresher, cleaner and highly cared - it's such a fabulous skin care product,  I'm really fall in love with :-)

So on my next trip to Topshop, Ollie & Nic, Liberty Plc or Selfridges & Co. I'll definetly buy a next L.E. tin of this awesome STEAMCREAM cream:-)

Oh here's a list - which tins I wanna collect in the future:

(Photo Credits: Steamcream (website) - they aren't owned by myself!!!!)

So you see that the range of tins is hugh and more you'll find on their own website:
- just a "Klick" away from you:-) Don't waste your time and get the first special STEAMCREAM moment on your own body tomorrow - all tins are individual/special/different like each of us but the ingredients and cream is always the same - they all belong together - as all people should stay worldwide together in peace!

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and see you soon.



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