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Hi guys,

here's my third and last product news for today (:-)) and it's from one of my fav drugstore brands NIVEA.

The new NIVEA facial masks (I was so happy to get a new package from Nivea to try out all of these masks:-)):

(The photos are owned by myself!!!)

1. NIVEA luxury/care honey-creme-mask:

What says NIVEA: This rich luxury mask will care your dry & sensitive skin  with natural honey extracts, almond oil and Hydra IQ, which will also relax and calm your stressed facial skin parts. After you've used this mask - your facial skin will be soft as a sweet peach. (15ml ca. 1,99€)

My review: Oh nooooooooooo! I'm really sorry to say (that I've throw all two masks down - after I've put on the first finger wip and smell the strange smell) that this mask is a "No-no" for me!!!! I'm really not the person, who would say to much negative words, about a product that I've received and don't payed - but I also don't wan't to lie and say the truth - so I descided to say the true. The texture is the same as other creamy masks (really good), but after I've opened the package and have smell (I usually try to smell things at first before I'm using it - I don't know why:-)) the scent - which is really really strange - it doesn't smell like honey, almond or something really natural - it smells a bit like the Veet Shaving Cream! I don't know why, maybe the mask wasn't really good packaged and spoiled or I don't know. So I would say, that this mask should get another scent to make it more attractive, because otherwise I wouldn't buy it in the future, to be not sure, whether it's o.k. or something else. It makes me really scary the scent:-)

2. NIVEA purifying peel-off mask:

What says NIVEA: This peel-off mask is perfect for your weekly combination skin care routine. The gel texture will trust you an easy and fast peel off, which cleanse your skin deep also from dry/old skin parts, blemishes and will mattifier your (lightly) oily facial skin parts. (10ml ca. 1,99€)

My review: This is my absolute fav one from all NIVEA masks. It's awesome, the gel texture dries within 15 minutes (don't forget to apply just a thin "coat" on your facial skin) and you can really peel off your whole mask in one!!!! (It always took me a huge time, to get of the whole mask in one touch - but now with the new NIVEA peel-off mask it's soooo easy:-)). It's really amazing how deep my skin was cleaned after I've used it two weeks (1 packaging in 2 Weeks - not each day!!!!) and it really mattifies my T-Zone, which is usually a bit oily. Thank's NIVEA for this awesome mask:-)

3. NIVEA cleaning mask:

What says NIVEA: No matter if you've pimples/blains, acne, blemishes, blackheads this NIVEA cleaning mask whitch contents: clay to care for a skin-deep facial cleaning and magnolia extract to protect new facial impureness. (15ml ca. 1,99€)

My review: This mask has a blue but same texture as the NIVEA luxury/care honey mask - but it really smell good and fresh and it also do the job, after 15 minutes you've to wash it off your face and cream your face with your favorite daily/night cream. I would recommend it and try it out:-)

4. NIVEA refreshing moisture mask:

What says NIVEA: If you need a special portion of moisture and a new fresh kick - then you've to try out the new NIVEA refreshing moisture mask, which has the special formula of hydra IQ, aloe vera and vitamine E, which give your skin the natural balance between moisture and fresh teint with long term-effect.
(15ml ca. 1,99€)

My review: This mask is really refreshing, and I really love products with aloe vera, so it will really get a saved space in my all-round year kits:-)

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Hope that you've enjoyed this post and wanna thank NIVEA again for the chance to test their new masks:-)



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