Sunday, 30 September 2012

MYPARFUEM - Summer in Coney Island

Hi guys:-),

I now it's maybe a bit late for some news today (but I also know that some of you are watching now - american/european time:-)) so I've decided to tell you my second news for today.

Which is my lovely (by myself created) parfume with the awesome (for me - it wakes memories on my last year in N.Y. :-)) name:

"Summer in Coney Island":

(All pic's are owned by myself!!!!)

This is a 30ml bottle which costs 39,99€ but you can also order a 50ml bottle for 59,99€ or a special bottle for 64,99€. I've choose the 30ml ones, which was packaged in a nice small black box with this cute metall handbag parfume (which was also filled with my scent!!!!).

All you need to do if you go on the MyParfuem Website: choose your favorite scent type (flower/oriental, fruity, natural, fresh, lovely, flower), your prefered strongness (sporty, feminine, casual chic, sensually, natural) and your max. 6 ingrediences from all types of: fruits, spices, flowers, and other ingrediences.

I don't want to tell you which 6 one, I've choose, because I wanna keep this for myself (PLEASE don't be angry, but I'm so excited to have something - what no other has - and you can also create your own treasure!!!!) All I'll say is, that my scent is really strong if you smell it in the parfume bottle, but after I've put it on my skin (usually I'm putting it on each side of my neck - left, right, middle:-)) it's a really own scent, which holds min.: 12h long and it seems to be a part of me:-) - NIKA's own scent:-) I only think that it's really strange that after only one trying (that was my first time I've tried such an interesting thing out - like creating my own parfume) I found my perfect scent!!!! - It's awesome - you should try it out:-)

Oh and if you are thinking about creating/buying your own scent by MyParfuem, don't forget - MyParfuem is shipping WORLDWIDE (incl. 9,90€ - usual term: 10 days), european wide (incl. 6,90€ - usual term: 5 days) and in Germany (incl. 3,90€ - usual term: 3-5 days).

I was lucky to get a gift coupon (as a blogger - I'm proud to get the chance on the last MyParfuem "Blogger - Action" to be one of the lucky one:-))  for my first MyParfuem parfuem.

In the future I'm thinking about my next buy from MyParfuem, because the scent is really special and not really expensive I think, and for the next holidays/birthdays it would be a great gift to share:-)

Hope you've liked this post and visit their website - I would recommend it for your next beauty/gift haul:-)

See you soon,


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