Saturday, 15 September 2012

essence “24h hand protection balm – hot winter drinks”

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I'm back with the second news for today:-)  - Essence has create three L.E. (Limited Edition) scent hand creams which will protect and care your hand with a lightly scent of winter and christmas.

(Photo Credits: essence and cosnova - they aren't my own pic's!!!)

What you'll expect from these three awesome scented 24h hand care creams:

essence “24h hand protection balm – hot winter drinks”

Hot chocolate, chai latte or rather a cup of hot fruit punch? With this three hand creams from the new essence trend edition “24h hand protection balm – hot winter drinks” will your hands be protected and get an amount of relax and spa through the cold winter months from October to December 2012.

This light scented combinations of hot winter beverages and winter holiday sweet treats such as: caramel, gingerbread and cinnamon will make a “cozy coffee shop trip with your best friend“ flair and helps you to forget the wet and cold weather in the winter months. 

Special ingredients as: shea butter and coconut oil will intensive protect and care your dry and rough hands with the needed moisture. This creams with the special 24h formula, will fast absorb without leaving greasy on your hands.

Here you’ve the three new essence “24h hand protection balm – hot winter drinks”:

1. essence 24h protection balm – caramel hot chocolate:

The best advice for all “Chocoholics” – this highlight will protect and care your hands with a lightly hot chocolate and caramel scent. Your hands will be smooth, highly cared and smell lovely like a cup of hot chocolateJ (Price: 0,99€)

2. essence 24h protection balm – gingerbread chai latte:

Awesome! This exotic and lightly spicy scented 24h protection hand cream with chai latte and Christmas gingerbread scent will be the perfect hand care for your next holiday trip and Christmas eveJ  (Price: 0,99€)

3. essence 24h protection balm – apple cinnamon punch:

That’s the ultimate and amazing “Christmas market” scent for all of you, who really want to celebrate the winter-/Christmas holidays from October to December 2012. It smells fruity-spicy like an apple punch with cinnamon (without alcoholJ).  (Price: 0,99€)

The essence " 24h protection balms - winter edition hot winter drinks" will be available in all drugstores from October to December 2012.

Hope that you'll enjoy the next cozy/festive months and that you've enjoyed this post - leave Comments!!!!



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