Sunday, 2 September 2012

Create your own dream scent

Hi guys,

I've recived two days ago one mail from my parfum, which informs me, about getting the chance to win one of a 60€ coupon to create my own personal parfume. And as I'm one of the person who wants to share this amazing chance with you (my readers:-)) I've descided to inform you about this chance - get your own:-)

Now, here you'll see which would be my favorite scent and which would be also really "yummy" or "awesome" to wear:

NIKA's wish 
Notes: strawberry, raspberry, cassis, cranberry, tuberose, yiang yiang, jasmine, sandal wood, atlas cedar, french almond

You can make your own bottle design on their (myparfum) website - here you see how my scents would look alike:

(Photo Credits: myparfum - they aren't owned by myself!!!!)

Other scents - which would be great for some special moments in my life:-):

1. Adult Eloise by NIKA:
Notes: peach, watermelon, green apple, white jasmine, tuberose, amber, musk

2. One day at Harrods by NIKA:
Notes: raspberry, cassis, rose, jasmine, bourbon vanilla, white musk

3. Summer in Coney Island by NIKA:
Notes: watermelon, strawberry, sandal wood, bourbon vanilla, peach, cumaru, patchouli, lily of the valley

4. Fairy scent by NIKA:
Notes: rose, chocolate, caribbean coconut, bourbon vanilla, white musk, sandal wood, atlas cedar, passion fruit, patchouli, tropical pineapple, orange blossom, raspberry, cumaru

5. One moment in your life by NIKA:
Notes: calabric bergamot orange, orange, orange blossom, cumaru, ocean water/aqua, tuberose, white jasmine, green tea, sandal wood

Hope you've enjoyed this short post and see you later:-)



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