Sunday, 23 September 2012

Autumn, autumn - the FALL 2012 is here:-)

Hi guys,

I really like each season in a different way, but you should always create another make up style each year. Today I would like to show you my fav make up for this autumn/fall of 2012:

(Photo Credits: Pinterest)

You see that I really prefer the colors: red (every shades from light to dark), golden, brown and nude tones. It really match/fits really well with the autumn leave colors, which are usually also golden/brown or red tones:-) And of course, if you've a fairy/light skin tone as I've - you'll fall in love too, but also darker skin tones will fall in love with a bright light red lip color or golden eyes which sparkles really high in the moon night shine, or candle light:-)

I hope that you've also hit/get some make up inspiration as I've had and wish you a nice weekend - end :-)



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