Sunday, 30 September 2012

MYPARFUEM - Summer in Coney Island

Hi guys:-),

I now it's maybe a bit late for some news today (but I also know that some of you are watching now - american/european time:-)) so I've decided to tell you my second news for today.

Which is my lovely (by myself created) parfume with the awesome (for me - it wakes memories on my last year in N.Y. :-)) name:

"Summer in Coney Island":

(All pic's are owned by myself!!!!)

This is a 30ml bottle which costs 39,99€ but you can also order a 50ml bottle for 59,99€ or a special bottle for 64,99€. I've choose the 30ml ones, which was packaged in a nice small black box with this cute metall handbag parfume (which was also filled with my scent!!!!).

All you need to do if you go on the MyParfuem Website: choose your favorite scent type (flower/oriental, fruity, natural, fresh, lovely, flower), your prefered strongness (sporty, feminine, casual chic, sensually, natural) and your max. 6 ingrediences from all types of: fruits, spices, flowers, and other ingrediences.

I don't want to tell you which 6 one, I've choose, because I wanna keep this for myself (PLEASE don't be angry, but I'm so excited to have something - what no other has - and you can also create your own treasure!!!!) All I'll say is, that my scent is really strong if you smell it in the parfume bottle, but after I've put it on my skin (usually I'm putting it on each side of my neck - left, right, middle:-)) it's a really own scent, which holds min.: 12h long and it seems to be a part of me:-) - NIKA's own scent:-) I only think that it's really strange that after only one trying (that was my first time I've tried such an interesting thing out - like creating my own parfume) I found my perfect scent!!!! - It's awesome - you should try it out:-)

Oh and if you are thinking about creating/buying your own scent by MyParfuem, don't forget - MyParfuem is shipping WORLDWIDE (incl. 9,90€ - usual term: 10 days), european wide (incl. 6,90€ - usual term: 5 days) and in Germany (incl. 3,90€ - usual term: 3-5 days).

I was lucky to get a gift coupon (as a blogger - I'm proud to get the chance on the last MyParfuem "Blogger - Action" to be one of the lucky one:-))  for my first MyParfuem parfuem.

In the future I'm thinking about my next buy from MyParfuem, because the scent is really special and not really expensive I think, and for the next holidays/birthdays it would be a great gift to share:-)

Hope you've liked this post and visit their website - I would recommend it for your next beauty/gift haul:-)

See you soon,


Labello Repair & Beauty

Hi guys:-),

today I would like to show you a new one lip balm from Labello, which is called: "Labello Repair & Beauty":

(All two pic's are mine:-))

Labello Repair & Beauty (small BUT different as another one lip balm:-))

This new Labello will care your lips with Dexpanthenol (provitamine B5), vitamine E, glycerine and menthol - which make a natural moisture and healthy looking lips. The soft-rose part of this Labello Repair & Beauty with jojoba oil and shea butter will give you a nice shiny rosy lip tone and the white part in the middle contains a flower bouquet scent with a hint of rose, jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla and tonka bean.

You'll have a really nice fresh natural lip tone and also the needed careness - I'll recomment it, it's now my fav one from Labello, because the scent reminds me a bit of some sweet, which I've really liked when I was a kid:-)

It will be available in all drugstores and supermarkets from october 2012 and will cost ca. 2,99€.

For more information - please visit:

AT -
DE -

Hope that you've enjoyed this product review to and wish you all a nice end of the weekend:-)

P.S.: Did you are also soo excited about the pre-christmas time???? - I LOVE this season:-) I don't know but now I'm really thinking about it a lot - maybe because I would really like to travel somewhere:-)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Autumn, autumn - the FALL 2012 is here:-)

Hi guys,

I really like each season in a different way, but you should always create another make up style each year. Today I would like to show you my fav make up for this autumn/fall of 2012:

(Photo Credits: Pinterest)

You see that I really prefer the colors: red (every shades from light to dark), golden, brown and nude tones. It really match/fits really well with the autumn leave colors, which are usually also golden/brown or red tones:-) And of course, if you've a fairy/light skin tone as I've - you'll fall in love too, but also darker skin tones will fall in love with a bright light red lip color or golden eyes which sparkles really high in the moon night shine, or candle light:-)

I hope that you've also hit/get some make up inspiration as I've had and wish you a nice weekend - end :-)




Hi guys,

sometimes it's really hard to get the perfect pic of yourself and sometimes I'm also really dissatisfied with myself (body, face .... everything:-)) but I'm soooo happy - that I've also days where I'm feeling really happy and lovely with myself:-)

This "Black/White Photo-Collage" I've made one day ago (when I was prepared to went out for a little shopping trip on the fresh autumn breeze:-)) - I'm wearing my lovely Barbour purple fall jacket, my lovely levis slim jeans and on my face (:-)) my fav Bobbi Brown lipstick and some Smashbox powder:-) - "Be as much as possible natural - that's what I've always said:-)":

 (All pic's are owned by my own - because that's me:-))

I hope that you guys have also such an awesome weekend and wish you the best for the next week - lovely yours,


P.S.: Don't think that you're not attractive, each of us is individual and awesome in the own way - the "SPARKLE" is everywhere:-)


Hi guys,

I'm back with new news:-) Firstly I wanna show you today a product (which I'm proud to test and make a review:-)), it's the STEAMCREAM Simple Quality Skincare:

(These pic's are owned by my own:-))


STEAMCREAM is packaged in the most minimal, environmentally responsible and yet functional packaging we could find. Made from aluminium, each thin is decorated with eye-catching and constantly changing graphic art images.

Each desing is run as a limited edition print, giving STEAMCREAM an ever-fresh and chinging image. Once sold out it provides a uniquely collectible piece of art - Individual art for individual people!

High quality ingredients. Simple packaging. No compromises. Effective, honest & affordable skincare - a one multi-purpose cream that can be used on face, body and hands. Ease to take to the gym, to work or when travelling - keep it at home, the car or your bag!

No gimmicks, no fals promises - it hydrates and softens providing maximum goodness for your skin - Effects/Benefits:

high quality, effective, natural ingredients promote an optimum skin condition
noticable softens, hydrates and nourishes all skin types
light and easily absorbed
freshly hand-made in England

STEAMCREAM uses only the freshest, traceable, natural and vegan ingredients including:

Oatmeal infusion (anti-inflammatory that helps soothe/moisturize the skin)
Orange Flower Water (improves elasticity)
Almond Oil (high levels of vitamine E - keep the skin plump)
Lavender Oil (from Provence - antiseptic components - heal/reduce inflamed and sore skin)
Organic Jojoba Oil (produce an easily-absorbed cream - excellent moisturizer/skin softener)
Cocoa Butter (seals in and softens the skin's surface)
Steamcream (topped off with a fragrance created from a natural blend of pure essential oils selected for their toning, soothing and healing qualities)

My personal impression/product review:

I'm really excited about the high quality of this cream (REALLY!!!!) it's my first organic face/body care product, which was produced in the UK and I'm really proud of getting the chance to make this review of such an amazing orange blossom-lavender-fresh scented facial/hand cream and wanna say thank's again STEAMCREAM for this lovely tin (I've received the Limited Edition "LILA" STEAMCREAM Tin)!!!!

It's totally worth to buy and as I've said/mentioned in the past on my blog -  I'm always looking for good looking/designed and healthy/organic beauty and care products - I'll do that also in the future (to show you more:-)) I've sometimes really dry parts on my hands and must say that after only one using my hands feel really soft and well-cared:-) and also my face has sometimes some "little" skin problems like impureness /small blackheads/oily parts (T-Zone) - after I've used the STEAMCREAM for three days (day/night), my facial skin feels more fresher, cleaner and highly cared - it's such a fabulous skin care product,  I'm really fall in love with :-)

So on my next trip to Topshop, Ollie & Nic, Liberty Plc or Selfridges & Co. I'll definetly buy a next L.E. tin of this awesome STEAMCREAM cream:-)

Oh here's a list - which tins I wanna collect in the future:

(Photo Credits: Steamcream (website) - they aren't owned by myself!!!!)

So you see that the range of tins is hugh and more you'll find on their own website:
- just a "Klick" away from you:-) Don't waste your time and get the first special STEAMCREAM moment on your own body tomorrow - all tins are individual/special/different like each of us but the ingredients and cream is always the same - they all belong together - as all people should stay worldwide together in peace!

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and see you soon.



Saturday, 15 September 2012


Hi guys,

here's my third and last product news for today (:-)) and it's from one of my fav drugstore brands NIVEA.

The new NIVEA facial masks (I was so happy to get a new package from Nivea to try out all of these masks:-)):

(The photos are owned by myself!!!)

1. NIVEA luxury/care honey-creme-mask:

What says NIVEA: This rich luxury mask will care your dry & sensitive skin  with natural honey extracts, almond oil and Hydra IQ, which will also relax and calm your stressed facial skin parts. After you've used this mask - your facial skin will be soft as a sweet peach. (15ml ca. 1,99€)

My review: Oh nooooooooooo! I'm really sorry to say (that I've throw all two masks down - after I've put on the first finger wip and smell the strange smell) that this mask is a "No-no" for me!!!! I'm really not the person, who would say to much negative words, about a product that I've received and don't payed - but I also don't wan't to lie and say the truth - so I descided to say the true. The texture is the same as other creamy masks (really good), but after I've opened the package and have smell (I usually try to smell things at first before I'm using it - I don't know why:-)) the scent - which is really really strange - it doesn't smell like honey, almond or something really natural - it smells a bit like the Veet Shaving Cream! I don't know why, maybe the mask wasn't really good packaged and spoiled or I don't know. So I would say, that this mask should get another scent to make it more attractive, because otherwise I wouldn't buy it in the future, to be not sure, whether it's o.k. or something else. It makes me really scary the scent:-)

2. NIVEA purifying peel-off mask:

What says NIVEA: This peel-off mask is perfect for your weekly combination skin care routine. The gel texture will trust you an easy and fast peel off, which cleanse your skin deep also from dry/old skin parts, blemishes and will mattifier your (lightly) oily facial skin parts. (10ml ca. 1,99€)

My review: This is my absolute fav one from all NIVEA masks. It's awesome, the gel texture dries within 15 minutes (don't forget to apply just a thin "coat" on your facial skin) and you can really peel off your whole mask in one!!!! (It always took me a huge time, to get of the whole mask in one touch - but now with the new NIVEA peel-off mask it's soooo easy:-)). It's really amazing how deep my skin was cleaned after I've used it two weeks (1 packaging in 2 Weeks - not each day!!!!) and it really mattifies my T-Zone, which is usually a bit oily. Thank's NIVEA for this awesome mask:-)

3. NIVEA cleaning mask:

What says NIVEA: No matter if you've pimples/blains, acne, blemishes, blackheads this NIVEA cleaning mask whitch contents: clay to care for a skin-deep facial cleaning and magnolia extract to protect new facial impureness. (15ml ca. 1,99€)

My review: This mask has a blue but same texture as the NIVEA luxury/care honey mask - but it really smell good and fresh and it also do the job, after 15 minutes you've to wash it off your face and cream your face with your favorite daily/night cream. I would recommend it and try it out:-)

4. NIVEA refreshing moisture mask:

What says NIVEA: If you need a special portion of moisture and a new fresh kick - then you've to try out the new NIVEA refreshing moisture mask, which has the special formula of hydra IQ, aloe vera and vitamine E, which give your skin the natural balance between moisture and fresh teint with long term-effect.
(15ml ca. 1,99€)

My review: This mask is really refreshing, and I really love products with aloe vera, so it will really get a saved space in my all-round year kits:-)

If you wanna get more information about NIVEA:

AT -
DE -
UK -
CA -
MX -

Hope that you've enjoyed this post and wanna thank NIVEA again for the chance to test their new masks:-)



essence “24h hand protection balm – hot winter drinks”

Hi guys,

I'm back with the second news for today:-)  - Essence has create three L.E. (Limited Edition) scent hand creams which will protect and care your hand with a lightly scent of winter and christmas.

(Photo Credits: essence and cosnova - they aren't my own pic's!!!)

What you'll expect from these three awesome scented 24h hand care creams:

essence “24h hand protection balm – hot winter drinks”

Hot chocolate, chai latte or rather a cup of hot fruit punch? With this three hand creams from the new essence trend edition “24h hand protection balm – hot winter drinks” will your hands be protected and get an amount of relax and spa through the cold winter months from October to December 2012.

This light scented combinations of hot winter beverages and winter holiday sweet treats such as: caramel, gingerbread and cinnamon will make a “cozy coffee shop trip with your best friend“ flair and helps you to forget the wet and cold weather in the winter months. 

Special ingredients as: shea butter and coconut oil will intensive protect and care your dry and rough hands with the needed moisture. This creams with the special 24h formula, will fast absorb without leaving greasy on your hands.

Here you’ve the three new essence “24h hand protection balm – hot winter drinks”:

1. essence 24h protection balm – caramel hot chocolate:

The best advice for all “Chocoholics” – this highlight will protect and care your hands with a lightly hot chocolate and caramel scent. Your hands will be smooth, highly cared and smell lovely like a cup of hot chocolateJ (Price: 0,99€)

2. essence 24h protection balm – gingerbread chai latte:

Awesome! This exotic and lightly spicy scented 24h protection hand cream with chai latte and Christmas gingerbread scent will be the perfect hand care for your next holiday trip and Christmas eveJ  (Price: 0,99€)

3. essence 24h protection balm – apple cinnamon punch:

That’s the ultimate and amazing “Christmas market” scent for all of you, who really want to celebrate the winter-/Christmas holidays from October to December 2012. It smells fruity-spicy like an apple punch with cinnamon (without alcoholJ).  (Price: 0,99€)

The essence " 24h protection balms - winter edition hot winter drinks" will be available in all drugstores from October to December 2012.

Hope that you'll enjoy the next cozy/festive months and that you've enjoyed this post - leave Comments!!!!