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Hi guys,

as I'm always soooo amazed about the LUSH brand and always on the hunt for some new products, I've descided to show you which new LUSH Packages will expect you this august in all LUSH stores:-)

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A lot of packages:

1. Uplifted - this is absolutely amazing for weightless/high achieve people:-) It gives you a carefree and happy feeling which will carry you far away - to your colorful land:-)

Products: Bohemian, Happy Hippy, Whoosh are perfect for the best morning wake up,Ocean Salt and Rub Rub Rub give you the perfect scrub/peeling for a feeling like as newborn:-)s And don't forget  Dirty Showergel, which gives your skin the perfect refreshing-kick with mint. 

Vegetarian - Contents: 100g Bohemian Soap, 140ml Rub Rub Rub, 85ml Ocean Salt, 100ml Dirty Springwash Showergel, 100ml Happy Hippy Showergel und 100g Whoosh Showerjelly

Price: 44,95€

2. Sweetie Pie for your sweet tooth:-) 
 This package is the real dream of each girl with lots of pink, glitter and sweet treats, which are without calories!!!! 
Products:  Space Girl and Think Pink bath bombs, Creamy Candy and Sunnyside Foamingbaths, Sweetie Pie shower jelly, pink  Rockstar soap and the glitter massage heartshape butter  Shimmy Shimmy will you become the perfect Diva:-).  

Vegan - Contents: Space Girl Bathbomb, 100g Rockstar Soap, Think Pink Bathbomb, 30g Shimmy Shimmy Massagebutter, Creamy Candy Foamingbath , 100g Sweetie Pie Showerjelly und Sunnyside Foambath 

Price: 45, 95€

3. Ka Pow for super heroes and fans 
Pop Art and the work from Roy Lichtenstein  has inspired LUSH to make this comic hatboxh, which contents refreshing amazing care products:-) It's time to wake up and save the earth with the Showerjelly Whoosh, a kick of citrus with Happy Hippy or with  good mood feeling Grass. The hard shampoo New cares your hair and stimulate your scalp and soul. In the Evening you will get a Kick with the minty Dirty-Soap, Sugar Scrub or  the Buffy Bodybutter with Lemon and  lavender scrubs old skin away. The next step will be the  Massagebutter Wiccy Magic Muscles, which keeps your muscles smooth and relax, the minty Toothy Tabs will give you a sparklin' white shiny smile. You can use the Pop Art Box as a storage for your private Letters or Magazine Pics:-)  

Vegan - Contents:70g Wiccy Magic Massagebutter, Ultrablast Toothy Tabs, New Hair Shampoo Bar, Sugar Scrub MINI (50g), 100g Dirty Soap, 100g Whoosh Showerjelly, 100ml Grass Showergel, 100ml Happy Hippy Showergel und 90g Buffy Bodybutter

Price: 69, 95€

4. LUSH Legends  for the  Crème de la Crème:-)
This LUSH Package contents all products, which are soooo high requested and always bought - the highest and well knowned products:-) A perfect gift, for all LUSH fans from the beginning of this amazing brand:-)

 Vegetarian - Contents: You’ve Been Mangoed Oilbath, Butterball, Twilight, Avobath Bathbomb, Pop in the Bath, The Comforter, Yuzu and Cocoa Foamingbath, 90g Buffy Body Butter, 25ml Bubblegum Lip Scrub, 65g Each Peach Massagebutter, 55g Seanik Shampoo Bar, 55g Jungle Hard Conditioner, 90ml Turkish Delight Showersmoothie, 60g Tiny Hands hard Handserum, 100g Sweetie Pie Showerjelly, 45ml Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, 70g Karma Soap, 70g Rock Star Soap, 70g Dirty Soap, Sparkle Toothy Tabs, Sugar Scrub, 100ml Dream Cream Body Lotion, 10ml Ultrabalm Alround-Balsam, 100ml Happy Hippy und Olive Branch Showergel

Price: 179, 95€

5. Celebrate for party monsters and entertainer:-)
This colorful Celebrate Box will celebrate the different  LUSH smells. 

 Vegetarian - Contents: 100ml Happy Hippy Showergel, 100ml The Olive Branch Showergel, 100g Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, 100g Sea Vegetable Soap and 100g Karma Soap

Price: 38, 95€

6. Rosie for flower kids,  romantic fairies:-)
This Box contents the favorite LUSH rose products.  
 Vegan - Contents: Rose Jam Bubbleroon, 45ml Ro´s Argan Body Conditioner, Amandopondo Bathfoam und Rose Queen Bath Bomb

Price: 26, 95€

7. Mr Bumble for all who loves the sweet honey smell and bee lovers:-)
 Who loves honey will love Mr Bumble. But don't forget this amazign package/gift will be available in all LUSH Store first in september 2012!!!! Did you also know that the Furoshiki-Towel was produced of recycled plastic bottles???? YES and that's the answer why LUSH could save ca. 170000 plastic bottles before they would go to the waste dump! - Really clever:-)
Vegetarian - Contents: Honey Bee Bathbomb und 100g Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

Price: 14, 50€

8. Out of this World for astronauts and space girls
 This Duo Package you will get in an intergalactic gift wrapping, which also shine/lights in the dark:-)

Vegan - Contents: Space Girl Bathbomb und 70g Rock Star Soap

Price: 11,50€

So these 8 packages are now (only Mr Bumble will come in september 2012) in all LUSH Stores and are waiting for you:-)

I hope you've enjoyed this post about the latest LUSH products (I'll do the next own products reviews the next time:-)) and wish you a nice day:-)



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