Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hi guys,

I'm now soooo amazed about the new healthy trend - Almond Milk, because it isn't only healthy but it has also a really good taste and it's soooo refreshing - if you make the milk by yourself - without sugar:-)
(sure you can add some sugar, honey, agave syrup, stevia or some else sweetner but I made my own without, because otherwise I can bought one in the grocery/supermarket:-)  like Alpro Almond Milk or Almond Breeze)

So here is my own/personal DIY ALMOND MILK TUTORIAL:

1. First of all you'll need 2-3 small bowls (I'm using the small glass ones from IKEA), 1 electric hand blender, 1 dish or cheese cloth (I don't own a cheese cloth so I'm using a dish cloth which isn't soo thick you know), 1 Mixing Bowl (and I prefer a plastic one because a china one would probably break while you were mixing the ingredience - but I'm not sure so please write it below to the comments:-)), 1 middle size jar, milk bottle or WECK jar/Kerr Jar,  1 Package of Almond nuts (the blanched ones are better - it's quick to use:-)), 4 glasses of fresh water (still water!!!!) and 1 hand sieve.

2. Give the natural Almonds or blanched Almonds in a small bowl and add water - until they are full under water:-) If you're using the unblanched Almonds, you've to pull off the skin after the almonds were one hour soaked. But if you're using the blanched one - you've not to do this step and let the almonds soak for 8 hours or overnight in the same water.

3. After the 8 hours you've to filter the almonds through the hand sieve and put them into a mixing bowl, add 4 glasses of still water and blend them well with an electric hand blender until you get a almond puree:-)

4. After you've reached this point, you will filter the puree/mixture through a hand sieve into a middle size jar/milk bottle and you'll get your own fresh almond milk - Voila:-)

5. While you've put the jar/milk bottle with your fresh almond milk into the fridge - to avoid that the almond milk get spoil (normally you've to consume this fresh treatment until 2-3 days - because there are no chemical preservatives!!!!) you'll see that you've get also a huge amount of fresh almond meal, which you've to put on a baking sheet and put into the turned off oven for one hour (preheat your oven for 200 C- 392F).

I'm making usually some no flour fresh chocolate muffins, scones or cookies with this almond flour:-)

Hope you've enjoyed this DIY Tutorial and would be sooo happy about your comments:-)



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