Saturday, 25 August 2012

NIVEA New Products

Hi guys,

you maybe know that I've tried a lot of NIVEA products the last time, that's because I'm soooo in love with some of their products and the brand is known by myself since I was a little child - I love the cream:-)

So here are three of my latest NIVEA newies:

As you'll see, I've used this products the last 1 and half week so the firming oil show isn't full:-)

1. NIVEA Creme Soft shower gel - with Hydra IQ and almond oil
Review: My skin feels really softer after I'm used this cream showergel, but what I really prefer and love is the smell - a nice powder almond smell - really lovely:-)

2. NIVEA firming oil (will care your skin with Q10plus - cellulite bye bye bye:-)) is rich witch avocado extract/oil
Review: I'm using this oil since 1 and half week, and must say that I've no problems with big or wide see cellulite but my skin feels really more moisture (which is strange - it's an oil:-)), because I've body parts where I'm really dry, and I've also found out, that you'll get the perfect skin protection and relaxation after you've been out at a sunny/beachy day.

3. NIVEA Q10 plus creatine anti-age decongestant eye roll-on will reduce your eye swell and tiredness
Review: This is a product, which I don't need until yet (I'm 19 - I don't have wrinkles at my eyes/eye lids) so I gave it to my mum, and she's absolutely satisfied with this product. She says, that this eye roll-on won't reduce your wrinkles, which you allready have, but it will avoid getting new one and it gives a nice cooling on your eyes, so your tiredness gets really fast away (she's 64 - so she know what she say:-))

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Hope you've enjoyed this product review post:-)


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