Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Week Fav's:-)

Hi guys,

I'm back with some product reviews, news and with my week fav's & my fav blogger-sites (which I read now since maybe 1 or 2 years:-)

These "Top-Ten-Bloggers" are my fav bloggers since 1-2 years, they have also inspired me, to make and try my own blog:-) I love how Sydney style herself and how Sammi do always her makeup, it's a lot of fun, to watch other girls, who are also amazed about makeup, fashion, personal inspirations and their own person, I mean nobody has to be like the other one, and that's why I descided also to start my own blog - NIKA's own inspirations and "Look into my mind" posts:-)

Now I've descided to show you which blogs I really love to read and go through and sometimes, when I've felt really unsatisfied with myself or haven't no idea what to wear, to put on my face or fell better - look for some advices or nice self inspire phrases - I read this 10 blogs and the world was better then before:-):

(please don't think, that 1-10 means the ranking - I don't want to rank the blogs, because each is made from an individual person, and each one has the personal touch of this person - so all of them are magical for me:-))

1. design darling which is written by Mackenzie, will show you nice chic/classic/royal fashion advices/looks and home interiors (which I absolutely love:-))

2. wonder forest which is written by Dana, it's such an awesome and highly interesting blog, what I really love on her blog are her DIY Tutorials:-)

3. Treats and Treasures which is written by Sydney, is one of my fav, because she has the same/most similar style which I've, and I love how she mix her pieces together:-)

4. Zoella which is written by Zoe, she is really lovely, and here hair/make up advices and photos/pic's are really high quality:-)

5. Sprinkle of Glitter  which is written by Louise (friend of Zoe:-)), I like her makeup vid's and her kind of writing blogposts, and of course how much time she spend on her blog, to get in touch with her blogger friends:-)

6. Dolly Bow Bow which is written by Kate, she's just an amazing woman (with her blond hair:-)) and make up posts and she likes cute things as I do:-) a kind of dreamy girl  - she's really creative and that's why I'm reading her blog:-)

7. Glanzumströmt which is written by a very lovely (and the only one german blogger that I really read:-)) girl, who shows her readers some DIY tutorials, recipes, make up advices... - my fav are the make up and "Where I'm at the moment" posts:-)

8. ZANITA a young and very inspirating girl, who writes about her own style:-)

9. Beautycrush which is written by Sammi, who's a blogger/youtuber with a big makeup talent and really crazy (in style and creative - not in mind:-)), she seems to be really nice and a type of "Best-Friend" - Sammi well done - your blog and youtube channel rocks:-) NIKA

10. The StyleDiet which is written by Anna, who's a blogger/youtuber and soon mummy:-) she is really lovely and I love her advices for makeup things and tutorials, and of course I also like her youtube channel and the second one where she shows her normal live in ireland with her dream man and their puppies:-)

I hope that all these blogs will exist the next 100 years (:-)), because they are really the start of my own blog, I wouldn't be prepared to start my own one, if I wouldn't read their posts and yeah I really wouldn't have the idea to start my own one:-) I've of course also a youtube channel, which I've decided to make long time before I've started to read blogs. NIKA80sLife is the one, I've at the moment ( but I've also another one in the past - I was maybe 14 or 15 and I've lost the passwort and so I've made this one:-)

I also really hope, that some day I'll be also an inspiration for some of you (my viewies:-)) and would be interested to hear about your blogger-beginings and your personal inspirations and fav blogs:-)

Come on, let me know that and write it in my comments:-)
See you soon.


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