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Hi guys,

today I wanna make a new product review - Labello Vitamin Shake Acai & Wilder Apfel/wild apple

(This collage is made with my own photos - all pic's are mine!!!)

What say LABELLO:

"It's a fruity tasted lip care stick which gives your lips a long lasting hydrating, vitamine care  and gives your lips also a lightly pink tan."

This lip balm has a LSF/SPF 10 (UVA/UVB) and will be available in september 2012 for 2,99€ (5,5ml)
You'll find this LABELLO in all usual drugstores and supermarkets.

Which vitamines are inside the LABELLO Vitamin Shake Acai & Wilder Apfel/wild apple:

As our lip skin is only one-third thick as the rest of our facial skin, your lips doesn't have there own  sebaceous glands (Talgdr├╝sen), which make sure to have a nice smooth/softly surface. To avoid to get too dry lips,  you need really a lip balm as the own from LABELLO to be sure to get enough moisture in your lips. Vitamins boost your lips on a natural way and care them.

Vitamine C - boost your own lip resistibility and give more strenght to your collagen, which is important for the elasticity of your skin

 Vitamine E - protects your lips of bad environmental influences, helps to regenerate your skin cells and moisture your lips

Pro- Vitamine B5 - is the same thing as Panthenol and is well known for the regeneration effect

What I say/what's my own opinion:

Actually I can't say that my lips are more moisturized after using it or not (because I've got this Lip balm yesterday:-)) but also because my lips are always well moisturized I don't need special care. But what I can say is that this balm has a very nice light shiny pinky undertone, which I really like on my lips, if I'm not using any lipsticks/lipglosses - a fine option for a spa/lazy day to protect your lips and look well:-)

And the second thing that I prefer and really I'm amazed about the smell - just soooo cozy and I think it's the best smell for autumn (maybe it's the reason to start selling this LABELLO in september - I don't know:-)) or winter because it remembers me a bit on warm apple pie (I don't really know why but - YUMMY:-)) and after I've put it on my lips it change a bit. Yeah while I'm putting this balm on my lips I don't like the smell because, the smell is too intensive, but after I've put it on it's just perfect, strange:-)

Well, I also like to have vitamines in my beauty products and prefer really natural things (not the chemical ones, where you don't know how they were produced:-)), to have a LSF/SPF inside is also really good reason to buy this product - it's really worth because you'll buy a 1 in 2 no 1 in 3 product (1. light lip tone/color, 2. vitamine care/moisturizing, 3. Sun protection) what you want more:-)

The price (2,99€ for a normal sized lip balm with 5,5ml ) is also really normal and I would say really o.k..

Would recommend it to you - but only if you like such types of lip balms, if you don't like to get light pink lips or a smell/taste after apples/apple pie/other autumn warm tones, you won't get in love with this product.

If you are also interested to buy this new special LABELLO Vitamin Shake Acai & Wilder Apfel/wild apple Lip balm - visit:

I hope you've enjoyed reading this product review and see you later:-)


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