Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How I started using Makeup:-)

Hi guys, I'm back and want to tell you a short story about how I started using Makeup. It isn't long ago, when I started to use any kind of makeup's and trying some funny tutorials out:-)

It's probably 1 and half year ago:-) Yes, as I'm 19, it's maybe not soooo "WOW" to doing the first makeup experiences with 17 and half or so (for somebody it's maybe too late to start - but for me it's the right time:-)) I wasn't the girl who always think about - how I should paint my nails (probably because I was since my childhood a nail biter - ohhh I've stopped that one year ago and now I'm waiting until my naturally nails will become longer and longer - DON'T BITE NAILS - I know what I say:-)),  do my hair, eyes.....

So I've started when I went out, discovered the world (YEAH I REALLY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE TO TRAVEL:-)) and saw that amazing looks of many young womens, so I started also:-)

My first makeup was a lipstick and a blush from BOBBI BROWN so that's why I've a personal sympathy, I bear upon this makeup guru/brand:-) I think that there are a lot of amazing makeup high end products and brands and I also really love the lipsticks from DIOR, Channel, RIMMEL LONDON, MAX FACTOR but I'm absolutely sure that I'll have always one piece of BOBBI BROWN in my makeup bag, because this brand will always remember me on my personal makeup start/beginn:-)

(Photo Credit: Bobbi Brown - I don't own these pic's!)

I hope that you've enjoyed my short "Makeup - Beginning" story:-) and hope you'll read my blog the next time.



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