Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hi guys,

today I wanna tell you also something about my latest sweet foodie love - FROZEN YOGHURT:-)

You maybe know a lot and have heared a lot of this sweet healthy natural treat (often it's natural - but some guys make this sweety also with non-natural treats:-/ SHAME!:-))

So but you maybe not know that there a soooo many different brands/companies who sells this sweet love:

USA - red mango, yogurbella, my Yogurt Cafe, Yogen Fruz, Gelato Nostro, COCO LIMON, FROZEN Yogurt Bar, My Yogurt Bliss, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, Yogurtland

UK - Tutti Frutti FROZENYOGURT, FRAE FROZEN YOGURT, SNOG PURE FROZEN YOGURT, bee me Frozen Yogurt, YOG it's super Probiotic Frozen Yogurt, yuforia Frozen Yogurt

IR - blush Frozen Yogurt, FROBERRY Frozen Yogurt

DE - YOYO's Frozen YogurtWonderpots Frozen Yogurt, frogis Frozen Yogurt, white and fluffy Frozen Yogurt, Yoli Frozen Yogurt, Creamy Frozen Frozen Yogurt

A - Foxy Frozen Yogurt, Kurt Frozen Yogurt, Yogurt Bar, Yogurtlove

CZ - FruitisimoYogurtisimo

Hope you've enjoyed my short personal sweet inspiration of this month and hope you'll like my further posts:-)



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